The World’s Number 1 Best Selling BlackBerry Application is ‘Made in Pakistan’!


Photo Editor, the World’s number one seller, in all categories, on Blackberry App Store happens to be ‘Made in Pakistan’.

Developed by a Lahore-based software company Pepper.PK, the Photo Editor for blackberry has made it to the top of list for paid applications.

Tech Lahore has detailed post on the topic, it says:

Pakistan’s IT industry has come a long, long way. The capabilities and skills of our companies are developing not just in the area of software engineering, but project management, product marketing and promotion.

It’s no easy feat to leave HUGE names like Facebook and Monopoly, among dozens of others, behind! But what’s laudable achievement proves is that not only are Pakistan based software companies ultra-competitive, they are, quite literally, second to none.

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  • This is really awesome news!

  • cJs

    Welldone Pepper!

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    Very nice information.

  • Rez

    more and more IT companies hsould come forward and we their feet in deeper oceans, it feels good to know that we are doing good in a competittive trillion dollar software industry.

  • This is really a great achievement by Pakistanis.

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    Well done! Proud to be a Pakistani….

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    And still we are terroist
    Proud to be Paki

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    MashAllah very nice :)
    Keep it up Pakistanis!

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    thats great

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    I will only say.
    Pakistan Zindabad!

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    love Pakistan

  • بڑی اچھی بات ہے۔
    مجھے اینڈرائڈ پر بہرحال کسی اچھی ایپلیکیکیشن کی تلاش ابھی تک ہے۔

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    no doubt, its really a good news

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    good news……

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    Proud to be Pakistani

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  • It makes all of us feel much proud …..

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    It’s sad however how we can’t access App World in Pakistan. Heh.

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    We are proud on you people, keep working hard. Jealously eats up the good deeds like a fire in the woods eats up the trees and branches. Pakistan Zindabad

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    Alhamdulillah, in spite of all these discouraging circumstances there are still people who are doing for the betterment of Pakistan. Congrats to these genius people. Additionally, more and more IT gurus come forward to achieve more titles.

    Pakistan Zindabad.

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    makes me proud that our local software companies with obviously limited resources are competing with top developers worldwide. MashAllah… Amazing work done by

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    Thats Great news…
    Pakistan is trying hard in IT.
    Keep it Pakistani guys…

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    Also the people behind face2face are Pakistani’s. I think their company is called Proximate (
    Checkout Great application for iPhone, Blackberry, Android and Java phones.

  • Its indeed a very good news for Pakistan as well as a big slap on other countries including India to show & proven our abilities. Well-done Pepper.Pk and my sincere good wishes & congratulations for the great teamwork and success. Well-done again and keep it up. Here I must say, “Pakistan Zinda Baad”

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    wow. Glad to hear that :) Pakistani Rocks :)


    it’s realy great. lagay raho munna bhai….

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    i am very happy today when i see this massage i love pakistan pakistan k laya jan be korbann

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    That’s good but unfortunately we don’t have Blackberry app for Pakistan.

  • The game Boss (Geniteam) another lovely Pakistani developer, who developed some of lovely games for Android and Iphone. There games also ranked well on android market.

  • Muhammad Salman

    Hello Guys,

    You welcome all, I am the developer who developed this app. I am working more on it. I also got the number 1 position on AppWorld. Our other product named LEDNotifier is touch the number 1 position in Appworld, We INSHALLAH beat everybody in the world, specially indians who always try to make us down.


    M SALMAN (

  • After reading this i am feeling really proud to be a Pakistani

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    These articles have got absolute sense devoid of confusing the readers.

    iPhone Developer in Pakistan