Mobilink Jazz Giving out 7 Honda City Cars

jazz reactviation offerMobilink has announced the largest prize ever for in-active subscribers. All those customers who have not used their Jazz connection since November 24th can now get a chance to win a brand new Honda City car every alternate day till January 9th.

All you have to do is just put your Jazz SIMs back and send an SMS to 550 before January 9th and be one of the lucky winners.

This is not all, on reactivation, all Jazz users will also get 50 instant free On-net minutes and free bonus minutes equivalent to the double of their Rupee usage in the month of January.

Offer Details:

Just send an SMS at 550 from Dec 26, 2010 to Jan 9, 2011 and get qualified for

  • 50 free On-net minutes
  • Bonus minutes equal to double the Rupee usage done between Dec 26, 2010 and Jan 31, 2011
  • Great chance to be one of the 7 lucky winners of brand new Honda City car

Offer Mechanics:

Confirm Prize of 50 Free Minutes

  • All the subscribed customers sending SMS on 550 will receive 50 minutes (for Mobilink to Mobilink calls only)
  • 50 Free minutes will be posted within 24-72 hours from the date of sending SMS on 550
  • Validity of free minutes will be 3 days from date of posting

Bonus on Usage

  • All subscribed customers will also get free minutes equal to double their Rupee usage during Dec 26, 2010 to Jan 31, 2011 (with a maximum of 200 On-net minutes).
  • These free minutes will have a validity of 5 days
  • These free minutes will be posted after 10th Feb

  • Prize for those customers who have not used their Jazz connection since November 24th and no prize for those who using Jazz connection since 5-10 year :(

  • It’s a gold chance for everyone how not using JAZZ from last month.
    But can any body help me out that where we can see the name & number of the winner.

  • lets see what will be the result of this big offer lets hope mobilink will not do as ufone did. Ufone only make fool of whole country in bullshit offer like ghar, car etc.

  • To Jazz team!
    What is the ethical aspect in this offer? The customers who are using your network regularly are cahrged exorbitantly while those who drift away now and then are lured back with such offers only to go away again. Don’t you encourage the customer dissatisfaction and ultimately switching to other operators?

  • Hi this is me from Karachi. My friend in university was telling me that there is a kid in his flat who has won one of these 7 Honda City. That kid is not even so old for driving that car. Strange ! I wish I had won one of it. It’s one hell of an awesome ride.

  • I have a great Idea comming in my mind right now. Just go and buy one sim of Jazz. Activate it. And then tkae out the sim and then wait till a new offer from Jazz comes like OFFERING 7 BUGATTI VEYRONS. And then activate your sim as they and WOW one day you will wake up with one of those 7s standing in your house’s compound. Kind of good castle to build in the sky.

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