PTCL – Hello to the Future!

With the start of new year, PTCL has got a brand new sleek and stylish website – developed by XOR Logics and the Theme is designed by O3 Interfaces.

Moreover, company has got a new slogan “Hello to the Future”, which was previously “Feel the difference”.

The new design is good and the color scheme is pleasant to eyes. It also includes a Featured items slider, but the content and the menus of the website are nearly the same as they previously were.

Webmasters are maybe still updating the website, as plenty of links are down as of now.

While going through the source code of website, we found out the craziness of the developers: the description is a meta tag in the head, mostly used by search engines to display a brief description about the website – but here with PTCL’s official website, developers used it promote their own company. Good going guys!

To further add here, webmaster hasn’t forwarded old URL’s to new URL’s – meaning that all the page rank juice that PTCL’s website had, will be lost. Moreover, all search engine results will land on “Page not Found” area.

Update: Seems like somebody form administration took action and the Meta tag for description is updated.

  • Awesome website launched by PTCL a good surprise to the users.All links up and working, URL must be resolving the IP thats why links were down.
    Congrats PTCL

  • Do they have all links working? I tried to register a complaint and that did not work. Similarly few other links are not working.

  • Looks nice and clean, good work. But it shouldn’t have gone live now as some areas need improvement and as the author says URLs have not been updated.

  • how come i smoothly browsing the website, not a single link down.I like the site, its soft feel and nice color combinations.unlike weldone PTCL.

  • PTCL a copy cat, getting inspired by Nayatel slogan (Connection to the future) i believe. They also copied MBL NITRO DSL package name too for their EVO..

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