Celcos Conquer Facebook, is Twitter Next?

images Twitter is probably one of the strongest social media tools in the world and while it is gaining even more popularity, it is still number 2 in the race in Pakistan i.e. Twitter comes second after Facebook.

Why is that? A simple answer: WE, Pakistanis want more interactivity, we want visuals and more of almost everything when it comes to social media. While Facebook has got all the ingredients that Pakistanis love, Twitter has something altogether different and even more interactive to offer: It is short, quick and convenient!


Twitter is by far the most convenient way of keeping in touch with your family, friends, colleagues, customers and fans (in case you are a celebrity). You can access it from your PC or from your Mobile phone and off you go to Tweet, Retweet and what not!

While our Celcos have jumped into the ocean of social media head first and are trying to perfect their swim for survival, they have quite very much figured out the big fish which is Facebook. Beginning from Mobilink and ending to Zong, all of them have well maintained pages on Facebook, Ufone being at the top with fan following, others fairly catching up. Coming to the smaller fish aka Twitter, Celcos need a lot to do and learn.

Although all Celcos have their well-maintained pages on Twitter with rather low followership, they need to master a few key tips to succeed in the world of Tweeting.

Follow people: Almost everyone follows almost anyone on Twitter. It’s not the matter of ego or pride. Neither is it a matter of life or death to follow or not to follow someone on Twitter.

Follow. If you don’t like the kind of tweets coming out of that person then simply un-follow!

Remember, the more you follow people (who are following what’s going on in the Celcos industry) the more chances for you to figure out what the customers, analysts, industry experts, bloggers have to say about your brand and your services, and hence, more opportunities for you to interact with the right people over Twitter.

Increase followers: A simple trend exists on Twitter. You follow people, people will follow you back! It is not mandatory that whoever you would follow, will follow you for sure but in most cases, once someone gets a follower request; there is pretty strong chance the person decides to follow you too.

Remember, whenever a Big Brand decides to follow someone, the person automatically feels privileged and there’s 8/10 possibility that the person ends up following the Big Brand too.

Tweet as in INTERACT not as in Tweet, only!: Yes. Tweeting doesn’t mean that you just post an offer URL or update the followers about the some new ad you have launched. Talk to them, reply to their tweets, if someone has something unpleasing to say about your service, try to reply with something appeasing and comforting. Appreciate good feedback and pay even more attention to bad feedback!

Be regular at Tweeting: Now, there are two Celcos who are kind of pretty lazy with their Twitter page. They tweet and then they disappear for days and sometimes even weeks. That is not good. As a company, you need to maintain your Twitter page on daily basis. Tweet at least 6 times a day (after two hours) reply to as many tweets regarding your brand and services as you can manage. No need to go crazy and answer everybody but do respond to as many as you can easily manage.

Tweet-up – Meet-up: Those who are hardcore Twitteratis are hardcore Twitter fanatics, even in Pakistan. Celcos need to become strong in this medium and then hold Twitter meet-ups in various cities to take another step closer towards their customers who they have interacted with over the web 2.0 but there is nothing more humanly than meeting up with them in the real world!

Celcos need to understand that Twitter is no rocket science. It is as easy and interactive and sociable a tool as Facebook. They can be at the top of their game if they follow simple tips to excel at Twitter and seriously, these tips are not difficult to follow at all. Happy Tweeting, Celcos!

  • UFONE is heading heree too with the highest number of fans on facebook. YES!!!!! UFONE TUM HI TO HO……

  • No, because stupid Pakistanis does not know how to use learn twitter.

    And they are running for fake girls profiles on facebook, which are by some low standard websites to gain visitors.

  • So true. but twitter is the infact the next big thing. only that we Pakistanis are always slow at accepting new technologies in the positive way.

    good story.

  • I totally agree with Mr.Nadir Janjua regarding the fact that twitter is the next big thing….in fact 300,000 new users sign in almost everyday. So we can well imagine that how “big” a “thing” it is as a social networking website.

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