Whatsapp: Complete Mobile to Mobile Messenger

By Dr. Muhammad Faraz Younus

whatsappSMS service is very cheap in Pakistan but MMS and international text message services are still expensive. How whatsapp can replace your stock messaging app, we will discuss it here:

What is whatsapp

Unlike others apps, whatsapp is cross-platform app, meaning that it can run over iphone, android, blackberry and Symbian (beta) OS.

Using whatsapp you can send or receive text messages, pictures, share audio file, your current location and more with other handsets installed with whatsapp.

How it works

Whatsapp uses your phone number as your USER ID and after installation it checks your handset contact list and those who are using whatsapp will be appear on your whatsapp messenger – it’s so easy to configure.

But both parties should have whatsapp installed on their Phone in order to receive or send messages.


  • Supported handset,
  • Unlimited data plan preferably a Wi-Fi enabled phone for better and less expensive internet

Pricing & Availability

  • Iphone 0.99 $
  • Blackberry Free
  • Android 1.99USD/Year
  • Symbian 1.99USD/year

Official Website: http://www.whatsapp.com/