Telenor Revamps its Postpaid Persona Packages

Persona As we had heard, Telenor has revamped its price-plans for Persona Packages. Telenor has now understandably segmented its postpaid packaged for general consumers and business persons separately.

Persona Consumer Packages:

Persona consumer packages come at considerable prices, with minimum of Rs. 100 monthly line-rent. Call rates are same across the board, i.e. on-net calls: 50 paisas per 30 seconds and off-net calls: 75 paisas per 30 seconds. However, free minutes largely depend on your monthly line rent.


Package Line RentFree MinutesOn-Net CallsOff-net CallsSMS
Persona 100Rs. 10080 – on/off-netRs. 0.50/ 30 secRs. 0.75 / 30 secRs. 0.75/SMS
Persona 500Rs. 500500 – on/off-netRs. 0.50/ 30 secRs. 0.75 / 30 secRs. 0.75/SMS
Persona FreeRs. 1,5002000 – on/off-netRs. 0.50/ 30 secRs. 0.75 / 30 secRs. 0.75/SMS

In addition to this basic price plan, Persona Consumer packages come with Persona Bundles – which can be subscribed with any package, details:

Voice Bundles:

  • Rs. 50: 40 Free minutes to any network
  • Rs. 200: 200 Free minutes to any network
  • Rs. 500: 550 Free minutes to any network

SMS Bundles:

  • Rs. 25: 250 SMS
  • Rs. 50: 600 SMS
  • Rs. 150: 6,000 SMS

Internet Bundles:

  • Rs. 75: 35 MB
  • Rs. 200: 100 MB
  • Rs. 500: 2 GB

Note: You can call 345 to get these Persona Bundles activated

Special 5ive

  • All Persona Consumer packages come with an opt-in Special 5ive subscription. With Special 5 you can add 5 numbers (Telenor & International) of your choice to your FnF list.
  • You can call for just 75 paisa to 10 International destinations and all calls on Telenor FnF will be for 25 paisa Only (instead of usual on-net rate of 50 paisas per 30 seconds).
  • You will also get 300 FREE Minutes for calling your Telenor friends & family numbers.
  • For Special 5ive Subscription, call 345.
  • Special 5ive subscription fee is Rs. 150 + tax per month.

Persona Business – Karobar Package

Persona’s Karobar package is also revised, with following details:

  • Line Rent: Rs. 100
  • Free Minutes: 80 – Any Network
  • On-Net Call Rate: Rs.1 per minute
  • Off-Net Call Rate: Rs. 1.5 per minute
  • SMS: 50 paisas per SMS

Team Talk:

Persona Karobar package allows following rate for calls with-in a group/company:

  • Rs. 50: 150 Minutes
  • Rs. 150: 500 Minutes
  • Rs. 500: 5,000 Minutes

Bundles for Karobar Package:

Voice Bundles:

  • Rs. 200: 200 Minutes – Any Network
  • Rs. 500: 550 Minutes – Any Network
  • Rs. 1000: 1100 Minutes – Any Network
  • Rs. 1500: 1700 Minutes – Any Network

SMS Bundles:

  • Rs. 25: 250 SMS
  • Rs. 50: 600 SMS
  • Rs. 150: 6,000 SMS

Internet Bundles:

  • Rs. 75: 35 MB
  • Rs. 200: 100 MB
  • Rs. 500: 2 GB

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  • ٹیلی نار نے پوسٹ پیڈ صارفین کی سہولت کے لئے ایک اچھا پیکج متعارف کروایا ہے.

        • They(Telenor) probably read my
          “It would have been really good if calls were charged on a 30sec pulse.”

          me does the *innocent, wide-eyed adorably irresistable cute expression* like puss in boots from shrek ha ha !

  • I think they have revised persona Karoabr as well, which you haven’t mentioned here. Persona Karoabr has per min charging pulse while consumer has 30 sec charging pulse.

  • WOW , I have already ported my numbers to Telenor.

    MOBILINK really sucks , no offence people, But I think this is why people are opting out of Mobilink.

    KEEP IT UP TELENOR. It’s not far when Telenor will be replacing Mobilink . I Hope it does happen.

    Voice clarity , Rates, SMS packages, Network ,Management …. everything

    Telenor just Rocks.

    Packages are just AMAZING.!!!!

    • lol yeah. for a split second when reading Telenor’s tariff etc on their website I thought special 5 was free.
      it sure does come with a hefty price tag.

  • Okay, I subscribed to Telenor Persona on Novemeber 11, and I got 100 free minutes on the 100 line rent. Seems like the package has gotten worse. Is that the revamp?

  • Freedom of free minutes to all networks is a great feature of this revision :-)

    I have no reason to stop my self for switching to it from Warid ;-)

  • Telenor’s new Personal plans are attractive.

    I was Mobilink user for 5 years. My 400 free minutes were restricted to their network.

    Now I can use Persona 500 free minutes in any network. Voice bundles are a boon to user like me.
    I bought addition 200 minutes for Rs. 200. (1+29.5% tax)

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