Whatsapp: Complete Mobile to Mobile Messenger

By Dr. Muhammad Faraz Younus

whatsappSMS service is very cheap in Pakistan but MMS and international text message services are still expensive. How whatsapp can replace your stock messaging app, we will discuss it here:

What is whatsapp

Unlike others apps, whatsapp is cross-platform app, meaning that it can run over iphone, android, blackberry and Symbian (beta) OS.

Using whatsapp you can send or receive text messages, pictures, share audio file, your current location and more with other handsets installed with whatsapp.

How it works

Whatsapp uses your phone number as your USER ID and after installation it checks your handset contact list and those who are using whatsapp will be appear on your whatsapp messenger – it’s so easy to configure.

But both parties should have whatsapp installed on their Phone in order to receive or send messages.


  • Supported handset,
  • Unlimited data plan preferably a Wi-Fi enabled phone for better and less expensive internet

Pricing & Availability

  • Iphone 0.99 $
  • Blackberry Free
  • Android 1.99USD/Year
  • Symbian 1.99USD/year

Official Website: http://www.whatsapp.com/

  • I think fring messenger is more good buz its totally free of cost and there is voice chat option also means mobile to mobile or pc to mobile call is totally free all over the world….

  • To writter: The app is absolutely FoC on Android market, I have been using it since a long time now. Also my friend is using the same on Iphone and its FoC. Please mark the corrections. Thnx

  • Thanks admin for reference,

    @ aesthetic: Initially it was FOC now for the latest version you have to pay as mentioned on whatsapp website.

  • Lolx geta life. Lots of free application are there for this purpose. Why not use skype, nimbuzz, mig33 and lot more. I think the post name was supposed to general like alternative for sending international msgs free etc.

  • What is so special in this application and why it is being compared with SMS,MMS?

    There are hundreds of other applications better than Whatsapp which works on GPRS.

    Remember that SMS messages are not sent on GPRS and are cheaper than GPRS, and SMS messages does not consume your phone battery like GPRS, GPRS also sometimes make your phone busy while disturbing incoming calls, specially in Zong.

  • I have used all such applications like skype, mig, fring on iphone.. but whatsapp is best of all. it works like a charm even on poor gprs speed.

    puch notifications and transfer of audio/video/pics and messages make it best of all.

  • hey, thanks a lot for this website, i hope it download’s on my phone. I tried getting fring and skype on my blackberry, but the software is not available for my phone and did not work..
    Hope this works.

  • @ all
    I simply love this app its amazing UI is friendly. I have fring in my iphone but whatsapp work greats n no need to make another id like fring no need to share ur id it will find from your phone book and push notification is amazing. Now its your choice to choose ur social networking app.

  • Those suggesting Fring, Nimbuzz, Skype etc. don’t really understand what Whatsapp is. Whatsapp does not require you to remain ‘signed in’, it works with push notifications and also lets you know if your message has been read. There are no user IDs either, it simply lists everyone with Whatsapp in your phonebook. It’s like BBM but cross platform. It’s also a much better alternative to MMS.

    I have both Nimbuzz and Whatsapp on my phone, with Whatsapp I don’t even notice it’s running in the background until someone actually sends me a message. With Nimbuzz I only sign in when I need to talk to someone on MSN, otherwise keeping it running would be a real drain on my battery.

  • Those who r moaning about whatsapp price and comparing it with migg skype nimbuz

    U all need to use whatsapp first experience it for a week than come back and post your comments here u all will forget all other apps. U all moaners dont know how good andhandy this app is i hv been using it since first released in my iphone and now i can send sms to my family in pak from uk
    Its good for those whose families and loved one are in abroad. Otherwise there are plenty of sms packages in pak for cheap price

  • Guyz try LiveProfile. It is the ultimatum for BBM. It is growing like +300,000 users daily. It works on iPhone, blackberry and android. It supports push notification. It uses PIN like BBM so u dont need to share ur number if u dont want to…must try it!

  • i have used all of them,but here the main thing is that ,that how an application is working with our network like GPRS,3G or Wi Fi.in pakistan most users are using the GPRS/EGPRS so the best IM application is Fring which give complete freedom either they are using EGPRS,3G or othe network.
    Fring is very reliable when you are chating to some 1 or want to call him/her because it works on EGPRS is better.
    My fring id is (milyasafridi) if some 1 want to talk with me plz add me.

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