Naeem Zamindar Likely to Head Wateen Telecom

Naeem Zamindar
Naeem Zamindar

Wateen Telecom is likely to sign Naeem Zamindar as CEO of the company, after Tariq Malik’s resignation last week, told us sources familiar with the situation.

Wateen decided not to comment on this officially, however, it said that company is in talks with potential candidates for the said slot – but nothing has been decided so far.


On similar grounds, ProPakistani learned that at least three candidates, including Naeem Zamindar, were shortlisted by Wateen’s Board of Directors. Other two candidates in the race were reportedly the top execs from WiMAX industry.

Sources confirmed ProPakistani that Naeem Zamindar’s name has been finalized for the CEO of Wateen Telecom.

Naeem Zamindar brings in vast experience in telecommunication and broadband industry, primarily with strategy and planning roles.

He is counted as the founding members of Mobilink, Pakistan’s largest cellular company. He was key person, aka 2IC at Mobilink in Zouhair Khaliq’s era. He was responsible for Mobilink’s strategy when Aamir Ibrahim replaced him. Then Mr. Zamindar was given charge of Mobilink’s Broadband Unit – however, Mustafa Piracha replaced him there too.

Wateen Telecom is likely to announce Mr. Zamindar’s appointment  early next month.

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  • News that Mobilink is in negotiation with Warid is true

    Earlier Warid was in talk with Singtel(Majority shares) but it was declined becasue of position demands by Singtel,
    Later Telenor and Zong too tried for Warid but declined

  • What he would really be doing in a company, which is near to death at the moment if you look at the financial. I believe he or any other CEO will be hired to properly close the company.

    But lets see what happens if the board inject more money and he gets room to play in Wimax market.

    • I dont know where you get your information but reading the company’s quarterly report published recently and available with the stock exchanges, here is an excerpt from the Director’s Report:

      “whereas EBITDA was negative 4% the same period last year, it increased to positive 12% last quarter and continued rising to positive 20% this quarter. Keeping in view the business requirements and to support the company, Sponsors’ have also come up with a substantial
      support of USD 14m in the quarter through the issuance of SBLC to settle certain liabilities. Further support is also committed by sponsors in the 2nd quarter.”

      Please stick to the facts and dont speculate.

      • I am not a financial analyst but any business person can easily put figures straight as I do by checking their financial statement linked at this page .

        Their Financial Highlights Historical section clearly explains the position of the company. Profit / Loss (after tax) is now 2 Billion which shows the net loss affect is 3 Billion compared to last year.

        I believe this is not speculation now and real fact my friend.

  • About ” There is an inside news that mobilink has bought majority stakes in warid”” uffffffffffff that is really a fake story…

    About Mr. Malik..Yes Today Mr. Malik pend his last day in Wateen CEO office..He was fair welled by a cake..:-)

    Lots of Prayers of Mr. Malik..

    About “Naeem Zamindar Likely to Head Wateen Telecom”…hummmmmm it is 90% final..but still another person is in consideration as well..

    Lots of prayers for Wateen, Mr. Malik and for the upcoming CEO….

    —-Really i will miss Mr. Maik very much..

    Ma kehta hun Sach… real

    • Correction: Mr Malik spent his last day celebrating his birthday with Wateen Employees. this is where you saw the cake.
      He was farewelled by his GMs with a lunch.

      Naeem is rumored to be final. No other in consideration.

  • Another Candidate from Worldcall is under consideration for the said position recommended by Mr Malik.

  • Who ever is coming as CEO must change the structure of the company filled by FnFs…hell of a pathetic management …

  • The wateen network is to bad and pour service provider and it is provided prepaid service but rule of post paid service should be that when somebody recharge date of 10 of any month and due date next 10 of month i hope that wateen will thing about my comments and rules. for the good provider service .

  • aoa sir how r u mn bht khush hn k ap jesy professional aa rhy hn. sir mn b wateen ka employ tha r jo wateen ki HR ny mry sath kia woh mn apko btana chahta hn. mry pas proofs hony k bavjud wateen ki inquiry team ny mra sath nhi dia. agr esy officer compny mn rhy to wateen ka kuch hni bnna

  • aoa sir how r u. ALLAH pak ap ko bht kamyabian dain. sir acha to nhi lgta kisi most senior personality peh blame lgaou but mry pas total proof hn wateen abbottabad k. inho ny mjy q job sy nikala choti c job inho ny cheen li ten thosend ki job thi sir help me m jobless now a days. i ll pray for you and your family
    ALLAH bless you

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