Warid Introduces Baba G ki Predictions

baba-gWarid has uncovered this long lost Baba ‘G’ for its customers. Warid says that this Baba G is good to tell you anything – even if you got a question to get answered? Need a little help regarding any issues in your everyday routine? Consider Baba G available for you!

Warid says that you will be surprised how much Baba "G" knows about you, your friends and so many things! So try it out!
Key Features

  • Get an expert opinion in a fun way on your Love life, Financial Issues, Education, Friends, Family or Work.
  • Forward a customized comic SMS regarding a friend’s personality for 20 paisa only.
  • Service available for both prepaid & postpaid.

Command List
To get Baba “G”’s opinion on the following categories follow the below mentioned steps:

  • Love:  Send Luv or 1 as a SMS to 2227
  • Money: Send Money or 2 as a SMS to 2227
  • Taleem: Send Taleem or 3 as a SMS to 2227
  • Dost: Send Dost or 4 as a SMS to 2227
  • Family: Send Family or 5 as a SMS to 2227
  • Nokree: Send Nokree or 6 as a SMS to 2227


  • Rs.2+Tax /SMS to 2227

Forward your Dost prediction SMS to your friends for 20 paisa only. Here’s how you do it:

  • Send Dost or 4 as a SMS to 2227
  • Forward the received prediction to your friends (Warid number) by replying to message from 2228 and typing Dost<space> Friend’s name<space>Recipient’s Warid number e.g. Dost<space>Hasan<space>0321XXXXXXX


  • Rs.0.20 +Tax /SMS to 2228

Disclaimer from Warid:

Warid is not responsible for the accuracy, correctness or authenticity of the information given through the service and shall not be liable for any loss or damage caused to the subscriber as a result thereof.

    • Yes it is. But you know our people, they like what Shaitan has on offer.

      We contradict ourselves and yet think we know all. We say we are Muslims (one who submits his/her will to none but Allah) but we do what we DESIRE.

      Muhammad Peace be upon him said ” Who ever goes to a fortune teller and believes what he says, has disbelieved in that which Allaah revealed to Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him).” Narrated by Abu Dawood (3904), al-Tirmidhi (3904) and Ibn Majaah (936)

      Allah guide us all.

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