Open Letter Of a Daughter to President & CEO of PTCL

Victimization of PTCL Employees by its Management – Workers Complaint:

In August 2010, PTCL employees staged a country wide strike and protest to increase in salaries upto 50% which was announced by Govt. of Pakistan in the shape of ad-hoc relief.
After one and half month of strike and complete shutdown of PTCL operation, management came to the table to resolve the issues and with mediation of a federal minister, agreed and made commitment to accept all the legal demands of the employees and to not take any action to revenge or victimize any of the employee.

But unfortunately PTCL Management and its HR department did not made there commitment and has started victimizing its employees in the context of disciplinary actions.

They for now have suspended, dismissed and forcibly retired more than 2500 employees from all over the country and has stopped the salaries of the said employees. it is also interesting to note that, the strike was called by the CBA union, but now no one from that union is facing any sort of disciplinary action.

This unjust act of PTCL management is creating serious financial constraints for the affected families and creating chaos in the department as well.

This is a plea of a daughter and all the affected families to the President, SEVP and all the concerned and higher authorities of the PTCL Management to Kindly look into the issue and revert all such orders to save all the affected families from this disaster.

Rabia Naz


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  • I have seen the insides of few PTCL exchanges in Karachi and I can speak for sure about Gulshan exchange. It has worst customer service I have ever experienced in Pakistan. The departments seems like unit offices of MQM and to get something done you have to get a promotional note from someone belonging to the ranks of the party.

    It may be true that the employees have suffered by the hands of PTCL management but can they imagine the suffering subscribers went through during the month long strike? We pay the bills but still suffer. Why?

  • Curse you PTCL, we should stand up against them and stop using their so called ultra hyper shuttered less broadband (ironic)…Damn!…

  • Islam Chowk Sector 11 ½
    House # 748 Warsia Colony Orangi Town
    January 11, 2011
    The Director,
    Dear Sir:
    Respectfully I Say that I am a user of PTCL Broadband at my shop from 17/10/2010 and till today 02/01/2011 with many problem only 10 days it was open. After that I was daily complain from land line and I also go PTCL office but no one else worked on my complains and bills is continue coming. Director of PTCL of branch of Orangi Town No.4 Karachi was said to me that I can do anything on this complain so I do. Because he will do nothing and he was challenge me to I do everything on this matter. MY COMPLAIN DEATELS IS GIVEN BELOW
    Date 17/10 19/10 20/10 21/10 22/10 23/10 24/10 25/10 26/10 27/10 28/10 30/10 14/11 15/11 16/11 11/12
    C.no1 127 103 78 89 35 11 79 28 &
    10 73 73 73 44 44 44 08 76

    Date 20/11 22/11 25/11 27/11 29/11 30/11 02/12 13/12 14/12 18/12 20/12 22/12 23/12 24/12 03/12 05 02 06 08 08 06 04 09 07 06 06 04 12 05 02

    Kindly focus on my complain & I will very thankful to you for this act of kindness.
    Irfan Warsi
    Landline # 0213-6761086
    Cell # 0312-3332973
    C.N.I.C # 35201-1263896-9

  • The service of PTCL is also not good at our location. They will lose customers if they will not maintain good customer service.

  • PTCL is a joke -its employees are scam artists. and who in these difficult times can demand 50% pay rise for terrible service. PTCL employees enjoy a sense of entitlement which is disproportionate to there ability to deliver service. If PTCL mgt takes action agains these miserable poor performing individuals i say good luck to them. the sooner they get rid of them in larger numbers that 2500 at a time the better. Sorry my dear but your father and his cronnies get no sympathy from me or many other Pakistanis for the torture they inflict on us daily.

  • Pl dear users ,

    Do not blame all the employees of ptcl if the situation is worst in Karachi .

    Pl remember . it is such a catastrophic situation at the present that niether the employee nor the customer is happy with the management .

  • Dear PTCL Customers,

    Please check the PTCl employees situations those are not given extra benefits from management but they wants to their rights as they work 24/7 but management only tortured and not given the working benefits, as you know Govt: announces the scale revision for all departments but the PTCl management is not ready to give said scale revision to PTCL employees, they are working with their full skills but now they are loosing their skills due to mental torture, other side every things price raising day by day but the PTCL employees are working on old pay scales.There are many employees were died due to management misbehavior.
    I think you are all understanding PTCL employee situation those are suffering in mental stressness day night working conditions and financial issues.

  • bakhidmat janab ptcl office sahib Islamabad.
    unwan makan number Q.128 wapda colony t.p.s guddu main new taar lagadi jae.
    janab aali.
    modbana ghuzarish hai ke mere makan number main ptcl phone#0722578474 kafi arse se laga hua hai jo ke ab ptcl ki taar bikul kharab hai aur nakara ho chucki hai jis ki waja se ghar main mojood ptcl phone aur internet use ke waqt off ho jata hai jis se bohot mushkil ka samna hai.
    is liye janab se iltmas karta hoo ke mere ghar main mojood ptcl ki taar new lagadi jae jis ki waja se main pehle 02-05-2012 Wednesday ko S.D.O kashmore gya tha application us ne saaf inkar kar diya hai ke main apko nahi de sakta plz sir ap se requise hai hamari problem solve kardi jae thanks janab ki ain nawazish ho gi.
    from:javed Iqbal senior clerk admin section.House # Q128 wapda coloni t.p.s Guddu.Date:03-05-2012.

  • I Seen here in my city Quetta Kuchlak the ptcl stap is verey lazy i call him from last 15 days regurly but they can,t help me. here head offcer is mr rehmat ullah is world number 1 lazy man in this world. please transfer him from here his contct no is 03343613534

  • my number died till for 2 munth compalent submited 1218 many time but no response we also comalent dg khan ptcl office but did not solve my problem plese take action and remove my problem plez reply this number03326151366 thanks

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