Mumtaz Qadri’s Fan-Pages Removed from Facebook

Mumtaz_QadriFacebook has removed Mumtaz Qadri’s fanpage from its website, which had managed to attract more than 2,000 fans in less than 24 hours.

Fan-page for Mumtaz Qadri was immediately created by some unknown internet user in Pakistan last night, just hours after the Mumtaz Qadri killed Mr. Salman Taseer in Islamabad, told us a ProPakistani reader who had joined the page last night.

At least 2,000 fans had joined this page, a good number in short span of time for a country like Pakistan.

There are reports that Facebook has deleted at least one dozen pages that were praising Malik Mumtaz Qadri, who has reportedly killed Mr. Salman Taseer in response to his statement against blasphemy law.

Facebook Users are still creating fan-pages for Mumtaz Qadri, but with relatively lower follower-ship. They are likely to get deleted by Facebook soon.

It merits mentioning here that Facebook removes a fan-page from its website if it is reported by sufficient number of users.

However, this doesn’t happen all the time, as Facebook had decided not to remove a page that was spreading hatred against Prophet Mohammad (P.B.U.H) and Muslims at large, in response to which Pakistan had to ban Facebook for two weeks in May 2010.


Waqar Shahmshad has sent us following screenshot, whose page was banned by Facebook over TOS voilation:

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  • Usman

    Last night when i see this page it had more then 2700 fans.

  • College

    So this is actual FACE of FaceBook

    Freedom of Expression Worldwide means

    “Choice is yours as long as color is blue”

    Advocates of “Freedom of Expression” in Pakistan need to re-think.

    • Yes I agree with you – where were these “Rules of Facebook” when Muslims all over the world were protesting to remove pages of sketches of Prophet (SAW)

  • Jibran

    Is this their so-called freedom of speech?
    And hats of to Mumtaz Qadri sir.he is our true hero.
    May allah bless him and his entire family

    • Waqas

      “hero”? Duh!!
      I’m pondering about the depths of ignorance you people fall in…

    • Shahid Saleem

      It doesn’t take a “hero” to fire an automatic weapon at close range at an unarmed man.

      Qadri is nothing more than a murderer.

      • contendar

        Behave your self.

        • Shahid Saleem

          I am behaving. Or perhaps you’d like to “teach me a lesson?”

          You can’t break an Islamic law to enforce an Islamic law.

        • Raz

          You must learn to tolerate the positive criticism. This lack of tolerance of other views later on develops in to the terrorism.

  • salman

    due to last mentioned paragraph above thats the reason i hate facebook.

    any 1 have idea how to tackle this facebook’s 2 standards ?

  • shahzad

    Double standards of FACEBOOK.
    Deleting pages related to Qadri without any report from users but havent deleted the pages against our Beloved Prophet Muhammad sws, though reported by Thousands of Muslims from all over the world.
    Shame on Face Book.
    Shame on Face Book.
    Shame on Face Book.
    Is this the FREEDOM of SPEECH claimed by Facebook and the western media??????

  • Jibran

    Just boycott disgusting F***Book

  • insaan

    Ab bhi jo loog facebook use karein tu un ko sharam se Doob jana chaiye.kab jago gay tum loog ab tu dekh lo ankein khool ki in ki asliyat.

  • Its again racist facebook, because it was really sad news for christians.

  • Saad Durrani

    Isn’t that stupid you create fan pages for your hero on a platform which people stopped using for their earlier policy?

    • Shahid Saleem

      As stupid as propakistani covering facebook, when they said they wouldn’t…

      • admin

        ProPakistani is a news website and we stick to our root and cover anything that comes our way. We never said that we won’t cover facebook.

        Yes, we boycotted Facebook and are still not using facebook or any of its services for personal and business use.

        • Saad Durrani

          I think Amir is right. They do not promote Facebook. They tell it as it is. They are telling people that it was a stupid move to start a page where policies are not on your side.

          They did not cover Mark Zuckerberg’s (politically correct and very safe) Person of the Year win even though, it was news-worthy.

  • Ali

    Pakistan please wake up now. This Facebook is good for nothing. Ban it in Pakistan again but this time forever. This will make other Muslim countries understand slowly that they also need to ban it . Facebook is against Muslims. It completely ruins our young generation and their future. It is also a time waste . Please government of Pakistan ban it forever. AAMEEN.

  • Ahmed

    Facebook removed a fan page of a killer, whats wrong in that? or are you all too sick?

    • fj

      So according to you, it should also delete the fan page of Mr. Zardari and many others?

      • Ahmed

        One is a corrupt leader and other is a religious fanatic. You need to deal with “more” of the two evils first.

      • Shahid Saleem

        Why, who did Zardari kill?

    • At

      Atidal Pasand Pakistani

      • muhammad mushtaq afridi

        v r agree with ahmed…….
        this reflects our(muslims) natural reaction as v r ever ready to sacrifice everything for our beloved prophet (S.A.W)…….
        taseer go in helllll…
        long live Mumtaz Qadri…….

    • insaan

      r u blind ahmed, didnt u read complete article that facebook didnt repalce the page immidietly that was spreading hatred against Prophet Mohammad (P.B.U.H) and Muslims. i think u r not muslim.agar ho tu sharam se doob jao @@.

      • Shahid Saleem

        Are you going to kill Ahmed now?

    • Waqas

      i agree with ahmed!

      • Afzal

        you both are morons and loosers! Read complete article.

        • Waqas

          just a clarification: i agreed with ahmed’s first statement which said, “Facebook removed a fan page of a killer, whats wrong in that? … “.

    • shumail

      I am not in favor of Mumtaz Qadri…but still want to remember that why did they not removed the page “DRAW MUHAMMAD”………..
      really have double standard

  • Ali

    He murdered salman taseer for a reason. That is why he did not run way like a coward. He was brave. Whatever shall happen to him that Allah will decide. Facebook removed mumtaz qadirs fan page because he defended islam and showed that he could do anything for the sake of Islam . Facebook is truly against islam and still we use it . We are being controlled by non-Muslims
    who want us to vanish. WAKE UP PAKISTAN!

    • Shahid Saleem

      He didn’t defend Islam. What did the governer do? He doesn’t have the authority to overrule the blasphemy law.

      All the governer did was talk, and all the killer did is murder.

  • Jahangir

    I am really not sure if we should condemn this killing or appreciate Mumtaz Qadri because our minds are not fully mature and we must have to think deep and with open mind that “how exactly” to deal with people like Salman Taseer who give statements against Islamic laws.

  • Nadeem

    May god save pakistan from fundamentalists, terrorists and uncultured beasts.
    Everyone here is commenting against facebook, but no one saying anything against the terrorist mumtaz qadri.
    This proves one thing! that our country is not heading in the right direction. This also proves that there’s no chance of scientific and economic development in next 200 years.
    The main reason behind pakistan’s plight is its people and their retarded thinking, not the leaders.

  • Awais

    I agree with ahmed whats the point of the to support a killer???sari dunia ham par hans rahe hy k idhar mazhabi janooni rahty hain

  • jejk

    Shame on Mumtaz Qadri.
    Shame on people who support him.

    • Jibran

      shame on u jejk.
      Pakistan is a Islamic state not a secular state.

      • Shahid Saleem

        Then I ask you a simple question: which Islamic law did the governor break? Please point to the verse or hadeeth to support your statement.

        I can readily see what Islamic law Qadri broke: he murdered an innocent man.

    • muhammad mushtaq

      shame ouu too….!!!!!
      chulloo bhar pani ma doob maro…….

  • Fakhrealam

    O meray bhaio. Mumtaz is a killer , i agree. But he did it for something worthy. Think before u write. Thumbs up for Qadri. Nabi Pak s.a.w ki shaan my gustakhi krny wale ka yahi anjaam hona chaheye.

    • Waqas

      who are you or anyone else for that matter to decide what the “anjaam” should be?

    • Shahid Saleem

      What’s the worthy cause? To silence an unarmed man for talking?

  • insaan

    KEsay loog hain yahan pe duniya ka itna khayal hai likin ALLAh ka dar nahi ,bhaiyon suno tum mumtaz qadri ko choro us ney jo kia so kiya likin tum facebook walo ko tu dekho na us ney Hazrat Muhammad s.a.w ki bayadbi ki (nauzubillah) aur page delete nahi kia tha itni jaldi @@@@@

    ajeeb andhay loog hain yahan. ALLAh k liye facebook chorney pe maut aa rahi hai beghairat loog. Duniya walon ki itni fikar hai k kia kahey gi likin ALLAH ki koi fikar nahi k facebook use karnay pe ALLAH naraz ho ga.

    • tariq hussain

      u r right dear
      hum sub ko soachana chiay akhar hum ne agay ja ker b jawab day hona hai

      • muhammad mushtaq

        logon ko to dunia ki fikr , magr us pak RAB ki nahn jo is kainat ka haqeeqi khaliq hy or jis k agy sb ko jawab de hona hy…….

  • tariq hussain

    Double standards of FACEBOOK.
    Deleting pages related to Qadri without any report from users but havent deleted the pages against our Beloved Prophet Muhammad sws, though reported by Thousands of Muslims from all over the world.
    Shame on Face Book.
    Shame on Face Book.
    Shame on Face Book.
    Mumtaz Qadri is our islamic hero.we proud to b a pakistani

  • Aslam Khan

    Is this their so-called freedom of speech?
    And hats of to Mumtaz Qadri sir.he is our true hero.
    May allah bless him and his entire family

  • dad

    stop using facebook guys .. why are u still on facebook .. and 2nd murder is murder … should be condemned in any form .. i guess hamari awaam he hi pathetic what can happen

  • Alexandra
    “Islamabad: Five hundred Pakistani religious scholars have warned that anyone who mourns the death of Punjab Governor Salman Taseer, a senior ruling party official who opposed the country’s blasphemy law, could suffer the same fate.”
    What nice religious leaders and scholars! I thought before that Islam is the religion of Peace. Naivety. Anyway the message is clear. For hundreds of millions of muslims, it is clear that peaceful co-existence with other faiths is not possible. The Koran or your head, as muslim armies in conquest used to say. Must be a very nice book.

    • TRUTH


      [Comment Edited]

      • Waqas

        Mind your statements before you write them: every non-Muslim is NOT a zionist.
        Please do a little research or socialize with people from different cultures.

    • Alexandra

      I’m afraid you are wrong. I’m a slav which means that I’m far from being a zionist. I absolutely denounce Israel policies towards Palestine. I’m also against any form of violence. I don’t know if it’s islamic to rejoice over the killing of the other human being and to eulogize the murderer. As for me I find it appalling, barbaric and wicked.

      • Waqas

        Lexi, I’m a pakistani muslim (alhumdulillah) and i can say that those five hundred scholars are ignorant.
        It is definitely UN-islamic to rejoice over the killing of a human being or to eulogize a murderer.

  • salman

    people supporting qadri are stupid.
    salman taseer said something then law should have taken step against him not qadri type people.

    salmans taseer was wrong and qadri is also wrong .

    go get some brain guys.

    why didnt some 1 of u filed a case against salman taseer?
    no 1 in whole country filed a case against salman taseer.

    1. shame on all molanas

    2. shame on facebook

    3. shame on qadri

    4. shame on law enforcers

    shame on all people who support any 1 of above.

    • TRUTH

      YOU R DAMN!!!

      • salman

        ____ up mr truth. i m pakistani but i hate ______ like u . i shown u the mirror.

        MF go to psychiatric

        [Comment Edited]

      • Waqas

        Hmm I see so anyone who speaks contrary to your beliefs is an indian!
        That is precisely why we’re still eyeing india while india eyes the world.
        Think deeply about my above statement, think deep!

    • Jibran

      shame on you
      shame on all so called liberal extremists
      shame on all so called muslaim like salman

    • Rehan

      In current scenario, what do you think if someone come up and file the case against Mr. Taseer. Will he get justice? Absolutely not. A governor who is so called institutional head of the province, came up with a women who is convicted and in Jail and throws a press conference and guarnteed that if courts will not release him, then he will persue to the president and he will surely release her.
      What is this? A so called “Institutional Head” should behave like this?

    • Raz

      Salman: All you said is correct except one thing that Salman Taseer had said something wrong. He had not said anything against Prophet (PBUH) but he had termed a zia ul haq made law as a black law and urged it to amend or repeal that. Due to that law, many innocents have been becoming victims and rotting in jails or killed by the crazy, retarded persons like mumtaz qadri.

  • imkhalid

    millatfacebook zinda’abad
    Mumtaz Qadri Zinda’abad
    Islam Zinda’abad
    Pakistan Zinda’abad

    • Raheel


  • Raheel

    ye Freedom of Speech hai!!!!
    AND MIND IT!!!

    • Jibran

      yes mumtaz qadri is our hero

  • ali ayyan

    salman taseer was on teh task to save asiya bibi , from the westy esp. US as she is a christ . while doing so salman taseer certainly spoke loud and dirty.

    wo shaks jo hazrat MUHAMMAD PBUH k baray ma gustakhi karay uska qatal wajib hay .

    just suppose agar koi tumhare man bap k baray ma olta sedha bolay will u do reasoning with him or will count his teeth out ??

    IMAN ka mukamal hona tab he hota hay ja HAZRAT MUHAMAD PBUH ko ksi bhi chez se zyada muhabat ke jay ….

    mumtaz qadri gave a tickt of hell to a saitan follower , kuch chezon kay baray ma MIND and reasoning se nahi balka dil ar apnay jazbon ar iman k taqat se sochna hota hay …..

    • Maximus

      mera to khayaal tha ke Jannat ya Jahannum ka ticket Allah mian dete hain… chalo we have more Allahs for Muslims… please tell me what it takes to be Allah and be able to send anybody to Jannat or Jahannum…
      Wah mere Pakistani musalmano…

  • Ali

    Wow, what a mindset…so tomorrow if anyone talks about rape laws, then is that equal to committing rape itself? Salman Tasseer only suggested changes in a man-made (Nawaz Sb. legislated 295C in blasphemy law during his “ameer-ul-momineen” regime) law that has consumed more than 1000 innocent individuals to date. And suggesting administrative changes in a law isn’t blasphemy just like talking about rape, isn’t rape itself!

  • SK Developers

    Mumtaz Qadri’s Fan-Page at
    Kindly spread this link to all your friends and family to show Muslim strength

  • admin

    This is a technology blog, but still i would like to say following:

    We as a human are too confined to term Mr. Taseer as a bad person or Mr. Qadri as a hero.

    Allah is the ultimate authority, Allah is the one who knows the truth and intentions of all human beings.

    When it comes to blasphemy law, pinching someone where they itch the most, is not freedom of Speech, it’s like uselessly pressing someone into the walls, leaving no room for him but to retaliate – then you call it extremism.

    We don’t ask you to not to talk about Siridevi, Brad Pitt or anyone. Say what you feel, punch the way you like, but not the prophet Mohammad PBUP.

    We won’t stop if you drink wine, or dance. Do what you want to, it’s your life, your world, but we won’t tolerate a single word against our prophet

    Relating things illogically, freedom of speech is superior to Prophet’s respect? It’s like comparing two things of different world.

    It’s not the law that has problems, its the system, injustice that is the root cause of every bad thing in our society.

    I am not advocating Mr. Taseer’s murder, I would had called it bad if I was in America, where courts listen, where there is a law.

    In Pakistan, Mr. Taseer is just like another Pakistani to me, who died due to in-availability of justice.

    All the liberal and educated people of this world, can’t you grant us one exception? And don’t include this one term in your line of “Freedom of Speech”? Why all your freedom ends here in this one thing? Just one thing!

    • Maximus

      Taseer’s muder might not be of much concern now but qadri’s hanging is… and I do call for his death penalty under the law and he deserves it…

      Mr. Admin! I am really astounded to hear that Taseer’s murder was due to in-availability of justice. what a justification for somebody’s murder… pathetic…
      would you justify your loved ones murder just because he differed from somebody…

      salman rushdie ko aur danish cartoonist ko to koi sala haath nahin laga saka aur the one who didn’t even committed blasphemy was killed by an Ullu ka patha… ab khud bhi mare ga aur khandaan ko bhi zaleel karwaye ga… they r still in police custody aur koi Aashique-e-Rasool un ki help ko nahin jaye ga… sare munafiq ikathay ho gaye hain… kehte kuch hain karte kuch hain…

      • Raheel

        If I insult your father and i am the governor of a province in a country where these is no law, would you like to present me with flowers? when you have a gun and a chance to kill me?

        Qadri did the wrong, but you are shouting at reactions, and ignoring the prior actions.

        • Maximus

          haan if u insult my father, I might get aggrevated and shove something hard in your mouth as soon as I get a chanve… but even if I do that I do not have any right to ask for forgiveness… I should be given the due punishment by law only since I did unlawful thing by shoving something…

          I guess I made my point that one wrong thing cannot be countered by another wrong doing…

          • admin

            quite logical and reasonable

    • When it comes to blasphemy law, pinching someone where they itch the most, is not freedom of Speech, it’s like uselessly pressing someone into the walls, leaving no room for him but to retaliate – then you call it extremism.

      This simple thing is intentionally ignored by sick minded people and they try to act innocent.

      Those who try to teach us “Freedom of Speech” and “Tolerance” lessons should consider EMPATHY also

      Tolerance that exist in societies where nearly 50% of population is born illegitimate is not possible else where

    • Shahid Saleem

      The governor wasn’t killed because he committed blasphemy, or because he wanted others to commit blasphemy. This is not a freedom of speech issue.

      — It’s not the law that has problems, its the system, injustice that is the root cause of every bad thing in our society.

      Wrong. The law is broken. Almost all the blasphemy cases are against poor minorities. Read the statistics of the cases if you don’t believe me. How many blasphemy cases are registered so that the neighbors and steal someone’s property? Where is the justice there?

      There was a case last month about a doctor who threw away a pharmaceutical company’s representative’s card. The representative’s name was Muhammad, and he had a blasphemy case registered against the doctor. Is that justice? Please tell me, because if you think it’s fair, I don’t want to work with any clients named Muhammad, or Mustafa, or Bashir, or … – just in case they accuse me of blasphemy for accidentally doing something that upsets them.

      Do you get my point? This is insanity. And you’re defending it by claiming the law is correct?

      Somehow people think an unjust law is better than a just law. Any attempt made to amend the law to correct its flaws is protested against. And now we have a man murdered — all for what?

      I’ve read some articles in Saudi papers about the governor’s murder. *NOT ONE ARTICLE* supported his murder.

      — In Pakistan, Mr. Taseer is just like another Pakistani to me, who died due to in-availability of justice.

      I ask again: what law did he break to deserve his murder? Please, please, please point to the verse or hadeeth that supports his murder.

      Need I remind you of what Allah has said?

      Need I remind you of what our Prophet has said?

      Sahi Bukhari, Volume 9, Book 83, Number 37: Narrated Abu Qilaba:

      Once ‘Umar bin ‘Abdul ‘Aziz sat on his throne in the courtyard of his house so that the people might gather before him. Then he admitted them and (when they came in), he said, “What do you think of Al-Qasama?” They said, “We say that it is lawful to depend on Al-Qasama in Qisas, as the previous Muslim Caliphs carried out Qisas depending on it.” Then he said to me, “O Abu Qilaba! What do you say about it?” He let me appear before the people and I said, “O Chief of the Believers! You have the chiefs of the army staff and the nobles of the Arabs. If fifty of them testified that a married man had committed illegal sexual intercourse in Damascus but they had not seen him (doing so), would you stone him?” He said, “No.” I said, “If fifty of them testified that a man had committed theft in Hums, would you cut off his hand though they did not see him?” He replied, “No.” I said, “By Allah, Allah’s Apostle never killed anyone except in one of the following three situations: (1) A person who killed somebody unjustly, was killed (in Qisas,) (2) a married person who committed illegal sexual intercourse and (3) a man who fought against Allah and His Apostle and deserted Islam and became an apostate.”

      What was the governor guilty of? Would the Prophet kill the governor, or would he kill his murderer?

      • Waqas

        I agree and quite true, “…The law is broken. Almost all the blasphemy cases are against poor minorities…”

      • Arif

        Not only one…. several.

        Read all Ayat and Ahadith about FITNA, that’s worst than the murder. What he was doing was no less than fitnah, to tense a relatively peaceful society. It doesn’t go away with a simple murder. It will send us back but who cares!

        Why he was doing so??? Go back to its economy and calculate. You would know what a mediaman always think about.

        Think of big!

  • Altaf

    facebook is quite active in this case unlike many other pages against Islam!

  • Amir

    For this reason I dont belived in any religion at all. Million of innocent people are keep dying just in the nameof religion. People stabbing each other and cutting each other neckin the name of religion. I amproud that I dont belive in any religion.I feel sorry for all these follish people.

  • NAD

    The biggest blasphemy is: Not to follow Islam but obey only those rules in it that satisfy the beast in us.

    • Waqas

      Bro, perhaps you didnt write clearly but islamic rules when taken in proper context, there are absolutely none that satisfy/encourage the beast(s) within us.
      Islamic rules can never be wrong!
      I think what you meant to say was that “we only follow those rules that justify our actions”, right?

  • NAD

    Qadri is simply nothing more than a murderer

  • Arif

    Its not about Mr. Qadri or Tasir but the discussion going on…

    The Blasphemy law was not made to punish… read again… but to save the innocent lives being taken every other day in 1985 in the name of religion to usurp the property of minorities… read it again

    The unfortunate didn’t see (like most of mediamen) this side of the law and tried his (political) power (like most of politicians) to save the sentenced Asiya… he wanted world over praise by those whose freedom of speech want more hate speech in our societies… read it again

    I will be utterly wrong if I look the solution in the death sentence of Mr. Qadri, totally insane! The point we all are missing is not the front-end reactions but the back-end legitimacy of law, rule of law, justice and MOST IMPORTANTLY order in the society. That allows you to grow, develop and rule th world… read it again

    Instead we should use this to strengthen the justice system that our country is in need of today, badly. We can do this by providing fair trial to Mr. Qadri and by saving him from death sentence.

    • Shahid Saleem

      — The Blasphemy law was not made to punish… read again… but to save the innocent lives being taken every other day in 1985 in the name of religion to usurp the property of minorities… read it again.

      The statistics say that it is, indeed, being used to terrorize and attack poor minorities. Look at the statistics of how many people were charged with it, and who they were. Whatever the intent was in 1985, the USE of the law is the problem. That’s all the governor spoke out against.

      Are we forbidden from speaking out against a 25 year old law? No one is talking about a law in the Qur’an. We’re talking about a 25 year old MAN-MADE law.

      — We can do this by providing fair trial to Mr. Qadri and by saving him from death sentence.

      For Qadri to be a free man, someone would have to show that the killing was justified. If Islamic law applies, you still have to show which Islamic law was broken by the governor. No one has been able to do that (can you?). If Pakistani penal law applies, you have to show which Pakistani law was broken. No one has been able to do that, either (can you?).

      Under these circumstances, a fair trial would find him guilty of murder. I hope the governor’s children demand the right of qisas, as is their right under Islamic law.

      • Arif

        Yeah… exactly my point. Media, politics, statistics so many things fabricated to burry this law.

        Take this issue to the court of law to decide, not leaving it to the junkies for deciding this through e-media. Its of prime nature and shall be taken as of high importance.

        Thanks for buying my point of view! Only the fair trial will bring out the facts, my dear.

        • Shahid Saleem

          Well, the court has decided. What do you say, now?

  • Sohail Ahmed

    He murdered salman taseer for a reason. That is why he did not run way like a coward. He was brave. Whatever shall happen to him that Allah will decide. Facebook removed mumtaz qadirs fan page because he defended islam and showed that he could do anything for the sake of Islam . Facebook is truly against islam and still we use it . We are being controlled by non-Muslims
    who want us to vanish. WAKE UP PAKISTAN!

    • Amir

      Sohail, Facebook is the social utility where people meet virtually and enjoy their life. They are not interested in any craps especially like religion where people killing each other in the name of religion.
      There are wise guys who are making million pounds by using facebook for their business and creating jobs. And unfortunately in third world countries such as Pakistan they are misusing SOMEONE ELSE TECHNOLOGY. Shame on them really shame. I don’t know which part of the world you belong but in European society life is much organised and productive because they have high tolerant and respect of each other culture. Justice is best in Europe. Could you tell me only one Muslim country where you can give example of their fair justice system? Shame on you if you are supporting a physcopath, killer and murderer. Who have been brain wash by some psychopaths, uneducated who never even see school in his life. They teach him and used him and they are same people who are creating suicide bomber in your society. Making your society a HELL, real hell in the name of religion. Shame on you Sohail real shame you are trying to create Hate rage between the societies and cultures.

      • Arif

        @Amir you do not have a right to Pakistani society and culture… Keep your tongue in your mouth. Enjoy blessings of European godless, legally shameless, killing lawfully, suppressing others lawfully, and believing in cash societies. One who doesn’t believe shouldn’t speak on blasphemy issues.

        No hard feelings, it was just a glimpse of free speech!

        Kind regards, though :-)


    Join the Group of Malik Mumtaz Qadri at my site here..

    You are welcome… :)

  • saqib

    long live Mumtaz Qadri..

    this shahid saleem who commented above is fully sick and i think is being paid like slman taseer to do this ,,,this is confused generation of Pakistan

    • Shahid Saleem

      I am a Muslim who has lived in Pakistan, Amreica, and Saudi Arabia (most time). I know how true Muslims live and think.

  • Alexandra

    The cancer of extremism is spreading in Pakistan — from suicide bombings, to religiously motivated murders, to zero tolerance of moderates, and more. Now it is vividly clear that we are not talking about a tiny knot of people hiding in the mountains, but lunatic group whose ideas are daily warping the minds of Pakistan’s youth…So sad.

  • memona

    Gutakhe Rasool ki saza Sr tn se juda well done Mumtaz Qadri!

    • Lara

      Memona, perhaps you like Taliban and I am sure you would be very happy to join your brothers. Perhaps you seen that clip on you tube when Taliban beating one innocent women with hunter in a crowd. How low you guys can go. These people are no body friend they want only control all over the world and they used stupid people like you. What kind of Islam is that when you below up girls school. Taliban don’t want girls to be educated because then once they are educated then they know their rights and obviously then who is going to marry uneducated, psychopath, killers and murderers TALIBAN.
      People who are supporting Psychopath Killer and Murdered Mumtaz Qadri actually they have same mentality as TALIBAN. Shame on you guys really shame. Whole world is doing advance research how to save human life in medicine and lots of advance experiments happening in object oriented computer languages and other side of the world such as Pakistan they are still supporting Taliban. Really shame on you all.

      • Arif

        Amir, Alexandara, Lara… whoever you are!

        You might have all that you are mentioning but you lost the whole world of hereafter. Looking on this limited, timebound life as eternal you have shown your mindlessness.

        You people cannot ever taste the sweetness of being a Muslim in this world nor in the world you do not believe today but you won’t even get its fragrance tomorrow.

        The bounds you people wanna put on us ruthlessly today are coming back to you soon, I promise :-)

  • voice of pakistan



    Facebook is truly against islam and still we use it . We are being controlled by non-Muslims
    who want us to vanish. WAKE UP PAKISTAN!
    Q.why we use face book
    Ans. only for chatting with girls

  • Tayyaba Haq

    I think that we Muslims are pathetic people firstly because we did not leave the Face Book when it entertained the most hideous drawings (NauzobiLLAH ) only beacuse we could not bear the idea of loosing the website which was connecting us socially to people (even when an alternative my space was present)!secondly beacuse we do not have the heart of a Muslim now that it has removed the fanpage of a our Hero Mumtaz Qadri we are still sticking to it.
    The lack of knowledge of Musims is much too obvious as they are weighing the murder of Salman Taseer and an ordinary muder in the same scale.
    His murder is one of the greatest action that can be performed by a Muslim as it had the intentions of Safeguarding the Namosay Rasalat S.A.W Law and the Hurmat of our Beloved Prophet (P.B.U.H)
    The pathetic Muslims due to total lack of knowledge cannot see the spirit behind the act thus cannot appreciate the valour of Mumtaz Qadri
    who has risked his life for the Love of the Prophet(S.A.W)

    • Maximus

      @Tayyaba… how do u say he risked his life… I am sure all of his supporters at propakistani and outside will now stand united for him and will go to his family who is still in police custody to help them… all of u supporters will spend ur money and time to lick the legs of qadri…
      aur ho sakta hai ke jaza aur saza dene ke liye 2 4 aur Allah paida ho jayein aur jald hee Aasia bibi ko bhi koi qadri jaisa lunatic qatal kar de baghair tasdeeq ke aur mujhe bhaut khushi ke hai hamare mulk main aisay musalman mojood hain jin main kisi ke ghutnon main itna shorba nahin hai ke Salman Rushdie aur danish cartoonist ko ja kar kuch keh sakein… sare salay hijray ikathay huwe hain yahan… ab woh fanatic lunatic khud to mare ga aur apni family kee bhi waat lagwaye ga…

  • basharat

    mumtaz qadri Allah ka lion hay dunya ke koey taqat kisy tareeqy say usy hamary dil say nikal nahey sakti jevy jevy mumtaz qadri lay gya bazi mimtaz qadri mumtaz qadri zinda baad

  • aVEE

    guys I personally feel Mumtaz Qadri ne jo bhi kia woh uske zameer ne joo behtar samjha woh kar diya .. dukh nahi ab iss bat ka ke Salman Taseer ko mar diya .. jaisa kaha waisa howa uske sath joo log mukhalifat kar rahe hain iss baat ki ke salman taseer ka murder ghalat howa hai muje aisa lagta hai ke unko iss baat ka koi ehsaas nahi ke koi hamahre Nabii k bare kuch bhi kahe ghalat kahe aur humain kuch nahi karna chiye.

    jis ne Nabii k bare mai ghustakhi ki uski saza maut hai aur jo log iss baat se mutafiq nahi woh musalman nahi woh kafir hai aur f***b00K is anti-Islam web site. but problem is pakistani knows that it is against muslim but muslims are not sincere with Islam

  • Mustafa

    After reading all above remarks i have no doubt that this country is going to disintegarate very quickly. And those who are concerned about Q’s wellbeing you never need to worry because he is in the very safe hands of terrestrial gods.

  • Shafaqat H..

    Salam Ap sab ko ek musalman hony k naty mera muttalba ha mumtaz qadri ko tagma-e-imteyaz k sath riha kia jay ek musalman ki faryad ha wo hamara hiro ha mumtaz qadri zinda bad meri shareef baradaran se apeel ha k ap plz mera sath dn aur allha bhi hamare sath ha thanks..

  • Pak Zindabad

    I am appalled at the amount of ignorance our country has.
    It’s just unbelievable.
    Shame on us.

  • Zaheer Abbasi

    For those who don’t think that Mumtaz Qadri is not a Hero:
    When Islam has to be the only religion after all then we should think like that.
    Islam has to be implemeted by laws of Quran and Sunnah:
    Now what Salman Taseer said” that all these molvies’ are nothing for me. And i put them on my shoes ”
    And look over on his personal life……….
    And what do you think PPP government has best things and it will do something for Islam?
    Certainly not,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
    As you all know Its’ two ministers don’t even know about the Sura Iklas and rehman malik espeasialy don’t even know how to read bismillah
    Mumtaz Qadri type people should rise up and clean these people from making this country secular.

  • Usman


  • Palkron

    Bravo Facebook – well done.

    Mumtaz Qadri is just a murderer with 2700 stupid fans.

  • mohd ejaz kamboh

    islam zindaabaad.i love all the muslim.

  • mohd ejaz kamboh

    mumtaz qadri gazi zindaabaad.geo gazi sahib.

  • sharjil

    friends, there is a guy on this forum called shahid saleem. he is a jew luver, or maybe a jew. anyway it duznt matter. neither does it matter wt name he uses. beware of such ppl. they r only trying to misguide the rest of you.ignore them. read his posts n find out his real face.

  • asim

    In my opinions, although PPP’s leadership along with its lafangay “jeealays” hasnt done anything in the past 40 years that would give a slightest hint that they are sincere with Pakistan’s well being, and I hate them for that, this Mumtaz Qadri is not not a coward killer, he is a namak haram, chor, dhokay baaz, and lowest of the low who somehow thinks that he has done an increddible job. This is all so sad. We are wasting precious human life and calling it sacrific to God or God’s will/punishment!

    The affect of all this mess will last forever on our next generations!

  • Nadeem

    Facebook is Israel’s property. Ghazi Mumtaz Qadri zindabad!

  • Musa

    @Shahid Saleem, great speech man.
    I personally think that he was killed wrongly. Atleast he should have been given a chance to defend himself. It was still murder you know. Killing of another muslim is still a gunnah. You guys defend Yazeed, saying that we cannot name call him, since he is a muslim, although he murdered the son of the Prophet.

  • Abdullah

    I am agreed with Zaheer Abbasi. May Allah protect Pakistan from these liberal terrorists like Taseer,and religious terrorists like Taliban. As far Mumtaz Qadri, he proved himself to be well behaved as he surrendered on the spot after killing the culprit.

  • saira

    mumtaz qadri is ashiq-e-rasool(S.A.W) he is a real hero of this world mumtaz qadri zindabad

  • That’s freedom of expression…..It’s only for non-Muslims to do hate…and Muslims should only speak what pleases them……
    Paradox and hypocrisy !!! Self-imposed criteria of right and wrong…