PTCL Upgrades Customers Contact Centers

PTCL_LogoPakistan Telecommunication Company LTD (PTCL) has upgraded its contact centers for the facilitation of its customers.

PTCL Contact Centers which previously were man-reliant have now been advanced and developed into a process-oriented Contact Centers with multi-segmented approach to handle both in-bound and out-bound customers according to their needs by using state-of-the-art technology.

The Contact Centers have been improvised by settling guidelines together for efficiencies and effectiveness and keeping in mind the aim to provide First Call Resolution and better customer services. 

PTCL is also in the process of developing an effective online interface through which customers would be able to order PTCL’s products. This unique web portal will enable customers to manage their accounts and billing as per convenience of their time and location. Customers will be facilitated to submit their suggestions and feedback regarding all services provided by PTCL. Furthermore, an online complaint form would enable customers to register their complaints using web based services.

The four Contact Centers, two in Lahore, one in Karachi and one in Rawalpindi work round the clock 24/7, 365 days a year ensuring support to the customers at all times with a staff of 1200. To ensure that quality services are provided to our customers regular trainings are also given at the Contact Centers and today PTCL has become the obvious choice for people and this up gradation would further enhance PTCL image as a customer oriented organization.

To provide improved Customer care in the Regions, PTCL has also established Service Support Centers (SSCs) throughout the country. These centers perform core functions such as communication with customers, analysis and follow-up on faults and service provisioning regarding all PTCL services. The SSCs also coordinates with local exchanges for expediting Customer Service issues.

Hamid Farooq SEVP Business Development on the up gradation of customers contact centers said that, PTCL has always strived for providing its valuable customers with the best services and offers majority of its services through its contact centers gives customers the convenience of utilizing PTCL services and products without leaving their homes or offices.

Mohammad Kamran Malik EVP Customer Care said that this step will have a very positive impact on our performance all over the country. PTCL as per the need of time and keeping in mind the needs of customers will also keep on upgrading the customers contact centers in future, so that the concerns and needs of our customers are met instantly.

  • There is nothing new in this story. The concerned people have only tried to present the previously working systems and processes as something new. These people need to think of real improvements and implement those to better serve customers. The new crowd in PTCL (which is old Warid crowd) is very good in storytelling and trying to present old things as new.

  • Please increase the salary of employees of contact centre who just working on 11200 PKR only especialy on 1217 no incentive and neither Increment Ptcl sucks in this matter.

  • I applied for 4 Mb connection long ago and have been billed for the same. However to the best of my surprise i am still getting 1Mb.I wish they also improve their service.

  • Before Upgradation of Customer Support Offices PTCL must ensure the service delivery quality of existing PTCL offices mostly for Broadband Support

  • Dear Ptcl,

    I want to inform you that our number is Ph. 051-5958947, we have been complaining since last one month but you people don’t even bother to send us a single reply. Your service and your company PTCL is pathetic you have no sense to deal with your customer, you can only do is to give your customer bad service and you have incompetent team and they don’t know how to attend your client I think you have no sense of betterment that’s why you are far behind then other.

    The same grief I am facing now, I was facing previously when I was to disconnect the DSL connection 8, 9 month before on the same number(Now I am very happy to have WI-TRIBE Internet CONNECTION), NOW I want to disconnect this PTCL number also that i have mentioned above. I cannot take more on my self, please disconnect this number or tell me the procedure how to remove it????

    You are loosing your customers slowly just because of your low quality service and low mentality based team.

    Other telecom companies take seriously to their customers that’s why they excel , why not you????

    Ar. Burhan Ahmed

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