Letters to Editor: Why Not to Trust Local Online Retailers!

Another reason why not trust to local online retailers with your personal details: They will breach your privacy, and will bombard your inbox with un-metered SPAM messages, each day.

Pakistan’s e-commerce industry is struggling hard to become a recognized industry. However, at this time of hardship, there are few elements which are destroying industry’s repute and their businesses by Spamming inboxes.

Mostly the buyers in Pakistan don’t feel comfortable with online retailers. They greatly hesitate to share their credit card information due to mistrust, while others get confused over warranty claims and/or quality of products.

Besides the trust factor, let me give u another reason that may hinder local buyer to do business with local online retailers.

I did a mistake two and half years ago when I ordered an item from “symbiostec.net “, a local online retailer. I am not going to beat the matter that they sold be B-grade product- which they did in fact, but the real trouble for me is that for the last 2 years I am receiving spam email from them, very regularly.

The worst thing is that they send email from different IDs (Check below given screenshot) and each morning I end up adding a new Email address in my spam list.


If they call it a newsletter I find no option to opt-out of it.

I am fed up of all this, Really.

Abdul Basit


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