Letters to Editor: Telenor Charged me Rs. 150/Min for a Call to UK

thumb downI was shocked to learn that I have been charged approx. 900 PKR for making a 6 minute call to a UK toll free number.

Telenor blocked my number and later (voice) called me to tell me that I need to pay up my bills. I inquired how much am I charged and for what and they didn’t have a clear answer.

After having called their support number, I got the call rates for calling on UK toll free numbers which is 149.98 PKR per minute (1.73 USD per minute) without taxes and they told me that I have been charged approx. 900 PKR for a 6 minute call.

I had no information prior to making calls because their false marketing vouches very low rates close to 1 PKR per minute or something.

It was a shock to learn about such high call rates, these rates are more realistic for late 90’s era and not in 2010.

It’s for Telenor and to realize that they have to be more honest in their marketing campaigns and give out the correct info to the customer to tell them that they actually care for their customers.

They have just lost one of their loyal persona customer paying more than 3000 PKR per month on average. I am porting my number to some other network, all I have to say is that Telenor has scammed me and others should know it because they won’t tell you!

Rizwan Ahmed


Telenor has responded to this letter in following mannger:

Please note that the UK numbers called by the esteemed subscriber fall into the category of non-geographic numbers which are not toll-free but rather premium numbers. Charges for calling these numbers are high both from within the country and overseas with similar rates for all operators.

Charges for calling other countries (broken up into 14 categories) are listed on our website here (http://www.telenor.com.pk/persona/idd_otherRates.php) with premium numbers listed here (http://www.telenor.com.pk/images/pdf/premiumIDDCodes.pdf).
The premium list mentions numbers beginning 44-8 fall in Category 12, charges for which are Rs149.98/60 secs. Please also note that Telenor Pakistan has mentioned all such charges in detail with the spirit of complete transparency.


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