Here are Reasons if Your Comments Don’t Get Published on ProPakistani

Lately, we have been receiving complaints regarding the comments that never get approved. As an example, I got following email from a ProPakistani Reader today:


I have been following your Blog for quite sometime now.

Just need to ask, a number of times I have observed that my comments aren’t published. I would be the last person to write anything offensive :-) I know they are moderated, but is there a policy on the number of comments one makes or anything of the sort? May be I am missing something? No offense meant. Many thanks,

Nauman Afzal

P.S. Great Blog by the way

While we have replied individually to Nauman, I am sure there would be other readers experiencing the same problem.

So if you feel that your comments aren’t appearing on ProPakistani, there can be apparently two following reasons:

  • It got moderated and was never approved by the person in-charge (moderator)
  • It got blocked by Akismet (SPAM control system for WordPress)

Comments not approved by moderator:

For first reason, we have mentioned a brief guideline here. But still, let me explain the policy for you here too: We welcome your comments, we approve each and every comment, unless it is abusive.

So no matter what you say, good or bad about anything, we will approve it happily.

P.S Each comment appearing on this website passes through a human eye before approval.

Some might argue that comments on this website go too bad, too personal: yes they do and for that we keep a close eye on them. We make sure that such comments don’t appear in their original form. At times, we edit comments until their tone is dropped down to a certain level.

Just to let you know, we are spending huge resources just to keep the comment section healthy and alive.

Comments blocked by Akismet:

If you believe that your comments are pretty good in language, even then they are not appearing on ProPakistani, then there are chances that they are blocked by Akismet, a SPAM control system in place on this website.

If this is the case, then

You can alternately write to us as well [aamir (at)] and we will do this white-listing for you.

You might think that why in this world do we need Akismet when we have designated resource for spam checking, check following graph for the answer:


Yes, we get around 3,300 SPAM comments in a day or 3 SPAM comments every minute.

Hope this post will resolve issues for many of our readers!

On a personal note: We love your comments. To us, your comments are like a roar in the stadium for a batsman who just scored a century.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK