Best Online Resources for Students

Education_AcademiaThese days internet has become an invaluable resources for students. There’s no question that these days students can further their academic success by appropriate use of it.

But due to the sheer vastness of the Internet, finding relevant information can be a bit of a challenge as well as time consuming unless you know exactly what you’re looking for.

So here I present various resources of use to a student that I have come across.


The new home of Gigapedia, which hosted the biggest collection of e-books relating to any subject imaginable on the internet. It has always been of great help to me since one can find almost any textbook or solution manuals on it.

It also has novels, autobiographies. In short, if you need an e-book, this should be your first stop. The site requires registration to search for documents though. Most of the files are hosted on rapidshare, hotfile, etc.

Free Ebook spot:


On the rare occasion when you cant find a specific ebook on, chances are free ebook spot has it. Between these two sites, I have found almost every book and novel I have ever searched for.



Its an online project started by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, which is one of the most prestigious universities in the world.

Basically, selected courses (being offered at MIT) are available here. There are lecture notes, quizzes, their solutions and even videos of the lectures delivered in the class rooms.

Students can access all the content for free and without registration.

Yale OCW:


The principle is same as OCW offered by MIT, but the range of topics in the introductory courses available here, are related more to the arts.



Cramster is basically a community of students and professors etc, who offer help with studies. They have step by step solutions to many textbooks and there’s an community of experts who answer any questions you might have as well as guide you with your problems.

Catch is, its not free. You can register for free but free members get limited access to the resources, but in most cases its adequate, specially when coupled up with the above sites.

All Free Essays:


This site offers free access to thousands of essays, reports and papers written by students from all over the world.

Simple English Wikipedia:


No doubt Wikipedia is an invaluable source of information. But sometimes the language in which it is written can a bit too technical. Which makes it difficult to understand for people whose first language isn’t English.

So here’s the alternative. Simple English Wikipedia is the same as Wikpedia but all the articles are written in easy to understand English.

Khan Academy:


Khan Academy aims to be a world class education to anyone, anywhere and it does that by providing video lectures of thousands of topics from all subjects.

The quality of the lectures provided here is simply superb. An easy to understand approach is given to every topic. If you are having issues with any topic, specially from Mathematics and Physics, I highly recommend Khan Academy.



Dogpile lists all results from the four major search engines namely, Google, Bing, Yahoo! and Ask. So its a far more effective tool for finding relevant information. It has a ton of features including side by side comparison of search engines etc. Check it out for yourself.

Microsoft OneNote:


OneNote is one of the best notetaking softwares I’ve come across for a long time. It has brilliant features like adding images, audio clip, free hand drawings etc to your notes. Its not free, but then again, we Pakistanis are not known for the massive profits we provide to the companies. For a free alternative check out EverNote. Its equally capable, if not better.

By the we recently did a list of must have iPhone apps for students. You can check the list here.

You are welcome to share links that you have found useful in the comments section.

  • very nice artical. From a long time i’ve been for ebooks but i could not found that. I wana make a request to Mr. Aamir atta that plz make a separate head just like ‘letter to editor’ where all post relating to students are written.

  • very nice artical. From a long time i’ve been searching for ebooks but i could not found that. I wana make a request to Mr. Aamir atta that plz make a separate head just like ‘letter to editor’ where all post relating to students are written.

  • AoA

    Very useful & informative article. I would like to share also one website for ebooks that is Hope all you like it.

    I also request all of the the readers to share such websites which are not commonly known to every body, so that we could properly get benefit of internet instead of wasting our time in useless things.


    Engr. SM Raza

  • No doubt Propakistani has lot of readers, however if each reader post one link to any useful study resource,i think it will be very helpful for students. Mostly students wastds lots of time crowling web but they fail to get any extraordinry material . Infact propakistani has admirable writers ,inspite giving lot of attenion to IT and current affairs they should write about students. It will be very helpful for students.

    For accountancy students;

  • Well categorized and easy to find 5000+ VU Online Video Lectures on Different subjects are available for the following subjects.

    Abnormal Psychology – 45 Lectures
    Advance algorithms Analysis and Design -45 Lectures
    Advance Computer Architecture – CS704 Lectures/ (85)
    Advance Financial Accounting – FIN611 Lectures/ (45)
    Advance Operating System – CS703 Lectures/ (45)
    Advanced Computer Architecture – CS501 Lectures/ (45)
    Advanced Computer Network – CS716 Lectures/ (45)
    Advertising Promotion – MKT621 Lectures/ (43)
    Algorithms – CS502 Lectures/ (45)
    Artificial Intelligence – CS607 Lectures/ (45)
    Banking Laws and Practice – BNK601 Lectures/ (45)
    Brand Management – MKT624 Lectures/ (45)
    Business & Labor Law – MGT611 Lectures/ (45)
    Business Communication – ENG301 Lectures/ (45)
    Business Ethics – MGT610 Lectures/ (45)
    Business Finance – ACC501 Lectures/ (45)
    Business Mathematics and Statistics – MTH302 (45)
    Calculus and Analytical Geometry – MTH101 Lectures (44)
    Calculus of Multi Variable – MTH301 Lectures/ (45)
    Change Management – MGMT625 Lectures/ (45)
    Circuit Theory – PHY301 Lectures/ (45)
    Clinical Psychology – PSY401 Lectures/ (45)
    Cognitive Psychology – PSY504 Lectures/ (45)
    Communication Skills – MCM301 Lectures/ (45)
    Compiler Construction – CS606 Lectures/ (45)
    Computer Architecture & Assambly Language CS401 (45)
    Computer Graphics – CS602 Lectures/ (45)
    Computer Networks – CS610 Lectures/ (45)
    Conflict Management – HRM624 Lectures/ (45)
    Consumer Banking – BNK603 Lectures/ (24)
    Consumer Psychology – PSY514 Lectures/ (45)
    Corporate Finance – FIN622 Lectures/ (45)
    Cost & Management Accounting – MGT402 Lectures/ (45)
    Credit and Risk Management – FIN625 Lectures/ (44)
    Crisis Management – MGMT629 Lectures/ (17)
    Cultural Anthropology – SOC401 Lectures/ (45)
    Customer Relationship Management – MKT610 Lectures (45)
    Data Communication – CS601 Lectures/ (45)
    Data Structures – CS301 Lectures/ (45)
    Data Warehousing – CS614 Lectures/ (45)
    Database Management System – CS403 Lectures/ (45)
    Differential Equations – MTH401 Lectures/ (44)
    Digital Logic And Design – CS302 Lectures/ (45)
    Distributed Database Management – CS712 Lectures/ (45)
    Distributed Database Management System – CS612 (45)
    E Commerce – IT430 Lectures/ (45)
    Economics – ECO401 Lectures/ (45)
    Elementary Mathematics – MTH001 Lectures/ (17)
    English Comprehension – ENG101 Lectures/ (45)
    Entrepreneurshipn – MGT602 Lectures/ (45)
    Environmental Psychology – PSY511 Lectures/ (43)
    Financial Accounting – MGT101 Lectures/ (45)
    Financial Accounting – MGT401 Lectures/ (19)
    Financial Management – MGT201 Lectures/ (45)
    Financial Statment Analysis – FIN621 Lectures/ (45)
    Forensic Psychology – PSY513 Lectures/ (45)
    Formal methods for Software Engineering – CS709 (45)
    Fundamentals of Auditing – ACC311 Lectures/ (44)
    Gender Issues in Psychology – PSY512 Lectures/ (45)
    Globalization of Media – MCM404 Lectures/ (45)
    Health Psychology – PSY408 Lectures/ (45)
    History System Of Psychology – PSY502 Lectures/ (44)
    Human Computer Interaction – CS408 Lectures/ (45)
    Human Relations – MGMT611 Lectures/ (45)
    Human Resource Development – HRM627 Lectures/ (45)
    Human Resource Management – MGT501 Lectures/ (45)
    Information Systems – CS507 Lectures/ (44)
    International Business – MGT520 Lectures/ (44)
    International Marketing – MKT630 Lectures/ (45)
    International Relations – PSC201 Lectures/ (45)
    Introduction To Broadcasting – MCM411 Lectures/ (45)
    Introduction To Business – MGT211 Lectures/ (45)
    Introduction to Mass Commuincation – MCM101 (44)
    Introduction to Programming – CS201 Lectures/ (45)
    Introduction to Psychology – PSY101 Lectures/ (45)
    Introduction to Sociology – SOC101 Lectures/ (45)
    Investment Analysis & Portfolio Management -FIN630 (45)
    Islamic Studies – ISL201 Lectures/ (16)
    Journalistic Writing – MCM310 Lectures/ (46)
    Knowledge Management – MGMT630 Lectures/ (45)
    Leadership & Team Management – MGMT623 Lectures/ (45)
    Linear Algebra – MTH501 Lectures/ (45)
    Macroeconomics – ECO403 Lectures/ (45)
    Management of Financial Institutions – MGT604 (44)
    Marketing Management – MKT501 Lectures/ (44)
    Marketing Research – MKT611 Lectures/ (40)
    Microeconomics – ECO402 Lectures/ (45)
    Modern Programming Languages – CS508 Lectures/ (45)
    Money & Banking – MGT411 Lectures/ (45)
    Neurological Bases of Behavior – PSY610 Lectures/ (45)
    Numerical Analysis – MTH603 Lectures/ (45)
    Object Oriented Programming – CS304 Lectures/ (45)
    Operating System – CS604 Lectures/ (45)
    Operation Research – MTH601 Lectures/ (45)
    Organizational Psychology – PSY510 Lectures/ (45)
    Organizational Behaviour – MGT502 Lectures/ (45)
    Organizational Development – MGMT628 Lectures/ (45)
    Pakistan Studies – PAK301 Lectures/ (30)
    Personality Psychology – PSY405 Lectures/ (45)
    Physics – PHY101 Lectures/ (45)
    Positive Psychology – PSY409 Lectures/ (45)
    Princilpes of Management – MGT503 Lectures/ (51)
    Principles of Marketing – MGT301 Lectures/ (45)
    Probability Stochastic Process – CS723 Lectures/ (45)
    Production & Operations Management – MGT613 (45)
    Project Management – MGMT627 Lectures/ (45)
    Public Administration – MGT111 Lectures/ (0)
    Public International Law – PSC401 Lectures/ (14)
    Public Relations – MCM401 Lectures/ (45)
    Radio News Reporting & Production -MCM515 Lectures (39)
    Research Methods – STA630 Lectures/ (45)
    SME Management – MGT601 Lectures/ (43)
    Social Psychology – PSY403 Lectures/ (45)
    Software Engineering – CS504 Lectures/ (45)
    Software Engineering II – CS605 Lectures/ (45)
    Software Project Management – CS615 Lectures/ (44)
    Software Quality Assurance – CS706 Lectures/ (45)
    Software Requirements Engineering – CS708 Lectures (45)
    Sport Psychology – PSY407 Lectures/ (45)
    Statistics and Probability – STA301 Lectures/ (45)
    Strategic Management – MGT603 Lectures/ (45)
    System Programming – CS609 Lectures/ (45)
    Taxation Management – FIN623 Lectures/ (45)
    Technical and Business English – ENG201 Lectures/ (45)
    Theories of Communication – MCM511 Lectures/ (44)
    Theory and practice of Counseling -PSY632 Lectures (43)
    Theory of Automata – CS402 Lectures/ (45)
    Theory Of Computation – CS701 Lectures/ (68)
    Total Quality Management – MGT510 Lectures/ (45)
    TV News Reporting & Production – MCM516 Lectures/ (45)
    Visual Programming – CS410 Lectures/ (30)
    Web Development & Design – CS506 Lectures/ (45)
    Wireless Network – CS718 Lectures/ (45)


  • The MIT OCW is best for engineering students..
    Aamir Bhai can we add sources of illegal ebook sharing? :p

  • can admin help me please. i tried
    its a great website. but i had to register first. after i registered, i can downloads files in 7z format. now problem that i am facing is that i can extract files in 7z format. i downloaded 7-zip but before extracting it asks for password which i do not know.
    Can anyone help me???

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