Symbian Phones Get Upgraded Skype Mobile Client


By Wajid Ali

VoIP Provider, Skype has released an updated version of its mobile client for Symbian OS adding support for high-end mobiles like N8, C7 and E5.

It uses SILK support which is company’s high quality audio codec. SILK ensures that voice calls are crystal clear even when subscribers are in low-bandwidth area.

New version promises to bring along interface changes, easier way to add contacts & photo to profile and set mood message. Improved menu navigation and user interface updates to fit larger screens are also among the enhancements.

Given below are the salient features of Skype VoIP client with snapshots of application running on Symbian^1 (S60v5 OS 9.4) Phone:

  • Free Skype-to-Skype calls and IM on 3G or WiFi (Mobile to PC & vice versa are also supported)
  • Save money on calls and texts (SMS) to phones abroad.
  • Share pictures, videos and other files from your phone.

Call & IM to Skype Contacts Free

If you already use Skype on a computer, you’ll see your full contact list when you sign in to Skype on your Nokia or Sony Ericsson. Call free Skype-to-Skype on your mobile, and send and receive instant messages (IMs) one-to-one or with a group.

Calls & Texts to Phones Abroad

Call and text people who don’t have Skype at really low rates. It’s especially great value if you’re calling or texting people who live abroad. Simply dial the number in Skype and pay with Skype Credit or talk unlimited with a subscription. When you’re abroad, connect to a Wifi zone and avoid roaming charges on calls and texts. This applies to Skype-to-Skype calls, plus calls and texts to phones.

File Sharing

It’s also free to send and receive pictures, videos, and other files so you can share your experiences and stay in touch when you’re away from a computer. Take a picture with your built-in camera and send it to friends on Skype.

Change Log:

  • Added support for the new Symbian phones, including the Nokia N8, C7 and E5,
  • Included SILK, high quality audio codec, which should help make sure your calls are crystal clear, even when you’re on a low-bandwidth connection,
  • Number of interface improvements, making it easier to add contacts, navigate, add a photo to your profile and set your mood message
  • Updated the interface to better fit larger screens.




Where To Download

To download new version of skype client visit from mobile or alternatively download it from here

  • Arsalan

    nicely upgraded, voice quality is very good now,, but one thing is still missing i.e video calling,

    • Tranquil

      Use fring for video calling. requires 3g or Wi-fi connection to work for video calling

  • Skype should be enabled in all new mobiles.

  • Imran Younus

    Can i use skyp in pakistan, if yes then what mobile service i use.

    • Tranquil

      You can use skype anywhere in the word where you’ve Internet connectivity whether on mobile or PC/Laptop. For mobile you need to have internet access and a skype supported mobile phone (like Nokia Symbian OS Phones, Apple iOS Phones and Andriod Phones).

  • Finally thank God