HRP Organized Car Racing Event Takes 5 Lives

HRP organized car racing event ended up with a drastic tragedy last evening. A car that went out of control ended up hitting fiercely into spectators with 5 deaths.

Racing event took place yesterday at Bahria Town Rawalpindi. Reports suggest that Bahria Town administration organized the event without district government’s approval.

At least five thousand spectators were reported to be at the place when the tragic incident happened.

This tragic event raises many question over the reliability of such adventure related moves in a country like Pakistan, where standards are not fully complaint to safety. Brands may need to re-consider using these tools for their promotion.

  • Had this event been free of any tragedy, PTCL would have gone around beating the drums. Its so ridiculous that they are now trying to dissociate themselves from the event. Where the heck is the so called corporate responsibility they have always been flaunting? wtf? Is human life a joke?

    And the moron driver should be jailed for life. Whether he intended or not, he killed 5 (or so) people.

    Isnt it noticeable that wherever PTCL involves itself, it ruins everything? They are cursed.

    Bahria Town, city authorities, media watchdogs…everyone is responsible. It was disgusting to read today’s newspaper which did not mention that it took place in Bahria Town. And the reason is evident. These lowlife news papers earn by running ads of land mafia.

    • Organizers at NASCAR are idiots. They build stadiums and standardized tracks and what not. They could use roads built by Bahria Town. (sarcasm intended)

  • Such a sad incident. Event like that must be banned until some authoritarian control are brought in force. Otherwise he situation ends up in taking no responsibility by any of these involved parties. Even heard that police cannot decide whether its a case under capital police or Rawalpindi police. What a shame!!

    It is only because the incident happened in an area where posh lot lives and they are afraid of going through the grilling or something. Some people are seen talking about safety measures in place at race while anyone can see in videos that a cloth banner on both sides cannot do much of the safety. Its people responsibility to be careful but its organizers responsibility to bring safety measures in force by any means or stop the event!

  • I was at the event yesterday.

    Bahria Town had only provided the venue for the event. They were not part of management or admin.
    Different events take place there almost everyday. It was event managers responsibility to take care of it.

  • such a heavy loss really feeling bad after all the crazy killing in middle east now kill race has come to PAKISTAN thanks to PTCL.

  • sad to hear this.
    media is just showing negative face of pakistan. first they said NOC was not issued. then they exagerated number of died people.
    every 1 can see ptcl banners there.
    youtube is full of these type of car race accidents where alot of people died but media is behaving like this is an alien sport in pakistan.
    (media ka kaam ha masala lagana)

    it was all people fault who died. they were not allowed to go at that side. and before starting this race a person was shouting in mic that stay from track for continous 2 minutes but as pakistanis its our duty to dnt listen these things.

    if died people were just standing 3 feet behind then there was a chance for there survival as there is a big sewerage lane which car didnt crossed.

    no authority wat so ever exist in pakistan, can control pakistani people crowd. i think organizers will also get away.

    and matter is also in media and internet because owner was in news with his speedy car.

    we should only pray for these died people.

    • When you invite guests, you feel the responsibility and dont leave anything for them to deal with. Right? The lunatics who conducted this event were supposed to show the same passion to make sure that spectators were not in danger.

      As far as claims of boundary line are concerned, are you an uneducated person? With such a velocity, the car could easily cross the ditch and hit spectators standing behind the so called boundary. In this unfortunate event, it didn’t. But it doesn’t change the fact that the boundary line was a joke.

      Now, lets discuss the 2 minute full of alerts you have talked about. Was it anything more than a formality? Were the culprits blind? Couldn’t they see that people were still violating the ridiculously tine so called boundary? Do you enter a shopping mall with a gun, and start firing after two minute of alert announcements, and get away with it? Brains like you were the organizers of the event.

      Even when there were alerts for 2 minutes, people are seen violating (so called) boundary quite close to the start point. Was the driver blind? Couldn’t he refuse to start till all spectators were sufficiently away?

      Unsuspecting spectators were not aware that the famous supra was going to run over them. Otherwise, they would not have come there in first place. Its so stubborn of you to blame the victims just because there were so called alert announcements and a so called boundary.

      Do you even realize that nothing is going to change for Bahria Town or PTCL or the blind driver? All of them are still out there. In fact, the driver shall soon be back on roads. Its the poor spectators who ceased to exist. May the innocent souls rest in peace.

      Unfortunately, in our country, intelligent people are driving carts and retards are driving SUVs. This is the illusion which made you forget the value of a human life.

      • You nailed it bro.

        “Unfortunately, in our country, intelligent people are driving carts and retards are driving SUVs. This is the illusion which made you forget the value of a human life.” Master Stroke but its unfortunate indeed.

        May their souls rest in peace, and may Allah rot the responsibles in hell.

  • Pakistan can not bear such costly recreations. How much these people expect from Allah !!!! Khud kbi kuch ni krte.

    I don,t know why people are not taking responsibility of what they have done. Compensation can be done. But i don,t know when the human values will be there in our society… Allah !!! help us….

  • Let’s hope these lives are not wasted if this is the last time an even in our country went ahead without any safety and precautionary measures. Hope this tragic incident creates unforgettable awareness among the nation. The spectators of such events have much to learn too.

    And the corporate sponsors should invest in a public safety awareness campaign on media.

  • Majid Naeem is a reckless driver and has been seen driving dangerously on the streets of Islamabad. There are videos of him on youtube boasting of his performance on reckless driving.

    He got out of the car even when the dust didn’t settle, had a look around is car and then ran away. What kind of coward is __________. I hope the law gives him the maximum penalty possible.

  • Has anyone seen the justice getting served?

    Wake up people and do something and eliminate the norm currently prevailing in Pakistan that the powerful run away with all the crimes and weak ones always suffer.

  • Majid is out of the country and guess who was driving the other car … I guess the policy will not allow it to be published …. why is there no name of the corporate sponsors in the media … will a company like etisalat take any resposibility or will PTCL buy the media out including most of the blogs … dont let money buy all of us out … you let this one die and we are all dead … write to the chairman Etisalat and Bahria, LET US SEE DO THEY HOLD THEIR DEAR ONES ACCOUNTABLE OR ITS DIFFERENT RULES FOR DIFFERENT PEOPLE

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