Tips for Buying Used Handset from Local Market!

Hafeez CenterBy Dr. Muhammad Faraz Younus

It’s not an easy task to buy a good used handset from a local market. During second hand purchase of handset, there remains plenty of unfound glitches, which can cause you problems after the purchase.

I made a quick guide by which you can check essential things before purchasing a used handset. I hope it will help in your future purchases.

All of us want good handset at a lowest price so first of all check the price of new handset which you want to buy because sometimes shopkeepers misguide you by telling higher prices of new handset for bargaining. Compare market price of the handset from different shops. When you find your perfect handset check following things quickly:

  • Examine physical appearance of the handset.
  • Manufacturer warranty must be reliable and check the date when warranty will expire if it’s under warranty.
  • Compare IMEI # by dialing *#06# on handset and it should match with the box and warranty card. Remember that warranty goes void if IMEI number is not matched.
  • Check accessories available with the handset including battery.
  • Now its time to check handset functionality – first of all make a call to someone and ask whether he or she can hear you clearly – simultaneously check volume keys which are located at the side of the phone.
  • Check all the buttons (including power button). Also assess the track pad or joystick integrated in your handset or otherwise the touch screen if your desire handset has touch screen.
  • Check both cameras: front and rear by taking picture and making video and keep an eye on flash light it should work.
  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi both is essential to check
  • See memory card status from settings to make that card is working properly.
  • Now its time to check loudspeaker – play a song and listen it from speakers.
  • Check Radio if it’s integrated with your handset.
  • Plug AC adapter and check handset charging.
  • Now last but not the least, find out the security code of the phone, which should be 12345 in Nokia phones. If you find out that security code has been changed or is unknown to you then ask shop keeper to do this work for you before paying him money.

Best of luck for your future purchases.

  • These Tricks Might be helpful as well:

    For All Nokia Mobiles:

    *#0000# – Displays general Software Info & Model of the device

    *#92702689# or *#war0anty# – Displays Call Timer

    Nokia Diagnostics Application (S60v3 & S60v5 Only):

    It’s experimental Beta and available for S60v3 & S60v5 Devices only. It can perform different tests on device like vibration, earphone, network connectivity etc.

    For All General Sony Ericsson Phones (Excluding Symbian UIQ,Symbian^1 & Andriod OS Devices)

    >*<<*’ Refers to Joystick/Menu Right & ” with Jog Dial UP & ‘<' with Jog Dial Down in above combination(Enter Combination @ Home Screen)

    For Most Android Phones:

    Service Menu: on keypad/dialer enter *#*#4636#*#* or *#*#info#*#*
    *#*#talk#*#* or *#*#8255#*#* GTalkService info

    • //Modification//

      For All General Sony Ericsson Phones (Excluding Symbian UIQ,Symbian^1 & Andriod OS Devices)

      >*<<*<* [ '’ refers to Joystick/Menu Right]

      For Symbian UIQ Devices Replace ” with Jog-Dial Down.

  • These tips are quite usefull and essational for any ony who is willing by used mobile phone or china made mobiles phones

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