[Official] PTCL Gets new Slogan: Hello to the Future!

PTCLAs we reported earlier, Pakistan Telecommunication Company LTD (PTCL) has today officially announced the new slogan or what they are calling: organization’s new “Position Statement” as ‘Hello to the Future’.

In a statement issued by PTCL, says that company’s new positioning statement illustrates the company’s aim to transform the world of telecommunication and the way its customers communicate.

”Hello to the Future” is a fusion of vision, brand philosophy, brand values and strategy.

Statement further says that the positioning statement of PTCL “Hello to the Future” joins two most significant words in the arena of communication i.e. “Hello” that provides the inward communication, a word which is related to the telecommunication history and has been used ever since and will be used in future, whereas through the use of second word “Future” PTCL promises to lead its customers, in to future with futuristic ideas and products.

The newly chosen position statement sums up the PTCL philosophy of providing planned and proactive solutions and products to its customers and holds the promise that PTCL is committed to ensure complete customer satisfaction through innovative and futuristic services and products. It outlines the brand values like evolution, innovation, humanistic trustworthiness and quality consciousness that PTCL cherish and uphold. The two main words chosen for the position statement i.e. ‘Hello and Future’ together depicts PTCL welcoming nature, customer centric approach and its continuous evolution and achievements to take its customers to the future.

PTCL in this region is the link that allows global communication. That lay upon the company more responsibilities and expectations from our valued customers. Thus PTCL is constantly striving and inclined towards mobilizing the world for the future as the leading Information and Communication Technology Service Provider in the region by becoming partners in innovation; we are ready to shape a future that offers telecom services to bring the world closer.

Naveed Saeed SEVP Commercial said that the new positioning statement of PTCL portrays not only its effective relationship building with its valued customers but also establishes it as a futuristic entity which is working constantly towards inventing paramount solutions for its customers.

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  • PTCL Slogan for Org “Hello to the future”
    PTCL Slogan for its employees Good Bye to the Future

  • “Hell to the Future”!
    Will it change any thing at PTCL…???? Yes some people will make money (internal & external) by painting and replacing this slogan on every board, official vehicles etc. while customers and employees will gain nothing from this, just wastage of money.

  • Is Saleh Sikandar paid for such posts which should come under “paid advertisements” ?

    Btw PTCL is getting funny now.

    • Ahmed, you are an old reader. I didn’t expect this from you, go and check the first line of second paragraph, it says “In a statement issued by PTCL,”

      And yes, we don’t charge for content, in any possible circumstances.

      • Aamir bhai, may be we dislike some organizations so much for some reasons that we don’t want to even see such news of them, or may be there is a need to add a real picture in the post mentioning such previous initiatives and their results so it looks more than a mere press release? That wasn’t a serious comment that propakistani team is god forbid doing that, many positive things (including this) brings many like me here.

        • Ahmed, this may trigger a very interesting debate here. I, as a blogger, believe that its my responsibility to write on whatever you (as a customer) think or say. This is the voice of consumer. We have countlessly voiced for consumers (which definitely went against PTCL and/or other telecom companies).

          At the same time, it’s my responsibility to bring you what PTCL (as a company) has to say.

          I am not opinion setter, i am bridging two mediums. I am here to report the happenings – i am not here to set the industry/consumer directions.

          At times, i give out my opinion on certain things, but that article comes with a clear note that this article may go biased as it includes personal experience or input.

          And btw, we explicitly wrote on this slogan with unbiased input here (20 days before the Press Release) : https://propakistani.pk/2011/01/01/ptcl-hello-to-the-future/

          We love your input, we love to hear whatever you say against us. This is what teaches me the most, this is why i never block any comment, unless it’s abusive.

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