Ncomputing Offers Unique virtualization Solutions to Computer Users

u170_backParents will no more have to worry to give their children extra computers while keeping an eye on them for using computer and internet; thanks to Ncomputing’s virtual desktop technology for resolving the issue simply and easily.

The internet is a source of knowledge but its misuse causes negative impacts on the education of the children and moral values. It is very difficult for the parents to check their kids mostly waste their precious time in playing games, chatting and browsing.

Ncomputing’s U170 is a plug and play USB kit which uses desktop virtualization technology to provide a computer owner an extra virtual desktop; which is used by most of the parents specially for the purpose of safe parental control on children.

“Today’s PCs are so powerful that vast majority use only a small fraction of their PC processor’s capacity and world’s first USB-connected plug-and-play desktop virtualization solution, the U170, taps this unused resource so that a computer can be simultaneously shared by many users,” said Khawaja Samiullah CEO NConnexion, Ncomputing’s distributor and authorized service center for Pakistan & Afghanistan.

“NComputing U 170 is the hottest computing solution that will revolutionize the desktop virtualization market as it perfectly suits to small businesses, schools and home users in Pakistan.”


Price for U170 device in Pakistan is $150 or PKR 13,000

Where to Get Ncmputing U170

nconnextion is the sole distributor of Ncomputing in Pakistan. They have offices in Lahore and Karachi, while products are sold via re-sellers in Islamabad. You can contact nconnextion here

  • This thing is AWESOME !
    I believe its a must for ppl setting up new businesses….
    and the best part is that its available in Karachi, Pakistan…..Right Next to KFC Itehad : )

  • This is clearly a promotional Press Release. It’s sad that Propakistani does not mention this fact.

    At Rs. 13000 It’s not very attractive. because people can buy second hand PC for like 4000.

    And who is the smart guy who thinks that PCs on the network can’t be monitored?

    Just changing your DNS to OpenDns will allow you to control what websites you’re children can access.

      • Thanks for the clarification.

        I agree it would be much better if PR is mentioned somewhere prominent. Just like real PRs.

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