NADRA Offers Branchless Banking Solutions to Banks, Telcos

nadraNADRA Technologies Ltd (NTL) has designed an automated system for financial institutions and telecom operators to equip their branchless banking with currency transactions of e-Sahulat touch points.

This was stated by Deputy Chairman NADRA Tariq Malik on the occasion of signing ceremony between Bank Alfalah and NADRA Technologies on the joint project of e-Sahulat Branchless Banking. 

Under the agreement, NADRA will act as super agent of Bank Alfalah offering them their e-Sahulat outlets for Branchless Banking activities.

Deputy Chairman said the e-Sahulat is a secured commercial platform for money transactions with its best automated technology solution.

“An average 7 million monthly transactions are being executed through public-private partnership with NADRA’s expertise and infrastructure, he added.

NADRA Technologies is in process of transforming this platform into National Smart Service Platform for e-commerce where organizations can utilize e-Sahulat touch points for cash in and cash out transactions. This arrangement will help commercial banks and telecom operators to extend branchless banking concept through e-Sahulat without raising any infrastructure and saving Capital and Operational cost, thus creating a Win-Win situation for all parties.

It is expected that the technology will facilitate a significant section of public especially in rural areas to carry out branchless banking activities and will meet the government objective to spread the branchless banking outreach to unbanked and poor of the poor population.

The e-Sahulat scheme was launched in May 2008. Since then, it has been gaining popularity in urban and rural areas for transaction of miscellaneous payments such as utility bills, cell phone balance recharge.

Besides, it has provided business opportunities for many educated unemployed people with very minimal and affordable investment.

  • This is aw-some…
    I am a part of NADRA and feeling proud on it.
    I hope that increasing role of NADRA will bring more transparency and advancement in Pakistan…

    • Relax boss, they published on Dec 23rd, while its date line on ProPakistani is Dec 22nd. Now go and shout them for a linkback

  • There is one problem though, as far as i know NADRA e sahulat required a computer for its transaction and that increases the operational cost and training need as compared to branchless banking based on mobile phones.

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