Of Creating Fan Pages on Facebook!

facebook_logo_fan_pages_largeWe have all seen, visited, liked and even become fans of different fan pages on Facebook. For example, I am a fan of Akcent, Subway, Friends, Outfitters, BlackBerry, Dan Brown, and the list goes on and on.

Fan pages on social networks basically enable general public to interact and engage with their favorite brands, beloved celebrities and even provide them their feedback – both good and bad.

There are in fact tons of benefits of creating and maintaining fan pages on social networks by big brands and well-known celebs on Facebook and Twitter.

For now, the question under consideration however, especially for New and Upcoming Small businesses is, “To create or not to create a fan page on social networks?”

Being an ardent supporter of social networks and believing in their immense power to promote both big and small brands among the right target audience in a short span of time and least amount of spending, I fully support the idea of creating a fan page for your business on social networks!

A Disclaimer though: It DOES NOT end at creating the fan page for your brand… it is just the beginning of an altogether new and holistic brand experience for your customers out there!

As I have come to observe, creating a fan page is especially very helpful for entrepreneurs, start-ups and very small companies – those who cannot spend a lot of money in promotion of their brand on mainstream media. They can gain quick popularity and instant brand promotion in their target audience via their fan pages on popular social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

There are hundreds of examples of people who have benefitted so much from promoting their brands and their services via Facebook pages. I personally know of few friends who have literally flourished their photography, baking and clothes designing business to amazing level in a very short span of time. They have huge fan following which keeps on increasing day after day.

Here are a few tips for those who are thinking about creating a presence on Facebook for their new business.

First, after you have created a fan page on Facebook for your brand, promote it among your immediate friends network by asking them to join the page and ask their friends to become part of the fan page too. Now that is just as much you can do to spread the word about your brand’s presence on social networks in the beginning.

Next, content is the king and the key to your fan page popularity and it should be fresh! You cannot simply display old content i.e. photos, videos and reviews of your products and services and expect it to leave a WOW effect on everybody, every time.

Remember, any new content becomes old after some time and then it is time to bring something new on the table. So, keep uploading fresh photos and videos portfolio, reviews and testimonials about your brand and share it with your fans.

Also, giving something away every now and then is a great way to promote your brand among online users. Who does not like free stuff and giveaways and how better can it be than winning without doing much of hard work on one’s end?

I have won tons of free stuff from different brands’ fan pages and trust me whenever I won something; I only became more loyal to that brand and talked favorably about it in my social circle. Hence, whenever you can, give away something out to your fans via an online competition and make them love you and spread good word about your brand even more!

In this day and age of ‘online everything’, we are all part of the social media revolution.

The best we can get from this revolution is by giving more and the best to our online users! A fan page on a popular social network like Facebook may just prove to be a one-stop shop for all!

  • I agree that fan pages are effective, but there is a loop hole that through fan pages, we cannot email all of our fans. Facebook should start that service. That will be great.

  • I guess We at ProPakistani are on a boycott with Facebook and Facebook related stuff, but on the other hand every week i am seeing Facebook related posts here – Which I believe actually help to increase its popularity and awareness amongst our readers,

    This time there is even no Disclaimer/Editor’s note about PP’s Facebook related policy, Aamir Pae don’t you think it’s time to revise the policy?

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