Ufone Enhances its Mobile Banking Solution Called UPayments

UpaymentsUfone has enhanced its Mobile banking services, named as UPayments. Earlier, Ufone was offering WAP based bill payments and other financial transactions, however, now in collaboration with its banking partner Habib Bank Limited, Ufone is offering bill payments and bank account management through USSD.

Now UPayments allows Ufone customers the ability to pay their utility bills wherever they are directly from their handsets, even without GPRS. Ufone customers can buy Ufone airtime for their prepaid accounts and pay their Ufone Postpay bills.


In order to use this service all one needs is an HBL account and a Ufone connection.

Ufone customers will have the ease to check their HBL account balance as well as view their HBL mini account statements directly on their Ufone.

UPayments is a USSD based service hence it is extremely customer friendly and has no handset limitation.

One of the unique selling points for UPayments is that the customers can avail all these banking services while roaming anywhere in the world with Ufone’s International Roaming network. This is the first time in Pakistan that customers are being offered mobile banking services via USSD when traveling around the globe.

Services Offered:

  • Pay your Utility bills
  • Make Utility bill enquiries
  • ULoad any Ufone number
  • Pay your Ufone Postpay bill
  • Check your HBL bank account balance
  • View a mini bank statement of your HBL account

How to Avail:

If you have a bank account with HBL then to subscribe to UPayments, dial *808# now!
Rs. 5 + tax will be charged on the payment of every utility bill. (This charge will be deducted from customer’s airtime. The bill amount will be deducted from customer’s bank account)

Mr. Akbar Khan Chief Marketing Officer Ufone said,

‘The launch of UPayments gives Ufone’s customers the ease to pay their bills no matter where they are’. ‘This is just the start to many other features to come which will eventually allow Ufone’s valued customers to use their handsets for all banking transactions’ he added.

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  • Wow, seems to be an awesome service. Ufone Tum Hi toh Ho as the best part is its totaly free service and only Rs. 5 is charged on bill payment much much less than what i spend on fueling when i go for bill payment

  • Ammir bhai can you confirmed about # Check your HBL bank account balance
    # View a mini bank statement of your HBL account.is this service free or what??? how can we check this detail? and what is the charges to dial *808#?
    also tell me can i use this service on my ufone int roaming number in KSA?

  • Thats unique service by UFONE, I have an aaount and also using ufone its good for me waooooo.Thanks UFONE tum he tou ho!

  • those leaving messages tum he to ho in end of their messages, you show you you ufone emplyoees, but it is shocking to me how _____ you are

  • Excellent service finally, a proper service for people who want to use there own account, MCB was ok but this looks better. not easypaisa copy, this is for people who have accounts with HBL and are Ufone customers, new service as it is the first for customers to use directly from any handset as it is on USSD.

    Comparison between easypaisa and this service is that easypaisa is for shops and shop guy uses account with telenor to pay bill … here we can pay from our account direct.

  • @Mani, not if you have their m-wallet. You can pay directly from the shortcode on your phone screen with easypaisa. Check their site, it’s written there

  • Can somebody post a detailed comparison between easypaisa and upayments? I beleive easypaisa has more offerings than upayments, but I would like to know more about the Utility Bills. Can I pay my PTCL bill? I have a Standard Chartered Account. When are more banks being added?

  • But, this is not a unique service like EasyPaisa. Does this Upayment allows any person to transfer money to other in any location of the country. If Upayment is only giving option for paying utility bills then there is nothing new.

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