Laptop Vs Mobile Phone for School Going Girls?

mobiles-phoneThe school going girls are not mentally matured, thus they are more attracted and inclined towards the social evils and immoral activities.

They do not like taking guidance from their elders and like to undergo different experiences themselves.

In this article, we will discuss various elements in order to judge and choose between Mobile phone and Laptop for school going girls.

Mobile Phone:

Mobile Phones Can Easily Get Un-noticed: They can easily take their Mobile Phones with them at school and tuition centers – unnoticed by their parents.

They should only own a mobile phone when they get really mature enough to use them properly. I think girls should not be allowed to have a mobile phone until they reach to 14 grade (Graduation).

School have Strictly Prohibited Mobile Phones: Almost all the schools in Pakistan have implemented policies that prohibit using mobile phones in school. They even rusticate those girls who are found with the mobile phone. Many girls bring their SIM card instead of a mobile phone and they use their SIM on a mobile phone brought by one of their classmates.

Therefore, school administration and parents should make sure that the girls do not have a SIM card with them – they should check them and their belongings (books, school bag, hair bands, water-bottle, lunch box etc.).

Now many of you might be thinking that how their daughters and sisters can contact home if they are away – simple – they can make a call with the permission of their school administration via school’s landline number.

SMS/MMS: Many school students are addicted to the SMS service . Some also send their pictures via MMS to the opposite gender – especially when they have made friends in co-ed schools and tuition academies.

Wastage of Time: The students waste their valuable time in sending and reading text messages, playing mobile games, using mobile applications – instead of spending that time in their studies.

Mobile Cellular companies are also introducing ‘Youth Packages’ and SMS-bundles offers to promote their business and indirectly spoiling the youngsters. The students are seen messaging and calling late nights as they have subscribed to these packages. Parents should make sure that their children have a mobile phone and if they have then make them use post-pay packages so that parents can monitor on their kids.


Use of Laptop for doing the School Homework: Laptop is a better for school girls as they can compose their assignments and search for the materials for their assignments from the internet.

Not only this, they can have a record of their assignments in their laptop. The laptop will also help them in making PowerPoint slides to aid them in their classroom presentations.

Observe School-going Children when they Use their Laptop: Laptop is better for school going girls because – if they do not have a mobile phone they would not be able to give their mobile phone numbers to boys and strangers –  is it that simple?  No! they can communicate via internet too.

It is the duty of the parents that they observe their activities on the internet and disallow them to make accounts on the social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, MSN Live Spaces, Hi5, Friendster and Orkut etc.

School going girls (boys too) should not be allowed use on the Instant Messengers and visit websites with Chat feature and web-messengers. As many school students trick their parents and even school staff by using web-messengers – as they can be used without being installed on the system.

Parents should make sure that the girls do not upload their photographs on any website or given their contact details or information, as some girls join different discussion forums too.

Parents and school Computer Lab Dept should install programs like NetNanny and Spector Pro etc. in the computers, to keep a check on the and restrict their activities by blocking some websites that are not fit for them – including Social Networking websites and YouTube etc.


No doubt that both the devices come with hazards, however, laptop comes with possible benefits as well. If controlled and monitored better, laptops can be of great advantages for the school going girls, which will not only enhance their education experience but will help them in their careers as well.

  • With 3G this is even more distructive (I mean to say vedio call) and now a days this is in process with skype vedio call

  • Very truly said… the parents should restrict on computer and allow their childs for the laptop.. and if they really gonna allow them mobiles then they should allow post paid to monitor their sim cards……

  • “Some also send their pictures via SMS to the opposite gender – especially when they have made friends in co-ed schools and tuition academies.”
    How it is possible that one can send their pictures via SMS??
    Please use MMS..

  • The Use Of Mobile Phone and laptops for School Girls is may not much important but its important to enhance the abilities of girls…everything has plus point and negative points…We can not Stop School Girls To Avoid Use of Mobile and laptop but we can make good control..May be tomorrow a pakistani girl could be next Icon Like Bill Gates.

    • Usman can you please shed some light on what ABILITIES can the Mobile fone usage ENHANCE in school going girls? *specifically the one that can help them become some ICON like BILL GATES*

  • Same should be for boys… though with a lower age limit (in my opinion, not until they get into F.Sc) as they are out of their homes most of the times and the parents need to have a direct way of contacting them.

  • “The school going girls are not mentally matured, thus they are more attracted and inclined towards the social evils and immoral activities.”

    That’s the most sexist and stereotypes sentence I’ve ever read. I did not expect this from ProPakistani. If anything, this article should have been written for boith sexes. Your article almost implies boys are angels and they aren’t prone to the same problems.

  • “The school going girls are not mentally matured” haha I think the whole nation is not mentally matured so lets ban the internet cable TV and cell phones…. so kids can spend more time memorizing chemistry formulas

  • Terrible article. It is a fact that school girls are not mature and vulnerable, but not everybody is the same.. You can stop your child, but what about her class mates, her friends, you can not control them. This article smells like being written by an over-protective parent(which is nt a bad thng btw). The ideal approach towards child-bearing(as describd by psychologsts) is not to thrust our morals down their throats but to acquaint them wth both the gud and bad sides of the picture and guide them alng their paths.

    • smart comments… favorite remedy of PK BAN this BAN that… gov should do this do that…dont do any thing smart your self

  • wait, technology is not bad itself, it is the use which makes it good or bad. I think school is not a very big place – each class has 40 students on average and break is of 30 – 40 minutes in most of the schools – i wonder how and why teacher cannot keep an eye on girls/boys for such small figures – i wonder :S

  • Why on earth is this article only for female children????

    One of the most sexist articles I’ve read in Propakistani.. Terrible!!

    Boys and girls children are BOTH EQUALLY prone to evils of the society. Absurd!

    Typical sexist thinking that only girls are susceptible to evils, while all boys are okay because boys will be boys and they cannot do anything wrong!! *sick*

    It would be better if the title is changed and says “LAPTOP Vs MOBILE Phone for School Going CHILDREN”, instead of “GIRLS”

  • Pathetic article. you can not and should not control ur children that much tightly. they will never make any such mistake if they are brought up well. and why only females are targetted int his article??? boys are exposed to more bad company than girls in our society… Pathatic effort

    • Absolutly well said Ayesha, i realy dont understand that why all the fingers are being pointed towards girls or womans. thats called discrimination in civilized world, and womans are activily particepating in every walk of life e.g they are in armed forces, engineers, computer experts,political leaders etc, i dont know what makes the writer to write about this unnacessary artical, freedom for all chaps….cheerzzz.

  • I think author is a victim of this situation…
    try to teach values to your children rather then restricting them for new technology.

    Try to portray the society not your personal experience

  • what a sexist piece of writing! Technology can never be bad for anyone! Teach and educate your kids to use it profitably if you trust your children, they will never break your trust in them! Pathetic writing…I could write better than this when I was at school! Pssshhh… :s

  • i think that both have equal negative issues with both laptop and internet they can see adult videos and can contact boys using skype and facebook

  • Dear Samia, it really saddens me that when the world is trying to attract more and more girls towards tech so they can be empowered,you r talking about keeping them ignorant of it.While some of your concerns r genuine what is needed is to create awareness about the risks associated with use of ICTs and educate girls abt how to use tech constructively and positively. Read about the campaigns such as Geek Girl Camp and TakeBackTheTech and you’ll understand what i mean.

  • This is why Pakistan will never progress. Sexist and close minded. Maybe work on your grasp of the english language. First and last piece I will read on this blog

  • Interesting article, though it goes for boys as well. But its sad to see some people bashing it because the author suggested the use of tech should be limited till a certain age.

    I agree 100% with limiting the use of technology, don’t get me wrong im a tech geek usually the first with the latest gadgets. But when there is an unmonitored use of technology before its actually necessary it is bound to cause problems.

    Its really worrying to see how easily people are brainwashed, half the country is blindly living in the stone ages following misguided teachings, but its even worse to see the half which is blindly “TRYING” to follow the western life style just because the think since the west has this right as well and if we follow it we ll be a better community as well.

    You can quote all the scientists or psychologists you want but you have to accept practically their children are a mess, i don’t get why people are trying to destroy even the few good things left in our country, just because the west does it?

    We can never be leaders because we cant think for our selves, we were followers before & we will be followers in the future, the only thing that will change will be who we ll follow.

  • i think none of these choices matter. the thing which matters is the concepts of character and moral values inculcated in children by parents.

  • This by far the worst piece of trash I’ve read on this blog. Is this a joke? I’m waiting for the author to jump out and tell us all she’s just pulling our legs.

    1. This article is sexist. School going girls are not ‘matured’ enough to use phones apparently, and they will all fall into the deadly traps laid by evil boys at the tuition academies.

    2. The article illustrates everything that is wrong with Pakistan and it’s banhammer philosophy. Ban everything that might have the slightest potential to be abused. Ban Facebook, MSN, social networking because they will all inevitably be abused. Instead of teaching kids to use the internet in a positive way, we want to ban them from using discussion forums. Nice one.

  • I think boys co-education should be finished espically in universities to decrease this problem.

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  • this is not true even i have seen married women getting involved in sexual relation with other men. it is just a fun have it

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