NADRA Kiosk Not Punching Utility Bills, Thousands of Subscribers Suffer [LTE]

Dear ProPakistani,

I am writing this to register my complaint and protest against NADRA Kiosks, which are to help subscribers pay their utility bills with ease.

Unlike what NADRA claims, my first and probably the last experience with NADRA Kiosks went horrible. My paid amount didn’t reach to the SUI Northern Gas and I was billed again with extra charges for the service that I had paid already for.

This happened as NADRA didn’t punch my bill and transaction was not carried away.

I am sure this is not only me. There must be thousands of other customers who would be bearing the same brunt. I have heard WAPDA linemen telling subscribers to not to pay bills at NADRA Kiosks as they don’t punch bills at time, or even after time.

I am attaching scanned copies of my bills hereby for your reference:

I heave heard that various NADRA e-sahulat centers have ran away with millions of rupees in their pockets, which were submitted by poor gas and electricity subscribers, which never reached to the companies. All these subscribers had to pay their utility bills again.

I wonder, if this country has any rule to implement? and if there is anyone who could listen to the pleas of poor public? Is there anyone who can question NADRA on this?

A concerned citizen,


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