How Non-Technical Pakistani Housewives Can Earn from Internet?

Here’s the right ways to How To Make Money Online in Pakistan

There are many ladies who want to earn while being at home as they do not want to go out for work – either they have to look after their kids or family at home or they are simply not allowed to do so.

Lets see how they can earn while being at home, by just using the internet:

Freelance Writing:

Ladies can start writing online as freelance writer, they can not only write for various websites and blogs but also contribute their writings to magazines and newspapers of their interest that pay for the articles and feature stories.

They can compose or ask any one at home who can compose for them and e-mail their writings to the newspapers, magazines and websites.

Just to give you an idea, a 500 word blog is paid at Rs. 200 to Rs. 800, depending on the type and quality of content.

You can read some online books and materials about writing such as: Housewives and other work at home people wishing to add an extra income stream can visit (for Freelance) and reserve seats to get a chance to be included in the Jan 30th session.

Also check out WorldPL’s page on faebook: is another good website to learn the skill of getting freelance work.

You should check out for freelance writing, such as odesk, and web content writing jobs on and other job portal websites or in your newspapers and apply for the one that says ‘work from home’.

There are many that you can try!

Do Business from Home:

If you are good at designing dresses, stitching or embroidery etc then you can start your business right away – make an online shop on or create a Facebook page.

Alternatively, if you know some of web development, you can have your own website for the purpose.

Upload the images of your dresses along with their prices and mention the sizes of dresses and your contact number so that people can place their orders. You can even sell your paintings and crafts etc. too via

Teach online:

If you are good at teaching you can provide tuition via internet. All you need to do is to make a webpage/blog or even Facebook page and a youtube account. Record and upload lectures and send the recorded lectures to those online students who pay you in advance for your lectures.

They can also ask someone at home to assist you in this. So grab your mic and start teaching online!

Start Cooking:

Yes! Ladies if you are good at cooking and love working in the kitchen then you can try preparing food at home and earn money.

People can order you via your website, blog, e-mail address or simply by calling.

Some ladies are doing this type of work on the internet – they have prepared a weekly menu and they provide food on order.

We have Sadia as an example in Pakistan, who wanted to take the hobby of cooking as a profession and with the support of her husband & kids, she started Sadia’s Kitchen. Her love for food and passion to learn & cook new recipes brought her into the kitchen business. Check her website here:

If you can not manage a blog or get a website you can simply make a page on Facebook – which is free of cost and easy to use! Almost every modern lady is on Facebook these days! You can also see Sadia’s Kitchen Facebook page: for more ideas!

You can also watch these informative episodes of ‘Ghar Ka Kharch’ on CNBC Pakistan:

Make Money Online in Pakistan – Part 1 of 2

Make Money Online in Pakistan – Part 2 of 2

Watch this useful video: Working Online From Home

    • Nice list. I would add fiverr to it too. Also, I have a tutorial on how one can earn money using fiverr. Click my name to go to it. Thanks

  • For Non-Technical people its really hard or almost impossible to complete its registration process i check and its so complicated and even could’t pass its registration test in 5 attempts :(
    can any one tell any website from where someone actually earning something bcoz mostly people doing only fraud in our local market in the name of [work @ Home] God knows who’ll pay through internet ????

  • woww what a fantastic ideas for those who want to do some thing for them n for others, its realy apreciated n many thnx for sharing ur knowledge n experties……..very influencial writer.

  • I have tried Elance and also passed the test but iam not into freelance writing iam a webdesigner but it is really hard for a new member to get any project really :)

  • Let Ms. Malahat from PTA work on this … she is the most non technical person in the world writing articles on 100 Million subscribers :-)

  • Nice article. Article like these can give our nation the desire to get self employed.


    There are honest people in Pakistan. Scammers are not just part of Pakistan but the whole world.

    Try to be positive and if you can’t do something in first attepmt just keep digging (in the right place), you’ll find your treasure.

  • Nice article.
    @ Nasir you need to read between the lines on elance. I passed it on my second attempt. No projects so far. However, got a project on freelancer on the second day. But keeping up with strict deadlines is not for me. Otherwise if you have the skills and are dedicated, there is a lot of work. Another problem is that the middlemen are really making profits by ripping service providers. They get bigger projects on these websites by posing as service providers and then hire individuals to do the job. This explains extremely strict time lines which are hard to keep. And obviously the fat share goes to the middlemen, so watch out for them.

  • Earning online is not an easy log jesse btate han aise her koi nae ker skta..hardwork kerna perhta ha jitna real job lene k lye kerna perhta ha.

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    Please tell me about that

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    I m Skillful in Art Work , in Creative writtings on different topics , In giving information about Different feilds , now how can i register myself for earning here..plz send me the link from where i can start my work

  • freelancing is good but only skilled person can be successful ! and it’s very difficult to get first job..! but try and try… improving yourself

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  • That’s a fantastic post for the housewives who always look for something to make money in their spare time. I really liked that post. Thank for sharing.

  • Earning online as freelance is really difficult task in Pakistan, if even you are technical and have skills, there are number of barriers we see online like its very hard to get adsense account in Pakistan, there is no paypal for cheap payment system, the online market is not as mature as we think, there is need of very hard effort to start online shop. Also, there is limited number of internet users across Pakistan the market is too small, there is lack of interest.

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