Must Have Firefox Add-ons to Simplify Your Browsing

Firefox-addonFirefox holds around 43.5% share of the browser market. Its fast, reliable and works like a charm. But everyone who uses Firefox knows that its power and perhaps advantage lies in the vast array of addons one can install. Following are the best and essential firefox addons in my opinion.

Web of Trust:


This addon uses a traffic light style to rate websites. All the websites are rated by millions of users so that every page has a safety rating. It adds an icon next to the address so that you know the rating even before you click to open it. Very handy to avoid those malicious sites.

Tab Scope:


This addon gives you a preview of any tab in a small pop-up. You can scroll the webpage through the pop-up as well as interact with buttons etc. Opera users will recognize this feature as its a default one in that browser.

Speed Dial:


Speed dial is a massive time saver. What it does is it replaces your default homepage with blank thumbnails, in which you can add your favourite sites. So it provides 1-click access to your choice of websites. The latest version allows you to add multiple groups of blank thumbnails which you can access like tabs.



Many times one needs to copy a specific portion of a webpage. Screengrab was designed for just that purpose. It lets you save any portion of the webpage as an image. In addition it can also save the frame and the whole page as well.

Video DownloadHelper:


This addon takes care of all the videos you want to download. Anytime a flash video starts playing in your browser, the downloadhelper button gets animated and a menu helps you download it. It can also download images and audio from any webpage.

Fastest Fox:


Fastest Fox adds functionality and speed to your browser by auto-reloading webpages, providing a small "Google it" box whenever you copy something and improving searching capabilities. It also enables you to download all images from a webpage through the right click menu. Very handy.

Cool Iris:


This addon helps you view search results from Google, Youtube, Facebook and other sites as an infinite 3D wall. It works for both videos and images. Recommended for the sheer eye candy it provides.

Stumble Upon:


This is my single most used addon of all time. Basically you select your preferred topics, then it recommends interesting sites based on other users likes. There’s a "I like it!" button to help you keep track of all the sites you like. Another great thing is that it keeps track of your interests and provides you with relevant suggestions so with more usage, the recommendations get better.



It copies any text you select automatically to the clipboard, and lets you paste it using the middle mouse button to save you that Ctrl+C – Ctrl+V routine.




The software is the easier alternative to remembering and installing all your addons and extensions again after a new installation of your OS. It backs up everything like your passwords, history, addons, toolbars, and bookmarks and restores them with ease.

You can search a huge array of FireFox addons by visiting this link:

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  • I dont use it now because it works slow for me as compared to Chrome.
    Chrome is fast and does everything for me.

  • Pathetic article really…What about Add Block Plus/No Script ? ,you dont want users to get rid of adds??
    What about Grease Monkey,Personas plus,read it later,down them all and many other bookmarks addons ..these all are must have addons..please do your research first.

  • For me Firefox is best because chrome does not allow me to subscribe to RSS feeds…! Or may be there are some plugins required for Feeds in chrome which i never tried to find….

  • I think you it wrong ways. Those above mentioned names are never heard by me. Top 5 addon are not the above one which are listed.

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