Acer TravelMate TimelineX [Laptop Preview]


Manufacturers: Acer


Class: TravelMate TimelineX

Model: TM8172T

Price: Rs.63,000 approx

Specs Overview:

  • Operating System: Win 7 Professional 32-bit
  • Processor: Intel Core i3-380UM 1.33 GHz 64-bit capable
  • RAM: 2 GB DDR3
  • Hard Drive: 250 GB @ 5400 RPM
  • Graphics Card: Intel HD Graphics card
  • Battery: 6 cell Lithium-Ion (8 hours max)
  • Display: 11.6” LED Display
  • DVD-ROM: DVD R/W with Double layer Support
  • Webcam: Integrated Webcam with MIC
  • Wireless: Wireless Network Card 802.11b/g/n
  • Bluetooth: Integrated Bluetooth
  • Finger Print Reader: Yes
  • Card Reader: 5 in 1


The first positive feature about the system is that it actually is a “Travel Mate”. It has special anti-shock features due to which it is less prone to damage by bumpy rides.

By personal experience, I know that laptops can start to make weird noises if you are on a long journey by road or if you some times keep the system on tilted surfaces.

One of my laptops had some sounds coming from its hard disk after I took it with me for a good 600km on the road. The sounds disappear now when I tilt it a bit and put it back on but it does indicate a slow but steady hardware damage.



Battery time is one of the most important features that users demand. Acer TravelMate TimelineX has an impressive battery timing as compared to other competitors in the market.

Since Acer TravelMate TimelineX is specifically meant for travelling, its battery is better suited to run for longer periods of time.

Hopefully the 8 hour claim of the company would provide at least 6 to 7 hours of battery time since HP and Dell laptops fail to get anywhere near what the brands claim.


The security features of the laptop are a little more than usual. Apart from having usual security settings that are software dependent, Acer TravelMate TimelineX also provides several hardware locks as well.

Acer TravelMate TimelineX provides a Kensington Lock slot that is actually usable and a hard drive lock as well. Acer TravelMate TimelineX also lets you control several locking and password remembering features with the built in finger print reader.

Hardware under-utilized:

A negative of the machine is that its hardware is somewhat under utilized. The system can support a 64 bit OS but still the company installed OS is actually 32 bit.

Some of the more advanced users would know that 64 bit machines are usually faster than 32 bit machines because they employ better techniques for handling data processing. A 64 bit OS would have made the system much faster than what it is now.


Windows 7:

Another thing that the system lacks is a Premium edition of Win 7. The system has the Professional version of the windows 7. It is just $20 (Rs. 2,000) cheaper than the premium edition but lacks some important features.

It has no language option for different software and also lacks the bitlocker software. This defect might not be a problem at all for normal home users but can bother the professionals.

Official Rating: 4.2/5

Underline: A nice, compact and powerful system from Acer.

    • It is “TravelMate” actually, the price is due to unusually strong battery, shock absorbing surface and security features.

    • This notebook is not for performance. It’s built with mobility in mind.

      It’s costly because of excellent batter life, slim n lite in weight. That’s why it’s costly.
      Look at MacBook Air. Can’t you see why it’s price is 1 lac? It’s because of same reasons: batter life, slim n lite in weight, and beautiful design.

      There’s one rule in electronics. Small, slim n lite means more cost because manufacturing such electronics is costly.

      Another example is iPhone, Android devices, and Windows Phone 7 devices. Why there price is betweek 30 to 50K? Even though the specs of these smart phones is much much much less than desktop PCs. Why are they so costly?

      • As far as i know one thing is that if you keep things in good condition by your self, there is no issue of long life of an object. Most of the laptop reviews posted in propakistani are very costly. On the other hand for people in Pakistan these sophistication does not exist. People go for that thing which is costing them less and giving them more. I have gone through many laptops that are much more powerful and claim to be having more battery power, slim design capabilities and other things. These are just claims…….

        As far as Iphone, android and other devices are concerned there is no comparison between cell phones and a desktop pc. you can buy a desktop pc for just 5k…:)

        Having said that I have decided to write for propakistani about the laptops if they give a green signal to me….:))))

        • “if you keep things in good condition”..
          There’s a big ‘IF’… How many people can? Personally, I can’t.. I sleep beside my laptop, leave it on unattended for hours, don’t care in what and how I am carrying it, brush the screen with my sleeve when I feel like cleaning it, tug it under my bed when I think I need space to eat. These rugged laptops are for my type of people.. – So, if something is not for you, this doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be at all :)
          Yes these are claims coz they are based on the ideal conditions but they do give you an idea of the performance. I don’t know about TravelMate but a Acer Timeline can get you 6-Hrs though it ‘claims’ 8-Hrs.
          IF’s claim about small-slim-good build quality = costly, is correct. Let’s do a Phone-to-Phone comparison.
          My Phone Has:
          – GPS
          – Accelerometer
          – Temp Sensor
          – Mangetometer (Compass)
          – Capacitive Touch Screen
          – Android 2.2
          – ARM11 520MHZ Processor (goes to 600).
          – 384MB ROM.
          and it costs 16K for New.. Why? because when you look at it in dark you can see light coming out of the edges. Because these parts are cheap & am always afraid of dropping it like I did with my Nokias. Other similar spec’d devices are twice the price, coz of the quality of parts and build material.
          PP’s price for these laptops is costly because as far as I can think they don’t quote the price from the street market, they quote the Dealer’s or official distributor’s price.
          – Check HP’s Adds for their laptops, they claim a price of 60K + Taxes. You can buy that laptop model from the market for 50K including everything.
          An Acer Timeline costed around 70K+ a few many months back with different dealers and online retailers. My friend bought a new one from the street market for 60K including a Laptop Bag at that time.

          • So my dear friend i am also talking about the local market. propakistani is all about PAKISTAN isnt it. so it should always check prices with the local market otherwise there is no use of reviews like this.

            Coming to your living style….:) you are quite an eater and dont care for your things. Mate if you dont even care of yourself you can get into trouble. and there is no such thing like big “IF”….I think one should learn how to keep things in good condition rather than looking for a cell phone made of stone, and while buying you say that wow its made of stone so its unbreakable……but what if you press its buttons like a barbarian..:P and the phone ultimaltely starts disfucntioning.

            I am not at all saying that if i dont like something that should not exist.

            And caring is not something to buy for…or something too difficult as if you have to go for mad servant. Its just as simple as to wash your face when you get up..:)

  • Very useless bit of review, which don’t mention anything about the display resolution let alone the quality of it.

    • Its 1366×768, Display has no magic. its what it usually is. TravelMates do not have anything special in terms of displays. Aspect ratio is 16:9

      • I own an Acer (in fact Gateway) with 15.6″ HD Screen and 1366×768 resolution (16:9) and Full HD movies (1920×1080) look great… A lot a lot better than other bigger high resolution monitors (just for comparison) :)

  • Again a review that has nothing to do with the masses…….i am really disappointed and have decided to write laptop reviews for propakistani …..

    • I have done 10 reviews and none of them was specifically for the class who travels all the time. This is why this review was done. You can check on my other reviews. I have done them for the cheapest to the most expensive laptops. Believe me people at Acer are not stupid enough to name this ‘TravelMate’ for no reason.

      There are other people in the world too :)

      • I know that there are other people too…but what i am saying is that its too expensive to be bought. There are other laptops which are about ten thousand pkr less than this model having same specs even more than that. in core i3 it is a bit expensive mate..

    • Hmmm.. The prices of those Dell’s (in the 50 to 60K range) there clearly justify the price of this Model reviewed above :)
      See they aren’t enough shock proof.
      They don’t sport 8 hour battery claim.
      They don’t have a finger print reader & hardware based security features as this model.
      All the specs are the same except the processor & Graphics Card on a select model.
      Most of them have DOS.
      And as you have experience with laptops and probably with the market you will know that anything below 14in screen costs way too much more than normal ones. So, the price here is justified… :)
      oh and the price is Approx, so it will most probably be less in the market.
      p.s. don’t forget this laptop isn’t for everyone, It’s for travelers, Do keep that in mind when reviewing or comparing :)

      • every single laptop is for travel mate……there are laptops way way better than this one.
        shock prooff hahahaha…just give it a padding and it becomes shock proof buy buying a simple bad for the laptop.
        o yeah finger print is not there…but who wants finger print for a graphic card. i soon will be writing few laptop reviews much much much much better than travel laptop. laptops are for travelling mate….

        there are laptops by hp having windows in them.

        about battery ..there are just claims and claims and just claims. fi you want more batter life than buy 9 cell batter

        for your coment about shock proof…i just have a huge laugh ……hahahahah


        • Maybe people at Acer are stupid to call their laptop specifically ‘TravelMate’. :) Windows 7 costs Rs9500 so please add that price before making a comparison.

          • I guess these are just add ons and claims….I am not saying anybody stupid here. I am just arguing on price.
            There is not a difference between a travel mate and simple laptop. These are just shashkaaaas…and nothing else. You can buy a much cheaper laptop then this having specs more than this…..

            May be Acer are stupid as no one in this world is Perfect.

        • @SAQIB:
          Sorry my bad Bro, Apologies from my side.. I think I went a little too over the mark. I shouldn’t have forgotten where I am and my target audience (Pakistan & Pakistanis)… Clearly my fault.. And anyways people here don’t believe that these consumer goods by Big Name manufacturers are thoroughly tested for almost everything (check links @ the end, they are lies).. I mean to say that these companies are stupid by claiming that there products/laptops can absorb this much G’s and stuff, seriously who cares? Isn’t it..?
          And they are stupid that they use SSD’s in place of HDD’s claiming they are more shock proof coz they have no mechanical parts. Instead of this they should come to us and we will teach them how to properly use their Laptop’s with HDD’s, prolong battery life even if it was not made that way & teach them laptop usage ethics.
          I think we should start a company manufacturing laptops very fragile and cheap and with the label “If you are a barbarian or a Freak, F-Off” & a free booklet “How to care for your New Child”.. It will sell and we will be millionaires.
          And we will have no Warranty claims too.. coz if someone lifts it up and half of it remains on the table, We Will say “You lifted it the wrong way, please consult the Booklet”. Howzz thatt??
          Source Links:
          -> Nokia Testing Phones:
          -> Lenovo Crash Test:
          -> Lenovo Water Spill:
          -> Laptop Crashed, no not the OS thing:
          Dude when they say they are building it rugged, they build it rugged.. but they are Con Artists, It’s all lies.. Let’s laugh at their stupidity: hahahahahahahaha!!! XD XD.. ROFL! hahahaha! this is Pakistan and you are correct. Am sorry for bothering you… Will try my best to be cautious next time :)
          BBYE!… :)
          @SAAD RIAZ Q:

          • Now you have come to the main point mate. Yes you are targeting a Pakistani market. Where you dont have even the basics write, so who cares about shock absorbing techniques used and bla bla bla…..

            That always my point that this site is for Pakistanies… be specific. Give them attractive and cheap things when they will become use to these things then they will come to the architecture and design metrics of a product.

            Clearly your fault my bad bro:)
            We are here for discussion. Not for fight. I hope we continue to discuss matters like these with you people having opinion of your side and of course me with my frame of mind.

            Every single thing has a booklet to get to know the product. Yes we can manufacture things but we have no infrastructure mate.

            The companies and the countries manufacturing these products are way way ahead of us. So bro YES YOU ARE TALKING TO PAKISTANIES WHO FIRST MUST HAVE THE BASICS, then these shock absorbing bla bla bla…

            We have a teacher in our university, Everybody call him a genius because he is, he teaches system programming and have a super brain. When windows seven came he said that i dont have any excitement at windows seven because i know what it is doing behinde it is doing the same thing as the windows xp, millinieum or 98…….these are just shashkaaaaaaaaaaaas nothing else.

            I am not saying that this product is useless…i am just saying that whenever propakistani gives a review it is very expensive for that specs and just target to basic computing…..

  • It’s funny that ProPakistani presents reviews and previews of gadgets without actually having them. They just combine data from 4-5 websites and make a new article.

        • Well video can be embedded but then it would look like a review within a review. But its a great idea anyway. Ill try to post video links with future reviews. Thanks :)

          • Or you can just give in the video sort of a 3D View and not the Review ;)
            Those interested, will read the review…
            OR that could be the review of the build quality, design, finish and material, rest will be in written.
            p.s. If you haven’t figured the word I wrote for you above, give me your ID & I will let you know :)

  • Nice share!
    Where can i get graphic card’s details? Can you tell that if compared to nVidia, like which model it works?

      • I was thinking something else like that notebook with operating system DOS will only be able to run DOS ha ha ha
        anyway I, a student want to buy a 2nd hand laptop around 18k… I want you guys to please guide me in this regard, which manufacturer should i go for and model ?

    • Dos is disc operating system.Dos is not very interactive operating system and is controlled by writing commands and windows is an operating system by microsft. It is a next addition to vista basically. Windows operating system is very interactive and very user firendly. The most popular windows operating system are the windows 98 and windows xp.

      Like first we had windows xp then came windows vista and now windows 7. It is named windows seven because it is the seventh addition of the microsoft windows operating system.

      1.Windows 95
      2.Windows 98
      3.Windows 2000
      4.Windows Me
      5.Windows xp
      6.Windows Vista
      7.Windows Seven……..

    • LEt’s make it simple:
      1: You went to buy a car and the Dealer told you all the specs and when you said I don’t know how to drive it he gave you a booklet than you won’t understand but the dealer makes you believe that if you read it you will be able to drive it home.
      2: You went to buy a car and the Dealer told you all the specs and when you said I don’t know how to drive it he said I WILL PROVIDE YOU A DRIVER, Who will drive it for you.
      1: is when they say Operating System is DOS
      2: is when Operating System is Windows 7
      If you want to hire a Driver for you new car it will cost you (buy a new OS & install it). So it is always better to buy from a dealer who provides a driver with it (pre-installed Windows 7 or XP).

  • 64-bit is only useful when the installed memory is more than 3GB, because 32-bit OS can only address upto between 3 – 4 GB. The stock installed Memory in this laptop is 2GB, so a 64-bit OS would be useless unless the user decides add another 2GB. :)

    • — 64-bit is only useful when the installed memory is more than 3GB

      A 64bit Amd or intel processor (like the i3) running a 32bit operating system (like 32bit Windows 7) can not take full advantage of the processor’s features. For a long list of these features, see section

      Basically, more and larger registers mean that, mhz for mhz, your processor can do more work in less time with a 64bit OS. tHings like video playback (watching a movie) and things like that (video encode, transcode, compiler) are faster in 64bit mode.

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