Veena Malik Made it, Yes Seriously, She Made to Twitter Trends!

Thanks to couple of TV shows on local TV channels, earlier in the evening, Veena Malik has become the first lady from Pakistan to trend on Twitter, world wide.

Check following the record breaking snapshot of Veena Malik in Twitter Trends. The picture owner writes:

Piece of history, saved for generations to come. Veena Malik Trending on Twitter


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You might not figure it out as an achievement for Veena Malik herself, rightly so, but the idea is to talk about the buzz that Twitter users from Pakistan can generate. They roared this evening, and roared high!

Luckily it was a chilly winter weekend, and every one had enough time to watch the TV and later on to discuss the lady in their Twitter feeds.

Veena Malik started getting mentioned in the twitter timeline around 8:00 PM when Geo aired a TV Show named “50 Minutes”, which discussed Veena Malik and her acts in the Big Boss, a Reality Show she did recently in India.

Veena Malik Mentions went real crazy around 10:00 PM when Express TV’s ‘Front Line’ hit the screens, in which Veena Malik herself was invited.

This post almost ends here, I am sorry if you were looking for a commentary on Veena Malik’s deeds in Big Boss, yes this is not the place to get that. But let me hook you to couple of links, where you might get some good reads and couple of shows!

  • Veena Malik Twitter Account: (not Verified and locked)
  • Veena Malik mentions on Twitter
  • Veena Malik Discussed in 50 Minutes on Geo TV
  • Veena Malik in Front Line with Karman Shahid on Express TV

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  • The statement that I actually happen to like that Veena Malik said was:
    “Konsa aisa kaam hai jo mein ne (wahan keya aur) pehle nahi keya”.. :P
    hahahaha! She’s right here :D

      • what is so frightening about this damaging trend in pakistani people is that,

        All the people, who can sit and watch indian movies and shows like big boss with their daughters and sisters, and brothers, come out and point fingers on Veena.

        Aah, the pakistani people, first the qadri murderer thing and now this. Kab sudhro gey tum log. People are calling us Maniacs and Extremists for a reason.

        Waisy bhi, the drinking and hugs and kissing strangers isn’t something new. Your President, his highness Zardari and his staff drinks on foreign tours (search it up on google). All other actresses have danced for money at the houses of govt officials in the past.

        Give this girl a break ffs. Bitchy and nosy public, who vote for parasites like Zardari and the likes, come out and piont fingers at a girl who is the sole bread winner for 5 sisters and one brother.

        Ugh. Its useless preaching anything here, but I hope.. I hope ONE DAY our people learn to focus on bigger problems (No energy? corruption? fake degrees? Criminals being released on bail (zain bugti)? Extremists maniacs (qadri) who kill innocents and other similar problems. Instead of cornering and bullying individuals.

        • @Milkywayer:
          We are suffering from some very turbulent times… Isn’t it nice to appreciate those people who put a smile on our face, made us laugh with their clever one-liners..??
          We should and let me give you a few examples:
          -> Muaahday (pacts) Qura’ani dastawez nahi hotay. (I guess when he was just made the president).
          -> Corruption mein masawat honi chahiya.. Likken yeh, Likken.. Sab ko corruption ka haq hai.. (ex-MPA or MNA)
          -> Degree tho Degree hoti hai, chahay asli ho ya jaali ho… (In-service Political Figure)
          -> Muj par kaye baar hamlay hoye, Laken Allah na mujhay Shaheed hone se bachaya.. (Sadr-e-Mumlikat) :P
          -> Konsa aisa kaam hai jo mein ne (wahan keya aur) pehle nahi keya. (Drama Queen).
          -> Salam, Salam, Salam, Saaallaaammm, Saaalllaaammm [x10]… (Big Brother UK).
          Sincere thanks to all these people who made my day, Hahahaha! :P :D

  • This is definitely a piece of history. It is made possible due to Heavy exposure that she got in both Indian and Pakistani Media.

    As we all know Asia is most populated continent in the world and its internet users dominate the internet consumption. So its not kinda impossible. Indeed, its not a sad situation.

  • But i think She is NOT the first lady in history of Pakistan. Benazir Bhutto was in Trend List for long time after her assassination.
    Aamir m i rite..?

    • I dont think so. in 2007 there were not many twitter users in pakistan as compared to 2011. i dont ve any evidence but i think bhutto didn’t trend back then

      every body used word Veena Malik in complete form in their tweets, this si another reason she trended. this was not the case with benazir

      • — i dont ve any evidence

        Then, how can you say she didn’t trend back then? You simple don’t know either way.

        Besides, she was the former prime minister of Pakistan. That makes her pretty famous in the Western media too.

        — this was not the case with benazir

        So what? Do you think they meant some other benazir?

  • ProPakistani why you are discussing Veena what she had done for IT or telecom

    [Comment Edited]

  • YAr Blanket mei tou sab k samnay gae thi par ashmit Patel ko namaz chup kar parhaai :p (Lolz)

    I still cannot believe that Veena could be so much important ;) Lolz

    Anyways, I’m backing her up for next election as a President of Pakistan ;) And I’m serious about it!
    She got all the traits for the seat :p

    • tumhara yeh kehna ke blanket main sab ke saamnay gayee thi par ashmit patel ko namaz chup kar parhaai thi

      pehle baat ko samjho, wahan par aur bhi buhat se kaam hue thay jo ke big boss ne logo ke saamne nahi laaya, big boss ne logo ke saamne wahi kuch laaya jo usay behtar laga, ho sakta hai us nay namaz parhayi ho magar big boss ne usay logo ke samne na laaya ho

  • I am surprised how much serious people are about veena, in my opinion this is a non issue and should be ignored instead of discussing again and again. I just wonder where is our so called islamic spirit when 1000s of dance parties are being arranged all over pakistan and prostitution is open? When an old man dies strugling to get his only son out of jail who has been there without any sin? why do we dont take serious when there are TV commercials which motivates vulgarity, and when we see that our childeren dont have the basic knowledge of ISLAM? where do we stand when we lie to everyone? and where do these so called artificial molvis stand when they dont even agree on “How to offer salat(prayer), and hate each other on the basis of small issues”. We need to fix our belief our values and attitudes first, for God sake return to the right path, seek knowledge from the Quran and Hadith, paractice it sincerely on yourself first and then try to preach (not force) on others. We have clear examples from the life of our prophet Muhammad(SAW), as how he handled all these things in his time, please realize the responsibility of being a muslim!!!!!! oh Allah help us!!

  • Yeh hangama kiun?? Pehli baat to yeh, keh Veena Malik ka taaluq Pakistan ki film industry se hai. Hum iss industry se wabasta logo ko kitni respect dete hain?? Doosri baat, film line main koi aci family ki larrki jati hai?? No, a big no. phir” jis mahol se larrki uth ke film industry main aati hai, hum uss mahol ko badalnay per tayar nahin, lekin doosron ko tanqeed ka nishana bananay per her waqt tayar. Mujhay Veena Malik Big Boss main aik lamhay ko bhi achi nahin lagi, lekin mujhay uss ke character per baat karnay ki jurrat kiun ho? Kia main ne apna character durust kar lia?? Muftu saheban bhi iss per ghor fermayen.
    Kamran Shahid Sahab fatwa de rahay theh keh hamari saqafat aur hamari values aur hamaray culture ka janaza nukal dia. Array bhai, yeh to decide kar len hamara culture hai kia? Jin Mufti sahab ko aap apnay program mai lay theh, khud aap ke aur unn Mufti sahab ke culture main zameen aasman ka faraq hai. Pehlay yeh decide karen hamara culture hai kia,koi culture hai bhi ya nnahin. kia mufti sahab ka culture film industry ki ijazat deta bhi hai??

    • pathetic.. you are saying these words for our ulmas… these actors/actress know better acting thats why she were trying to confused MUfti sahab

      • To attack one person for what tens of thousands (if not more) richer & more powerful people already do in Pakistan is not exactly brighte.

        One of the reasons the host and the other guest went after her was because she was a woman. If men do it, oh, who cares, but a WOMAN! No! Not allowed!

          • the topic is not about whether Veena Malik is “right” or “wrong”. The topic is that she’s a trend on Twitter. What does that have to do with her alleged actions?

  • veena ko big bos me na zeeba rool nahi karna chaheye ta
    Jis se veena ke family aor veena ke fans ko duk mela hai
    aurat ek sufeed kaprdy ko maanend huti hay dhabba door se nazar aata hay
    Dunya Aakherat ki kheti hay!
    Es baat par ghur karo

  • Wah wah wah sabro, Dunya Aakhrat ki khaiti hai, bilkul sahih kaha. Lekin kia sirf aurat ke liye??
    Aurat ke libas per dhaba dooor se nazar aata hai, kia mard ne dhabay ke rang ke kaprray pehnain hain jo uss ka dhaba nazar nahin aaye ga? Mera iman hai keh Quran aakhri alhami kitab hai, yeh Allah ne her insan ke liye utari, mard, aurat aur bacha her insan ke liye. Yaqeen rakhen, yehan hum mard jitna marzi wehshyana pann dikha den, wahan Allah ki bargah main sub ne apna apna hisab dena hai, dub ke dhabay numayan hon ge. Veena gunehgar hai to chaliye yun hi sahih, kia hum apnay gunahon ke hisab se Veena ko gaaliyan de de ke bach jayen ge?? Hum sub apni apni fikar karen, Veena ka peecha chorr den.

  • wow – i am amazed to see the comments here. she is no doubt the next drama queen(no body can beat Meera off course:P)

    • This article got ProPakistani mentioned in almost all leading Newspaper of India and Pakistan and must be the most viewed article at Propakistani so far!

  • Reality show haqiqat main haqiqee zindagi ko nahi kehte hain, kyunkeh reality show main movies ki tarah se cameras hote hain,

    movies and reality show main firq ye hai ke movies directors play karte hain jab keh reality show big boss show kar raha hai,

    wahan kaam karne wale wahi kareinge jo big boss kehta hai, so veena malik ne wahi kiya jo task tha

  • well Veena malik can do anything, i don’t know why people give her so attention, and media don’t ask, they want a topic like in shoib and sania case

  • Slam to all, kindly istrha kisi woman ki behurmeti na krai, islam main nikha ko bht afzal krar dia gia hai.

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