Government to Block Anti-Islamic Websites, SMS

Rehman MalikMr. Rahman Malik, Interior Minister has ordered the blockage of all anti-Islamic websites with-in 24 hours.

He has said that text messages will be monitored as well to make sure that no anti-Islamic text message is exchanged between mobile subscribers.

There are reports that interior ministry has been told to file cases against Pakistan-based persons who are part of anti-Islamic agenda. Minister said that a committee has been set up with representation from the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority, Federal Investigation Agency and Interior Ministry to monitor anti-Islam propaganda on internet and SMSs.

Mr. Rehman has appealed to the youth to report websites posting material against Islam and Pakistan.

A senior journalist while speaking with ProPakistani that minister’s orders are insignificant and useless. He said that there is already a committee and procedures in place at Ministry of IT that watches and decides on blockage of all the websites with anti-Islamic content.

He said that already available committee at IT Ministry is the one which had blocked thousands of blasphemous websites in May 2010. He opined that MoIT has the proper mandate to watch the cyber space.

It merits mentioning here that anyone can report anti-Islamic website at [email protected] or 0800-55055.

Mr. Malik’s recent most  order came after reports of anti-Islam content being published and spread via internet and SMSs in the wake of the assassination of Punjab Governor Salman Taseer.

It merits mentioning here that Mr. Malik has issued similar orders in the past regarding the SMSs, which were never materialized, either because of incompetency or otherwise due to no policy framework.

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  • I thing Rehman Malik done first Nice work . he did with in ministry .

    i appriciates .

    Unity best revenge for who is agaist our Religion and Pakistan .

    Islam-Zindabad Pakistan-zindabad

  • Guys guys, don’t immediately reach to decision, I am not against blocking anti-Islamic websites at all but I am talking about other things, ask yourself a few questions:

    1- Does any law prevents this guy from invading into our privacy by monitoring our sms ? Under which law he is doing to do that, why not a permission from higher courts isn’t even requested ?

    2- Who will decide it is an un-islamic sms? Is there any Alim in committee or Maulana Rehman Malik or his sub-ordinates will decide this ?

    3-What is the guarantee of it that those sending jokes of Zardari, politicians, army and police won’t be held?

    Personally I feel suffocated now when I go to Pakistan for the reason that they aren’t searching for so called terrorists but looks like they doubt every Pakistani to be a terrorist and they can held you for God knows uncountable reasons including even you shout on a police or army officer for stopping you.

  • There are two ways of competition. To ignore the issue (Blockage) or Front War.

    I don’t think blockage is a good decision at all. We should need to compete them with diffident technical ways… See how

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  • As per our Islamic belief, we should also abstain from derogatory remarks about other beliefs.

    It would be an excellent International PR move to block anti-Christian websites as well.

  • Its all rubish, i personally lodged a complain to block one of the biggest propaganda website against Islam but it was uselesss.

  • i think it is useless till the time some authentic scholars are there who first check the content personally. many qadyani websites are working and poisoning the young minds butministry will say these are islamic coz they got no specific knowledge…..

  • Rehman Malik has been vocal against SMS-content and mobile operator, but he failed to bring peace in the country.

    The peace will not come in the country by curbing freedom only, it needs concrete steps to settle.

  • website are not block , today i have visited many website , anti Islamic websites are still running , so kindly take action against it and it is my humble request to government to block all anti Islamic website at once , in next post i am mentioning the web addresses of anti Islamic website , kindly block it now

  • please block this site now…! if u r muslims then do it… i can’t block this per u can…! don’t waste tym..! please

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