Twitter is Useless!

Twitter-UselessA little birdie just told me you bought a new car, it also told me you’re throwing a party for it! I must be invited right? Because you just posted it on twitter and I am one of your followers…

Imagine this happening to you. This and countless other stuff highlights how twitter can be a nuisance, reason: everyday our youth spends hours and hours tweeting about what they’re doing and for what? NOTHING!

tweetI love technology in all forms but I simply do not understand twitter. I was recommended to use it by a friend but I fail to comprehend how something so popular can be so pointless. Why any of your followers would want to know what you’re exercising or enjoying kebabs or going to the toilet? (I know someone who tweeted that).

In my opinion it’s a 140 character plea for attention. If you have 500 followers, it doesn’t mean that you have 500 friends. It doesn’t mean that 500 people are interested in knowing what you’re up to. Rather its just 140 lettered blank shots in cyber space.

Twitter might have been a great tool to socialize and keep updated about various stuff and people in the beginning. But these days it is laden with spam. Bots, which are accounts under control of a computer, which bombard spam links and advertisements to make some douche a few cents.

One can even buy accounts with thousands of followers for money these days. As for one carrying out actual conversations, replies to my greetings usually are “Do I noe u?” So, not only is twitter contributing to dumbing down society, its also murdering grammar in the process.

One thing I noted was that posts on twitter by an average user become less and less frequent with time. In fact, stats show that 6 in 10 users leave twitter after the first month. So is it sustainable in the long term? I don’t think so.

However one can argue that it’s simply a tool, it is what you make of it. And that is pretty true. There is a big difference between using twitter to generate traffic or using it to make money on the internet or just to tweet.

Majority of users do not use it to make money, rather to post millisecond updates about their current activity. A recent study shows that the top 10% of prolific Twitter users accounted for over 90% of tweets.

So it’s rather a one way communication medium. In the end it all comes down to this, is your sense of self-importance so bloated that you feel the urge to update your followers with your current activity every few minutes? If your answer is yes, twitter is the place for you.

And if you still believe that all my arguments are invalid, take at look at the Public Timeline to see how many tweets are useful.

Note: This is intended to be a humorous take on twitter, keeping in mind the “over-tweeters”.

Talal is the Director of Content and Strategy at ProPakistani. Reach out at [email protected]

  • well, i agree and disagree :)

    Twitter is useless coz most ppl spam about pointless stuff!

    Twitter is usefull as an information source coz its short and sweet and easy to read, and follow up if interested only. Lots of developers and artists (art and media both) and tech dev’s etc give info on twitter befor any blog post or official announcement..

    Also, while some people might disagree.. twitter is fantastic to keep in touch with friends (REAL friends, not just followers).. esp those who are away or in a diff city/country… its fun chatting on it too :)

    If you use facebook more, then the above line might seem invalid, but for people like me, who dislike/dont use facebook, this is great. For others its another useless social network ..

    opinions vary :)

  • You are right, but you are showing only one side of the truth. Twitter can be used for number of things, tweeting from toilet is just one of the crappy things in surely many. But you can do even more good stuff if you know how to put your twitter account into use.

  • Opinions vary my friend… Social Media websites are there to connect with your friends… Twitter is derived from the word “Tweet” which means news… Twitter is popular tool because you can share latest news in just 140chrs… In 140chrs you don’t need to post a story… Use it for a purpose… follow people who communicate… share humor, share news, share your views about anything… and yes you don’t need to worry about 500 followers you just need to pick the ones you love reading and communicate with them… spending just time is worthless… communicate… share how you feel about certain things but make sure that what you share is of some meaning otherwise people will not bother what you share.

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