How Mobile Phones Can be Best Used by Household Ladies?

woman_pakistan_cell_phoneMobile phones have become one of our basic need these days and its hard to be without carrying one in current age.

Working ladies keep mobile phones with them to keep their notes, maintain things to do, stay connected with their family and friends and to get reminded of their meetings etc., but household ladies too can make best out of a mobile phone, right?

A study suggests that cell phones are being used by every member of the family and do you know that according to a survey household ladies and children are highest users (in terms of activity) of mobile phones.

Through mobile phones house hold ladies can stay in touch with friends and family, moreover they can listen music and watch videos, which will make their staying at home less boring and more useful.

Here is how they can make best out of their mobile phones:

Cook Something New & Good: Ladies can make best out of a web-enabled mobile phone and benefit from the cooking shows available on websites like YouTube, while being in the kitchen. This is a nice way to surprise your family with delicious and mouth tempting food which is different from the traditional menu of the routine.

Photography: You can capture family functions by using your mobile’s camera and share those with friends and family especially those living abroad, conveniently.

Calendar: Forgot your sister-in-law’s birthday this time????? Ahh now you are in a mess! You see when one is married you have to remember events if you want to keep others happy. So how about keeping a record of everyone’s birthdays, anniversaries and all such events on your mobile calendar to keep you reminding about these events.

SMS: Many times husbands are busy or driving and they can’t receive the phone calls (for whatever reason), you can simply send them an SMS. This even helps, if you need something back at home and your partner has got this habit of forgetting things. You better SMS him by making a list of things to get on his way home.

This will save you money too, yea! If you call him and ask him to bring this and bring that it would cost you more than a simple SMS with the listed items to bring, while the chances of forgetting the lists over voice are pretty bright.

I know that all the ladies will agree with me here.

Communicate with Friends: If you live in a joint family then its uneasy to talk with friends properly on the land-line phone. But with the mobile-phone you can talk and SMS as much as you want, with out anyone interrupting you.

Socialize: Yes, socialize on Facebook, Twiter, Orkut and all these social networking sites and keep in touch with your friends on MSN and Yahoo! Messenger when you are feeling bored and done with the household chores.

Enjoy Music While Working: You can have your mobile’s earphone or Bluetooth device attached next to your ear while doing the household work. Be it gardening or arranging the things and clearing up the mess at home – enjoy while you do it!

Loudspeakers are going to be good too, if you are home alone.

Get those Apps: There are so many health applications – Health apps – that you can get in your mobile and make best out of them. Count your calories, keep a record of your weight; if you are trying to shed some of those extra pounds – you can find many useful applications to help you maintain your diet and health.

Calculator: In my opinion, after voice and SMS the most important thing in a mobile phone is calculator. I am not that good at mathematics and I need to use one for simple additions too :)

There must be many house ladies who have to make their budget and running the house in a proper manner – calculator is going to be a great help in such a case. One can not carry a calculator while going out to market, so mobile calculator can help you check if the shopkeeper returned you the accurate amount or not.

Keep the Reminders: If your husband has some meetings or events to attend, you can help him remember all those by keeping reminders on your mobile phone – and remind him when you find him forgetting any task.

Believe me he will be happy to see that you are making good out of your mobile phone and not just making costly calls to your family and emptying his pocket ;)

Make Notes: Note down anything – it will save you a paper (which will protect the environment).

Phone Book: I have seen many house ladies who keep a diary in which they pen down the addresses and phone numbers. They consult these diaries whenever they need to make a phone call. It is seen that we ladies mostly overwrite and make it all messy when anyone changes their number – but if you make it a habit to save these contacts in the mobile’s phone book then you can easily access them and edit them – Sounds easy and better!

Set the Alarm: Yes – you can set alarms with the reminders besides the usual wake-up alarms. They help remembering doctor’s appointments, dinners, family functions and even time to remind your husband to collect the laundry or dress from the tailor. No?

Be careful: Before concluding, let me tell the household ladies that they should try to check their mobile phone’s user manual and hold the mobile phone at a distance, as some mobile phones pose health related hazards.

According to a recent research, the use of handheld phones by pregnant women could make the child more likely to develop behavioral problems such as hyperactivity, and emotional and relationship difficulties.

The research revealed that pregnant women who used mobile phones were 54 percent more likely to report behavioral problems in their children than the pregnant women who didn’t use mobile phones, and that the likelihood increases with the amount of potential exposure to the radiation.

These are what I can make out right now. Can you suggest more? If yes, then send in your comments.

  • yes it is very much fine to use of it as you are mentioning above.I am agree with you that a women in a house can use mobile phone in many good ways and she can specially does her home chore while listening music and can enjoy many others things.

  • yes it is very much fine to use of it as you are mentioning above.I am agree with you that a women in a house can use mobile phone in many good ways and she can specially does her home chore while listening music and can enjoy many others things but there is a good lesson that a pregnant women should not use during pregnancy which can be harmful for her

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