An Upcoming Package: 60 Paisas/30 Sec

Another good news for Mobile users: A cellular company has reportedly worked the feasibility of a package priced at 60 Paisas per 30 second, to all networks, and yes it would be without daily charges.

This month we saw packages from Telenor, Mobilink with 49 Paisas per 30 second and 45 Paisas per 30 seconds respectively, in response to which Ufone offered 30 Paisas per 20 second package as well. But the thing that customers didn’t like about all these packages were the ‘Daily Charges’

We have heard that this upcoming package of 60 paisas per 30 second package would be without daily rental.

If revealed, this would be the first package in 18 months to beat Telenor’s 63 paisas per 30 second rate. Though we have some hidden packages that offer even lesser rates.