World Call: Unresponsive and Uncooperative Towards its Customers! [L.T.E]

My name is Aqeel-ur-Rehman Hameed and my customer id is 141237. I am a sign language interpreter and I have to communicate with national and international deaf community.

I am a user of world call internet since August 2006. I started using Evdo 256 kbps package. At that time I was fully satisfied with its performance so I convinced some of my friends to buy that package. Everything went fine till I planned to upgrade my package to 512 kbps.

A router was given to me. I used it for one month but I was not getting the optimum speed. I visited world call office (Fayyaz center)  and reported this to the customer support officer. The firmware of the router was updated by the officer and I took the device back to my home. There was no betterment in the service but I kept bearing it for some time but ultimately I had to go for temporary disconnection.

On 17th January, 2011, I visited world call office (Fayyaz center) and applied for 1 MB link as to get better speed. The package wasn’t updated until two days i.e. 19th January after my email to the concerned department. I ran speedtest several times during 17th to 31st January but the average download speed that I was getting was 27 kb whereas the upload speed was 17 kb. (Pictures of tests are saved in my computer). So I sent an email to [email protected] and mentioned the same problem in it. I havent got any proper response from the concerned.


Mr. Salman visited my home on my complaint. He himself noticed the worst condition of internet and wrote some values on the paper and forwarded my case to RF department.

Again, there was complete silence from world call. Once again I visited the gulshan office and my complaint was submitted. The very next day i.e. on 2nd February, 2010 at 12:57 pm, I got a call from RF department (Phone number : 0213-7060218). Again I repeated the story to the person that called me. He assured to contact me again but I think the time hasn’t come yet.

Finally, on 3rd February 2011, I put temporary disconnection complaint. As a result, today i.e. 4th February 2011, I received a call from World call about the inquiry that why I want my service to be disconnected. I told the whole situation again. The spokesperson on the other side asked me to give them some time for the solution of the problem but to my amusement after 19 days (from 17th January to 4th February), I was still suffering from the same problem. I am at lost that the company stature has failed to overcome this problem.

The loss and fatigue that I experienced during this time is very much disturbing. Now my point of view about the world call company has changed and I wonder why world call has not giving value to its customers any more.

I don’t know whether this mail will do anything for me or not but I am sure that the authorities and other people will know the views of a disturbed world call customer.

Aqeel-ur-Rehman Hameed

Sign Language Interpreter

Audiologist and Speech Therapist
Abbasi Shaheed Hospital, C.D.G.K



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