Want to Get Famous? You Will Need Just 200 Dollars for that!

Disclaimer: This is a mockery of how our media outlets process and publish news releases. Don’t get things seriously and never execute them the way we mentioned below.

This is age of internet, where business are run over Internet and communication is done via emails. When all this is coupled with media companies who never care to counter-check the facts, you don’t need to be an extra-ordinary man to get famous.

Aright, if you are an ordinary guy, living in a far-flung area of Pakistan, here’s a way for you to get on TV channels, newspapers, internet and everywhere!

Follow these steps:

  • Hire someone who can write good English. A journalist can be of best help in this. Give him Rs. 500 or at most Rs. 1,000 to get you an extraordinary press release. (which should tell that you are the one and only person with this world who has achieved this and this. Best build your profile with everything that you can)
  • Develop a website, and drop you contact number there. Uploading a CV can do the best.
  • Create an account on PRweb.com
  • Submit your press release with advanced listing. It gonna cost you USD 200, if you are hungry for more hype, buy premium listing for USD 360. Here are complete price plans: http://service.prweb.com/pricing/
  • You are done. Just sit back and wait for the wonders!

Now, this press release will get circulated and published at all semi-automated news websites, including Yahoo news.

Thanks to Google Alerts, media companies and reporters will be notified of this news by email who will straight away Google your name. As you already have a website, with your contact number on it, they gonna call you in (immediately to break the news).

Here you go. You are already on the ladder, now climb efficiently and never look like a dumb fake.

You will get plenty of coverage, you can go on TV too, here’s an evidence: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mFZPKZYS14w

If you think i am kidding, and its impossible to fool the world, especially the media, then think again. Above mentioned technique worked absolutely fine for Mr. Aurangzeb Hafi. Check out the complete story here: http://www.mubashirr.com/2011/01/26/busted-a-aurangzeb-hafi/

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • Our local media is gutless in this regard.

    On the 25th of this month, there was an article in The News, part of media giant Jang Group, regarding Nayatel being bought out by Etisalat without any confirmation from Etisalat on the same. The next day the same newspaper carried out the clarification from Etisalat that there is no such deal but that didnt stop there. They blamed a competitor, Daily Times for publishing a false story with no mention that they had also done the same. Its a sham and a shame.

    You can view the news articles here:



  • Noot only media but the general public is also bunch of stupids.Have a look at this news item on tribune and see the comments, lots of “MashAllah” and “My Hero”, despite some commentators pointed out the flaws

  • Amir bhai, some one from Pro Pakistani team should also try;) to give practical example:)

    Muhammad Haris

  • I could not agree more…. seriously ahhahaha there are so many of these in Pakistan… why the heck are we so concerned about what the international world thinks about us… hahahahah

  • This is not the first time, even several time in last 2 year , i have sighted bla bla bla is microsoft youngest certified breaking the world record and bla bla bla microsoft Gold certified in .net, in fact they had used brain dumps and appearing in paper to pass out exam is a 2 min job.

    But our president has announced a million rupee prize for such student , am planning to invest $$200$$, and our President might announce a prize and arrange a ceremony for this.

  • Nice Article, wow
    I think I can try this for myself, to become a scientist with new theory about the end of world or declining the old physics.

    I can be the new Einstine a person I don’t even know the name spellings of…..

  • Let us do some research on the magneto-optical-simplistic-attitudinal-unbiased-satirical-euphemistic properties of fake PhDs, shall we :-)

  • Sadia is going very well.. Thanks for sharing that kind of earning opportunities. Better to start freelance writing today. Or get their blog Domain & Hosting which is also not much costly…

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