Micronet Gives Away its Customers to Link Dot Net

Micronet, the leading broadband service provider in Islamabad/Rawalpindi, has decided to give away its broadband customers of two exchanges to Link Dot Net, confirmed us official sources in the company.


Micronet said that this move came after anti-competitive environment created by PTCL, which is restricting ISPs’ profit and workability for broadband service providers. Official of Micronet said that they were losing Rs. 50,000 a month per exchange.

In the first phase, Micronet handed over its customers of Zero Point and Airport Housing Exchanges. Those customers who were in coverage area of nayatel were shifted to fiber optic network, while others were shifted to LDN.

Company said that they may handover more customers to LDN, based on future strategy.

This way, Micronet will be able to shift its core focus on Nayatel, company’s arm dedicated for fiber optic broadband users.

Micronet said it has 7,000 registered broadband users in the twin cities before the move.

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  • I am from Airport Housing Society, but mostly connections here are on fiber and some d***heads are sitting in exchange. LDN refused to provide a connection in past as they don’t work on what is the use of it? can someone put light on it?

    • Dear Ali,

      The DSL technology is provided only on copper cable which runs from exchange to the customer’s home. But as the ONU(Optical network unit) gets involved the connection from exchange to the ONU divisional cabnet(that big shelf looking cabinet) is on optical fiber, from there to customer’h house its copper.

      Companies like Micronet, linkdotnet have their rental locations in PTCL exchange called co-locations. When you ask for connection from micronet/ldn etc. the isp asks your telephone pair from PTCL to provide you internet on it using DSLAM(which works on copper). Since as in ONU fiber is involved from the exchange DSLAM is not usable for that.

      Pros of Optical network.
      -you will get better line parameters(attenuation and SNR e.t.c).
      – higher bandwidth is supported within 1Km from ONU cabinet.

      -As per my experience PTCL’s policy is give connection and forget about it.(no offence)
      -you cant utilize other isp services on that pair.

      However only one isp (Nayatel) currently operating in Islamabad/Rawalpindi provides optical connection to the home(FTTH fiber to the home) which means in the coming years you can get the max the fiber can support.

  • haha so they converted subcribers to nayatel which is a sister concern and handed over the remaining to LDN accusing PTCL of anti competitive tactics.

    Whatever they cant retain is because of PTCL and whatever they make is because of their hard work…i think Mr. Wahaj is too good at shouting out loud against PTCL

  • Used to be a big fan of mbl till they started throttling torrents…. They are losing customers due to these tactics

  • PTCL is a white elephant who walk lazy and get involved into everything and destroys the whole market. If some good brains are used PTCL can be a great competitor other than using anti-competitive strategies.

    Na khaedan gae Na khaedun theina gay – is the motto PTCL follow.

  • Micronet is ending up their whole Broadband operations as per LinkDotNet, just like Micronet did with their Dialup operations as they couldn’t compete, same reason applies to their Broadband operations.
    And when some major Triple Play will come soon, they will cease those operations too.

  • I am definately not switching to LinkDotNet (they suck compared to customer services of Micronet).
    Looking for some other Broadband provider (other than PTCL and LinkDotNet).
    Any suggestions anyone (Admin tell me some good name – No LDN or PTCL)

  • wat ever any one customer suport link dot net deta hai koi nae de sakta, agar hamari wire he kharab hai to link dot net kya karay.ptcl se hum wire theak nae kerwa saktay or gusa linkdotnet pe nikal letay hain.thats wat we can do.its also easy way ;)

  • if only nayatel/mbl whatever stop capping their packages i think most of us would love to pay the hefty upfront amount in order to get the nayatel’s onu connection but hey this company has some really weird YES weird packages you’d ever see anywhere else in this world.

    I wonder why didn’t they spread their fiber to farthest places all these years they kept bragging about ring topology is that it? a company doesn’t have to be limited forever sure they have capacity to grow but they aren’t lord knows why.

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