World Call: Unresponsive and Uncooperative Towards its Customers! [L.T.E]

My name is Aqeel-ur-Rehman Hameed and my customer id is 141237. I am a sign language interpreter and I have to communicate with national and international deaf community.

I am a user of world call internet since August 2006. I started using Evdo 256 kbps package. At that time I was fully satisfied with its performance so I convinced some of my friends to buy that package. Everything went fine till I planned to upgrade my package to 512 kbps.

A router was given to me. I used it for one month but I was not getting the optimum speed. I visited world call office (Fayyaz center)  and reported this to the customer support officer. The firmware of the router was updated by the officer and I took the device back to my home. There was no betterment in the service but I kept bearing it for some time but ultimately I had to go for temporary disconnection.

On 17th January, 2011, I visited world call office (Fayyaz center) and applied for 1 MB link as to get better speed. The package wasn’t updated until two days i.e. 19th January after my email to the concerned department. I ran speedtest several times during 17th to 31st January but the average download speed that I was getting was 27 kb whereas the upload speed was 17 kb. (Pictures of tests are saved in my computer). So I sent an email to [email protected] and mentioned the same problem in it. I havent got any proper response from the concerned.


Mr. Salman visited my home on my complaint. He himself noticed the worst condition of internet and wrote some values on the paper and forwarded my case to RF department.

Again, there was complete silence from world call. Once again I visited the gulshan office and my complaint was submitted. The very next day i.e. on 2nd February, 2010 at 12:57 pm, I got a call from RF department (Phone number : 0213-7060218). Again I repeated the story to the person that called me. He assured to contact me again but I think the time hasn’t come yet.

Finally, on 3rd February 2011, I put temporary disconnection complaint. As a result, today i.e. 4th February 2011, I received a call from World call about the inquiry that why I want my service to be disconnected. I told the whole situation again. The spokesperson on the other side asked me to give them some time for the solution of the problem but to my amusement after 19 days (from 17th January to 4th February), I was still suffering from the same problem. I am at lost that the company stature has failed to overcome this problem.

The loss and fatigue that I experienced during this time is very much disturbing. Now my point of view about the world call company has changed and I wonder why world call has not giving value to its customers any more.

I don’t know whether this mail will do anything for me or not but I am sure that the authorities and other people will know the views of a disturbed world call customer.

Aqeel-ur-Rehman Hameed

Sign Language Interpreter

Audiologist and Speech Therapist
Abbasi Shaheed Hospital, C.D.G.K



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    • PTCL is the biggest fraudster in Pakistan.. they raised package fees without any notification.. then placed Limited downloading on MAX unlimited package..i.e. 100GB..

  • even bad thing is that worldcall usb giving 153kbps in jhang and charging the same 1200(256kbps) to customers…
    and the speed never up then dialup….

  • That is why, Wirless technology is not as reliable as Wired line. If signal struck somewhere then you would be luck to have it at your place as company does not invest much for one customer issue.

    But Worldcall should have excused you providing the services instead of lingering on…

  • Dear Aqeel-ur-Rehman Hameed,
    its really bad to heard this bad support of World Call, Even Wateen Telecome is responding bad rather worse towards its customer and PTA is taking no action against such companies. I am also going to post a detail post with all proves and will inform all other that how Wateen is worse in customer support and how PTA is supporting these companies. Any way best of luck and don’t wait, just change your ISP.

  • World call people are really deceptive too. Their representative sold me and my friend EVdO connection of 256k by totally lying about that. He told that this is a prepaid connection and we use it when we pay and if we don’t pay then it is disconnected and when when we want to use again we pay for next month and use it. We used it for 2 months and didn’t pay bill then. But after two more months when we tried to get it reactivated we came to know that we had to pay bill for 3 months including the 2 months not used. Second very offensive thing was that they have registered our connection on someone other’s name. They acquired copy of our NICs at time of connection. I don’t know what they used it for. Maybe they registered some other one’s connection on our names. Third embarrassing thing was the person told us that we can pay bill at any franchise or through him. But just the next month we came to know that EVdO is not yet launched in our city and the person sold us connection of nearby city, and we can’t pay bill at franchise of our city. The person left the job and is unresponsive. World call website says that we will get bills at home but we didn’t get any. Now who are we supposed to blame and complain? One thing I forgot to mention is that their new representative in our city (Bahawalpur) when called didn’t respond actively and even used abusive language.

  • I am using WorldCall broadband since it came into existance. it was supert but ever since it became ‘an Oman Tel’ company – it has become worst——– I cant download stuff as it keeps disconnecting and its spped is similar to the yesterdays dialup thing.
    Its mostly disconnected and i have to call them daily but its no avail they ae not solving the problem. Similar is the case with wateen. I am planning to shift my connection – can any one suggest which one is the best for home use – that provides 24 hours connectivity, fast speed and unlimited download?
    I am not interested in going for wireless as i hear ppl complaining the signal issues.

  • I read the complete comments and as a user my experience with Wolrdcall was wonderful

    Using wireless connection in Faisalabad and travel frequently towards lahore and it works fine there as well
    Paying just PKR 1,000 before 10th of every month and getting discount as good pay master
    connection type is 256k and average downloads in morning is 120kbps and 80kbps in peak hours
    sometimes my 256kbps connection behave like 2 Mbps connection

    My details are as follows
    Hafiz Iqbal
    Customer ID 170113
    People colony =1 Faisalabad

  • My experience with Worldcall is pretty fine which might be my good luck
    Hats Off for dedicated team of Wolrdcall

  • Recently we have reduced the price of EVO devcie
    before it was of pricing 3999 but now you could get this at just price of 2200, worldcall customer service is not good in Karachi
    My Contact detail is
    Abdul Arshad
    Manager PTCL Karachi
    0333 8271050

  • Brother you will find these kinds of services in every pakistan company. I had Customer Service issue with PTCL of phone installation. 1.5 months passed and no phone line was installed. My solution was to use the internet for solution.
    Looked up Top Executives names of PTCL and Etisalat (shareholder) on the Internet. Sent them email regarding of my ordeal. Which said how I can provide my issue to warn future customers not to signup with PTCL via posting in Telecom blogs. And also warned Etisalat executives not to invest in PTCL due to lack of management etc. After I sent out the email, I got a call from one of the top directors within minutes and phone line was installed within 2 hours of his call.
    So do a brain storming session and let them know the outcome. GOOD LUCK

    • hahahaaa

      I like this style and i am used to it since long.

      Remember email is never sorted out by the secretary of a boss !

  • I am a satisfied customer of world call EVO. But my experience is that usb device is much better than router. Try usb device

  • World Call was doing ok till the time their EVDO cost Rs. 3200. All hell broke loose when they decided to bring the cost down to Rs. 1200. More people bought it and as a result the Quality of Service went down.

  • This is very shocking i was thinking of getting world call but after reading the story of yours i decide not to get world call wireless connection.

  • As per my experience
    Wateen is Bad in Servcies/Package
    PTCL is very bad in Customer Service and Support
    PTCL DSL if work properly is Okay but if the phoneline got distortion than you have to pay even without use
    Worldcall Devcie is good, pay for what you use
    No use no charges
    The fastest and encomical Packaging offered by this Company

    Above feedback I posted after discussion with many users of my University

  • Yaro WOrldcall is best and Ecnomical as well
    If anyone is willing to waste the money could buy anthing other Connection
    Only Worldcall bought back the device at full price if someone not satisfied with their servcies

    While EVO could not be returned even after an hour

  • i fully agree with author as i myself suffered same problem for 7 days in last week and after complainig so many times once i was able to talk to their tech personal i was shocked to listen his funny reply that the fault is not at their end so i should solve the problem my self

  • As IT Group, Working for IT servcies and having Google Rights in Pakistan
    We Operates through Faisalabad Office
    Having experience of all Data Companies, Worldcall USBs we found comperitively better than PTCL, Wateen ETC

    Customer support is satisfactory and we coordinate with regional sales team for any issue

  • hmmmm.. m Using world call device. but m totally not satisfied with it.. its very slow. too lazy.. and with not a Good Coverage. Low signal any time. just its speed boosts some time in morning from 5 am – 9 am.. just.. so over all. it has a poor speed.

  • WorldCall’s EVO is pathetic…Its better to opt for Dialup connection rathern than going for worldcall. I would say its a total failure.

  • Being a Consultant of PTCL I was paid to get the actual feedback about their Competitor Worldcall
    I found Worldcall as best in Faisalabad,Gujranwala,Sialkot and Peshawar

    In Lahore its good.

    And a great effort by this Oman,s company as recently launched DATA Services at very ecnomical rate against just PKR 599 per month with unlimited downloads in Gujrat, Wazirabad, Lala Musa, Dinga, Mandi Bahou Din, Hafizabad, Daska, Sambrial, Pasroor, Narowal, Bhawalpur,Fort Abbas, Tunsa and may other cities

    This Company achieved good results and reputation in Comparison of PTCL EVO, DSL and Wateen
    Above analysis is based upon the feedback of local Customers.

  • Don’t know about the analysis you did but Wateen is much much better than WorldCall and PTCLs EVO. Infact i have hardly faced any issue with Wateen’s WiMAX.

  • Internet Services behavior in near Gujrat City Jalal Pur Jattan. Ranking and remarks against ISps are as follow:
    a. PTCL Broadband Limited availability Wireless Phone connectivity is bad. Behavior as usual as past PTCL.

    b. Wateen Bluffing the people that they will launch the services in jalal pur jattan Gujrat.

    c.World Call Pathetic service and pathetic work and customer lost their money.

    d. EV-DO PTCL very costly and PTCL want to earn with pathetic work.

    e. Mobilink Will never come here with broadband services because they entered infinity.

    f. Rest of all other Ufone Telenor Warid They are still holding their feeder to grow yourself.
    These are all comments with respect to the city of Jalal pur Jattan (Gujrat)

    Any one can Invoke them Faroan Qaroon and tell them. Customer is always right.

    Muhammad Nawaz

  • hi guys
    i want some derail about worldcall flash device of internet, whats the capacity they are providing us to download?
    and whats the procedure to install in my desktop p.c?

  • World call is totally failed. Dec 2011, its worst month of its service in the connection of my 3.5 yrs, association. Just replaced with witribe. World call not more than a bull shit.

  • I m using Evdo device (256 kb) since last 4 years and i have no any serious issue with it but it is obvious that some technical issues were appear on every network and these are the timely issues . I use the device all over the karachi like (Saddar, II Chundrigarh, F.B Area, Clifton, Liaquatabad, Nazimabad,,,,etc) but found the service working properly. I also found the service center staff behavior very fine specially CSC Clifton and Fayyaz Center, all staff member are very professional, helpful and co-operative.

  • I quit worldcall internet some time back as I was getting poor service and dropped out connection on their fibre. Switched over to wi-tribe. Their performance was good for quite some time but for the last few months it is also quite pathetic. Nothing to do with the submarine cable, The degradation started much earlier than that. I still have worldcall TV both analogue a digital but gradually they are taking away all educational cahnnels (natgeo, animal planet etc.) and replacing then with movie channels showing near porno scenes. Wonder where our media is going to take us, and if PTA is going to do something about it.

  • Companies in general doesn’t have the concept of customer service in Pakistan. Worldcall is definitely one of the worst. I’m in Lahore area and their service is pathetic, and the worst part is they have been saying the same thing for the past few months that it will be fixed tomorrow. Can anyone give me e-mail address of top executives?

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