Mobilink’s HTC HD7 Blogger Meet-up [PIX]

Yesterday Mobilink organized a Blogger Meet-up at Rendezvous, Islamabad to launch the new HTC HD7 smartphone especially in the blogging community.

About 45 bloggers mainly from Islamabad but also from Karachi and Lahore attended the event. The meet-up was interactive and had a lot of online activities to keep the blogging community active and give them chances to win prizes during the blogger meet-up.

A brand new HTC HD7 smartphone was also given away by Mobilink to one of the bloggers through an online Facebook competition.

All participants were asked to take write a message in an empty HTC HD7 phone frame on paper, take a photo and upload it on their Facebook pages with a caption to encourage their friends to help them win the free smartphone by Mobilink. Instantly, all bloggers started taking photos and uploading it on Facebook. The winner at the end of Meet-up was Redmond Pie from Karachi who managed to get over 300 ‘likes’ in just 25 minutes. As of today, the ‘likes’ to that photo have crossed 2,000 likes.

ProPakistani doesn’t use Facebook and hence didn’t participate in the contest.

Another blogger from Solo Smart, Lahore won the Twitter contest while Propakistani and Telecom News Bulletin won prizes for blogging about Mobilink’s HTC HD7 launch in Pakistan and writing a review about the HTC HD7 phone, respectively.

The evening concluded with a lavish hi-tea. Mobilink always strives to not only provide their customer the best connectivity with the most affordable packages but also strongly believes is keeping up with the latest trends in mobile phone technology.

Previously, Mobilink had introduced BlackBerry and Milestone, the android phone in Pakistani market and with this latest launch of Windows Phone 7 powered HTC HD7 smartphone, Mobilink brings to its customers a wide range of choices when it comes to choosing the best smartphone for quality connectivity on the go.

Here is a collection of some photos from Mobilink’s Blogger Meet-up.

Mobilink HTC HD7 Meetup (19)Mobilink HTC HD7 Meetup (20)Mobilink HTC HD7 Meetup (21)Mobilink HTC HD7 Meetup (23)Mobilink HTC HD7 MeetupMobilink HTC HD7 Meetup (1)Mobilink HTC HD7 Meetup (2)Mobilink HTC HD7 Meetup (3)Mobilink HTC HD7 Meetup (4)Mobilink HTC HD7 Meetup (5)Mobilink HTC HD7 Meetup (6)Mobilink HTC HD7 Meetup (7)Mobilink HTC HD7 Meetup (8)Mobilink HTC HD7 Meetup (9)Mobilink HTC HD7 Meetup (10)Mobilink HTC HD7 Meetup (11)Mobilink HTC HD7 Meetup (13)Mobilink HTC HD7 Meetup (15)Mobilink HTC HD7 Meetup (16)Mobilink HTC HD7 Meetup (17)

  • mmm

    It truly was a great event!
    A lot of hype was created and everyone kept refreshing their pages to see how many likes there were!
    Great pictures :)

    Congrats to the winners :)

  • mmm

    Awesome event!
    Was soo interactive and well organized :)
    Everyone was very hyper and kept refreshing their page to see how many ‘likes’ they had gotten!

    Great pics :)

    Congrats to the winners :)

  • Ahsan

    Congrats to ProPakistani team!!

  • Sadaf

    The event was really great. All the people and all the energy and the feeling of competition and winning the HTC HD7 in the air, it was just wonderful.

  • It seems to be a great event.

  • Aamir bhai dabay main kia tha?

    • admin

      A4tech wireless mouse and keyboard

  • Truth Really

    Not very interesting to someone who is not within the inner echelons of the blogging community

    • For Real

      Yes Truth Really….the CIA too was very jealous they could not make it to the event….Damn those bloggers and Mobilink having thier own private party…

      you know what as a comeback lets have our own little tea party with pakoras and post them pictures on Propakistani…

  • A great event of Mobilink HTC HD7. This is very useful for Pakistan.

  • Mubasher

    Loved the event! The competitiveness in the air was simply remarkable. I think it was an awesome opportunity for all the bloggers in Pakistan to show the swagger and make big, actually BIG!!

    Not to mention, Mr. Taimur, who finally managed to score the HTC phone was an amazing guy and his blog ranks amongst the top 20 in the world. Now that’s something we Pakistani’s as a whole should take pride in as well. :)

  • Mujeeb

    another great first from Mobilink!! i Remember back when Mobilink changed the market by introducing the razr, then the bb and now this!! tempting!!….very tempting!!

  • Umair Yousaf

    Clearly. I am just wondering if this is another shift in the ‘mobile trends’ in Pakistan! Is Mobilink leading a cultural shift?

  • Mubasher

    good observation Mr. Yousaf, it indeed was a landmark initiative! and one of its own kind too.

  • Umair Yousaf

    Should we start selling our iPhones and Blackberries then?!

  • Mujeeb

    well clearly the time for smartphones is here…and one with a windows 7 OS offers such versatility that no other iphone or bb can offer.. the support for diverse software and usability is endless!!

  • Umair Yousaf

    I guess it all depends on how Mobilink would approach this. They are the trend setters, and if they continue promoting this phone, and offer attractive packages for it as they did for BB, then yes, it’s HTC time!

  • Mubasher

    true that umayr! and i agree with you mr.mujeeb, the windows 7 OS must must be simply impeccable!! i really hope mobilink markets it the way it did BB!

  • اس سال میٹنگ نہیں ہو رہی کوئی؟