PTA Suspends Braintel’s License for Offering VoIP Calls

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has suspended Braintel’s LL license with immediate effect for violating license’s terms and condition.

PTA also directed all LDI, LL/WLL and Mobile operators to suspend all the telecommunication facilities given/exchanged with Braintel till further orders of the Authority.

Braintel’s license is suspended for developing a VOIP platform and providing Network Access and switching services to customers beyond Lahore.

It merits mentioning here that Braintel bears LTR LL license, which means it can provide telecommunication services in Lahore region only. In contrary to its license, through a SIP based telecom switch location in UK, braintel was allowing termination and origination of calls to its customers beyond Lahore through internet access.

Earlier PTA served Braintel a show cause notice dated 5th May, 2010 against the said violations. The Licensee submitted its preliminary reply on 7th May, 2010 and denied the allegations.

Braintel, in response, also approached Lahore High Court by filing a writ petition against PTA’s show’s cause notice, which was disposed of by the high court.

Here is the copy of PTA’s recent suspension determination (PDF File – 490 KB) issued to braintel.

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