Mobilink Ahead in the Smartphones Race, Others Better Catch Up!

By Talha Adil

smartphoneWith the recent turn in technology and the rise of ubiquitous computing the world over, it comes as a little surprise that not much has been happening to promote this ‘new technology’ era in Pakistan.

Although, there has been a gradual transferal in trend of cell phones users shifting from ordinary mobile phones usage such as making and receiving calls and messaging towards more value added services offered by the new generation of smart phones including emailing, documents viewing, gaming, photos and video capturing and even editing and what not.

The irony however, lies in the fact that there is very little support for these technology savvy smart phone features in the market and mobile service providers are doing little in their own capacity to promote the trend and accommodate for the shift in the nature of use of mobile phone technology.

With tablet computers being the new ‘IN’ thing the world over nowadays, in Pakistan, we’ve hardly seen telecom companies actively involved in promoting  the smartphones revolution in our country.

Perhaps, Mobilink is the only one to date who has done a commendable job in taking initiative of starting the smartphones revolution in Pakistan back in 2005 when they first launched BlackBerry.

At that time, only the elite, the corporate and the professional could think of using the BlackBerry because of its usage and benefits of ultimate connectivity.

However, as the years have passed, the trend of using smartphones started shifting as mobile phone manufacturing companies like Nokia, Samsung, Motorola, HTC etc. started making smartphones for both low as well as high-end consumers.

At present, customers have a lot to choose from when it comes to purchasing a smartphone. We have BlackBerry, IPhone, Android phones, Windows Mobile phones, and two-in one tablet computer phones too.

However, once again, unlike in West, when a technology comes, it is very well supported by the complimenting service provider, in our country this practice is not so common yet.

Right now, only Mobilink has taken the step of introducing a variety of smartphones in collaboration with mobile companies like Samsung, Motorola and HTC and have launched Galaxy Tablet, Milestone and HD7 respectively in local market but others are still stuck at BlackBerry.

The question that now rises seeing the diverse lineup provided by Mobilink is, where are all other mobile service providers and why have they kept a distance from the needs of their customers so much that we actually feel deprived from what has become very ordinary the world over?

As of now, Ufone, Warid and even Telenor have only introduced various BlackBerry handsets but do we as tech savvy Pakistani consumers only need telecom support for BlackBerry only? Just to mention Zong came up with a low priced android handset, but this market definitely demands for more.

Every single user of a smartphone has a different set of needs and is comfortable with using a specific kind of smartphone for example, I am a hardcore Android phone person and I will never go for a BlackBerry. In that case then, I may opt Mobilink to go with because they have got what I want. It is time for the rest to follow the lead and move on!

Have a look at the updated Samsung Mobiles Price in Pakistan (we are daily adjusting our prices to the market).

  • pakistanis are tech savy nation , no doubt.
    people are buying alot of latest and expensive handsets.
    now these people are demanding 3g because all latest handsets have 3g. 3g is very fast and in huge demand from 2 years in pakistan but unfortunately PTA is not doing something except seminars on 3g.
    its worth mentioning here that right now mobile networks are unable to deliver the quality network services for sms and calls.
    gprs and edge comes in 2g and its network quality is also pathetic.
    i wonder how they will tackle with 3g because if any company launch 3g then mark my words “it will be a very big hit”
    due to load shedding tech savy people are already using mobiles and laptops and if 3g is launched all consumers will shift immediately to 3g.
    it means alot of charges of 3g in first year as well.
    through some sources i came to know that PTA is demanding a huge liscence fee for 3g.

    • 3G what?? there is no 3G coming to Pakistan……. PTA is selling the license at a 100 million quidds and out of the 90 million mobile subs only 5% have 3G enabled handsets and the Telco’s aren’t crazy to waste their money………. so keep dreaming!

      • those 5 % having 3g sets are the most profitable part of 3g .
        as only 3 % people in pakistan are very very rich so u can think about profit for 3g.
        and if 3g is not useful then why PTA is dying for 3g seminars all over the country.

        u need to see in who is spending on whom.

  • Last Year i heard that Telenor is in the process of developing its own ecnomical Android phone which will be first launched in Norway followed by other OpCos but no word yet on that.

    • No such news has any truth to it! Driods are still a thing of the future for even advanced and innovating Telco’s like Telenor and its mainly because of the literacy rate here……. over 75% of our cellular population needs calls only, around 15% need calls and SMS and the rest 10% use all services!

  • I’m sorry Aamir bhai. ProPakistani par ye article upload hua to bht dukh hua :( Seems that you’re totally sold out to Mobilink!!!

  • I think the writer forgot that Ufone recently launched Nokia N8 and C3 for its users.

  • well i think mobilink is coming up vd new technologies gadgets more rapidly than any other company as they were the first one to introduce them in market and also making a trend for the stakeholders to adopt such marketing strategies and pursuing new innovative ideas.

  • OK first of all this article is completely biased but for good reason because mobilink did launch all the Smart phones first. But it is by no means an innovator in it……………..

    We are still stuck to BB’s while the rest of the world have move to a million models of HTC, Iphone, Samsung, Nokia. Having said that if I look at the network stats almost 40million mobile subs still use Nokia 1100 and 1200 handsets :) while smart phones gather up to approx 3% of total mobile users!

    So in all honesty telco’s need not to bother getting in to highend smart phone deals, firstly because they cost too much to them and secondly there is hardly a market for it……….

    Get ur smart fone pleasure from imported phones plz :p

    • this is very useful post by admins. people stop criticiing propakistani. if u dont like then dont read.
      i know u people . u people hate facebook but stay on facebook 12 hours a days.

      now coming to ansari, new 3g mobile handset cost 15k in pakistan .
      if there are BB buyers then why cant we buy 3g mobiles?

      if mobile internet users are 3 % then telecom companies are mad to offer BB and GPRS and EDGE packages?

      grow up dude .

      there is a big market for 3g in pakistan. these BB and smartphone users are market.
      see the numbers 1 man buys BB of 25k then he is equal to 12 men buying nokia 1200.
      these 12 men use mobiles for miscalls. hahahahaha.
      while BB 1 spends 1k on BIS and 1k for other calls etc.

      i hope i cleared my point .
      else u need alot more education .

      • hahaha dude get a life! or rather get some stats :) i have been working for the cellular industry for 6 years which is something I doubt you can match…..

        And yes handsets are cheap but yet they are not part of the main stream handset….doesnt tht tell u tht ppl are just not in to it?? and for crying out loud, companies offer bundles when the consumers dont purchase regular stuff…..

        Use ur head and think if companies that charge Rs,15 per MB are giving 10 MB’s for 25 rupees in a bundle, then the pure and simple reason is tht there are hardly any users and those who are users want everything to be cheap……….

        For 3G, please read my reply above and refrain from personal comments…..

  • hahaha u think 5% customer can cover 100million dollars in license cost and another 500 million in network cost for 3G? hahaha which economics school did you go to? hahahahhahahah

    • pakistan is a poor country but then why there are mercedes and bmw and porchse and land rover company show rooms are there ?
      have u ever heard of these names ? i m sure not.

      now go cry to ur mama.


      • LOLz r u always this stupid or do u make special efforts while reply to propakistani posts?? hahaha wht a whiner…… kuch pata nahi to bus rona dala hoa hai! Kher… keep crying and ur 3G wish isn’t coming true :) and if u want u can reply to this post and keep crying to ur daddy! :)

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