Country Manager, EyeBlaster & eTechsol, Resigns

Dr. Syed Anwar Ali Shah - eTechsol, Country Manager Sales And Marketing.
Dr. Syed Anwar Ali Shah - eTechsol, Country Manager Sales And Marketing.

We have just heard that Dr. Syed Anwar Ali Shah, Country Manager for Eyeblaster and eTechsol Pakistan and a key player in the company, has resigned today, told us sources close to the situation.

Dr. Shah is considered as pioneers for digital media advertising in the country. He played a pivotal role in taking the online advertising industry to where it is now.

He did many industry firsts including rich media interactive ads, dynamic ads, advanced media features and more.

He solely managed online campaigns of various MNCs including Ufone, PTCL, wi-tribe,  Telenor, Zong, Wateen, Warid, Dalda, Murree Brewery, Seasons Canola, Pizza Hut, Interflow, Evernew, Mcom, Midas, Orient McCann , Channel 7, UNDP and others.

Mr. Shah’s resignation came at a time when Digital Media is at its ever best level in the country. More and more companies are turning their focus to web advertising. After cellular companies, FMCGs, real-estate, Banks and all kind of industries have started investing in online media. Estimates suggest that a total spend of around USD 5 million is used for digital advertising in the country.

An analyst from digital media, while commenting on Dr. Shah’s resignation, said that this move is a blow for Eyeblaster and eTechsol, especially in current competitive market of Pakistani digital space. “Competition companies like Symmetry, TNBT, Strategic Alliance and Bramerz are likely to give the hard time to Eyeblaster and eTechsol after his resignation”, he added.

We are yet to ascertain the next company of Dr. Shah, however, we are told that this move is primarily aimed for career growth.

Dr. Shah has a doctorate degree in Strategic Business Planning.

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  • What a blow for the eye blaster & etechsol. Dr. Shah was the key person to enhance the business of etechsol. Now tough time starts for etechsol.
    We all wish a very best of luck to Dr. Shah in his future careeer

  • Agreed, digital media is still in its age of infancy, however its growing rapidly with the growth of internet users in Pakisan. Big MNCs are frist to relize this fact, conseqently a lot of local companies are also follwoing the band-wagon.

    I strongly concur to the writer that this ‘ll be a big blow to the Eyeblaster-Etechsole’s management. Dr.shah is one of the very few pioneers in this industry who introduces this medium to the local market. I hope & pray, Dr.shah might ‘ve better prospectus in future.

  • I don’t think at all that Dr.Shah is quitting because he didn’t get what he wants from the management rather He is quitting because the company is going the path, which he is not agreed to follow. And he shouldn’t be afraid for his future for a second. People with his skill set are constantly wanted at thousands of international companies and, as you can imagine, are highly paid.

  • Really feeling sad for etechsol after reading dis blog. Dr. Shah is definetly industry in himself
    We all wish Dr.Shah very best of luck in his future career.

  • a sleepless nite for the Heads of the company regarding this breaking news. i recommend them a sleeping pil of just Rs 10.

  • Good Luck to Dr, Shah for his future, but please note that with the leaving the Organization is not the End of the Organization leaving such comments about Organization which gives a platform to perform will not be criticise in negative way, because of that platform you were highlighted your skills and become famous, this is not the end.

  • It is a big loss for eyeblaster because Dr Shah is the big brand in the digital market.His development in the digital media are the roots of where digital media stands now in Pakistan.

  • Trust me all clients will go with Dr Shah. They are just waiting what Move Dr shah will take. He have strong relations with all his clients.
    Eyeblaster EYE will Blast..goodbye Mr etechsol.

  • If they will find another Dr. Shah, it means they have really loss it. Other Dr. Shah can not be produced as you not be even like your brother and your brother even can not be like you.

  • Every picture has two sides. There was a brain behind the screen to move that puppet. Concerned persons know that the failure of unique project named “Power Ad” of EMG (sister concern company of eTechsol) was due to his Strategic Business Planning.

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