Android 3.0 Unveiled

android-logoIn ongoing mega event CES 2011 at Los Vegas, Google has come up with a new version of its android OS named as Honeycomb.

Its a tablet only version and is much different from the one released for Mobile devices named as Gingerbread.

Just to mention that after Mobilink’s Galaxy Tablet launch, we may see more tablets makings their way to Pakistan. Galaxy Tab is powered by Android OS 2.2 (froyo), while We are yet to ascertain the possibility Galaxy’s OS up-gradation.

Some Features of Android OS 3 (Honeycomb)

The UI looks nothing like earlier versions of Android. However, multiple home-screens still exist and will shelter application shortcut icons and widgets.

The widgets also seem to be redesigned, making better use of the larger screen area as compared to a smartphone. The browser looks a lot more like Google’s Chrome browser on PCs, with tabs that occupy the top-most row.

There’s also a Google eBooks app with the same page-flipping animations seen on the iPad.

Another design aspect “inspired” from the iPad’s UI is the new Gmail app, which shows a message list in one pane, while the actual message in the pane next to it.

And  the most killer feature of the mobile OS is its Google Talk Video chat compatibility. That’s going to be a huge stab at Apple’s FaceTime, which currently works only on some iOS devices and Macs.

Google Talk’s video plugin works in any browser, thus with all popular OSes (Windows, Linux, Mac). So, this will not only enable video-conferencing from one Android tablet to another, but also from any Honeycomb tablet to any computer. We hope the same thing comes for Smartphones soon!

Lastly, the new Google Maps 5.0 that was shown off last month with its 3D panning mode and other cool features were also shown in the video posted at the android’s youtube channel

  • for me,iphone os is the best…

    ios got huge apps collection,while android got no good apps.Symbian apps and android apps are almost same.

  • Don’t you people forget that symbian is still the king and it’ll be the for ever. Wait for the MeeGo OS its an apple os and android killer. Long Live Symbian, Meego and Nokia.

    • Symbian you mean nokia right was the king was a loyal nokia user since 3310…. Nokia has become so out dated now check their phones out they suck n8 without the camera is like a 2 year old technology.
      N8 launch delay made me swtich to Ip4 at first i was a little reluctant but after using it i got to know what i was missing.
      Ip4 is way ahead then n8 in terms of performance,speed,stability,apps games etc….

    • You mean to say MeeGo – an upcoming flop like Maemo :)

      Sorry mate but Symbian is dying and nokia can’t help it.Good old days of King are over now for more than a couple of years.

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