Telenor Caught Sending Spam Emails, Disowning Them Now!

Telenor_PersonaTelenor Pakistan, best known for ethics, has strategically stepped into SPAMMING Business.

This is probably what we were destined to see after CMO’s change, the company has gone beyond its policies and allegedly hired a local Google Group moderator to send unsolicited emails to those internet users who never subscribed to the service.

Telenor, in a communication with ProPakistani, has disowned this email and said Telenor never sends unsolicited emails to anyone.

Telenor said it has nothing to do with the email in question, as evident from sender’s email address (obviously it’s group owner’s email id) – it must be someone’s effort at individual/personal level.

However, in contrary to what Telenor claimed, the Google group owner (his cell number was mentioned at the bottom) confirmed that Telenor had hired him to send this email to his group members.

When specifically asked if Telenor’s office hired him or some franchiser/retailer at individual capacity got the service, he replied “Telenor Pakistan officially contacted him for the bulk email service”.

Moreover, the link back provided in the email lead us to Telenor’s official website, the page is now broken, however, it was opening few hours ago.

No man in this world will pay thousands of rupees to advertise a website which is not in his ownership and benefits.

On other side, even if Telenor didn’t hire this bulk email solution officially, it’s Telenor’s responsibility to cap their franchisers in doing so. I am sure they have at least this much control over their franchisers/retailers.

Telenor’s this SPAM email is in connection to company’s growing efforts to sell postpaid connections. According to latest report, Telenor Pakistan has some 227,000 postpaid customers out of total 25 million subscriber base.

This is not the first time any multi national company has indulged itself into spamming business. Nokia and HP were found doing similar practices in past.

It merits mentioning here that sending SPAM email is a crime punishable under the law as Electronic Transaction Ordinance section 36 and 37. Their prosecution may go severe if PECO is given a go ahead from parliament.

Tech and telecom reporter with over 15 years of experience, he works as founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • Seems like you guys are out of topics.

    If i make a page today and tell you guys that I am hired by Telenor or from any other company, will you buy that as well? seriously, this is a very irresponsible post from a writer who has done wonders with many with his analytical brilliance in some posts previously.

    1. A company as big as Telenor will not hire an agency but a random guy who given out his phone number under the page?

    2. Gmail address is used for sending out the email. how does it make it official email?

    3. With reference to “control over franchise” point, how do we know it is sent by a franchise.

    4. In any literate society, word from the official spokesperson is considered the valid and correct one.

    And still someone decided to write this.. Alas!!

    • We produced what we were told by the vendor, at the same time we produced Telenor spokesperson’s viewpoint.

      • You should also have commented which is more reliable just as you commented on many other things like that CMO one. Nuteral analysis would have made the title much more unbiased as well.. LoL!!


        Oh.. Ok..that random guy.. right :)

      • Slow news day happened to you…

        I can open a Google Group and do some funky stuff… it does not prove anything…

  • haha, look whose talking abt spamming!!! . we all know that is famous for sending spam emails to those who never subscribe to :P

  • Telenor caught?? The name of the article shud be Telenor accused without subsequeent proof by pro pakistani! Pro pakistani was once a reliable source of information, now its just every tom, dick and harry waving around his exaggerated investigations.

    Its discouraging to see these underhanded tactic to increase readership from pro pakistani. If this had actually been investigated before being posted, you would have known that the link you have mentioned was the old link to Telenor Persona page before the price plans were revised over a year ago and were subsequently removed.

    I personally do not think any company would pay money to spread a link that was removed a year ago. Not very effective spamming is it??? The person links the spamming with leaving of the CMO!! LOLz that literally shows that all he knows of the CMO’s role is according to the abbreviation which stands for Cheif Marketing Officer! hahahahah only if he knew what role the CMO plays….

    If this had been correclty investigated, mr. detective would have realised that the new and the updated links for persona on telenor website are as under: (Hope he doesnt say I am hired by Telenor for taking their side :))

    • I can confirm you the link was opening last night, just before we contacted Telenor for their viewpoint.

      • Look sir… You know how this works… it does not mean that Telenor deliberately deleted it… Telenor might have asked Google to do it. Telenor Group is after one of the largest entities in Technology.

    • @shah and ansari

      writing style and punctuations are so similar in your cmments, it means you are same guy (from telenor) :P

      • LOL aik aur aa gaya detective :) oh no my secret is out!! hahaha achi english dekh ker Telenor k saath jorr diya :) bohat alaa! Aur kya nateejay akhaz ker saktey hien ap meri dono posts say??

        • Once upon a time, there was a country without any rehabilitation center for trolls. That is why mr. Ansari was running around scot-free. It was just a coincidence that he was (or at least sounded to be) a Telenor fanboy. And on top of that, he thought he had nice English language proficiency.
          Times change, so do the people. Once he joined a school, he learned that there was some thing called grammar which was the integral part of a language. Afterwards, no one ever heard him talking about his “achi English”.
          I dont know what kind of “achi English” is this sentence:
          “Hope he doesnt say I am hired by Telenor for taking their side”.”
          My 7 year old knows that correct phrase is “side with” instead of “take side”.
          Example, title of a piece of news,

          • haha we say our warm welcomes to the english professor from TRC(Troll rehabilitation Center)! Can we please have this 7 year old tro…. I mean son comment on my proeficiency in english language as well….. :)

            • Ansari sb. hun tay hu chuki ae… :) Bardasht karo…

              To Admins… Sorry for irrelevant post but i couldn’t avoid posting on this one… :)

    • Ansari, you said:

      link you have mentioned was the old link to Telenor Persona page before the price plans were revised over a year ago and were subsequently removed.

      You know too much, if you are in Telenor, strop trolling, if not then call me, we need you!

  • Kisi na kisi kee dum par paon zaroor para hai… this is an opinion not claim… plz keep me out…

  • larroo larro
    apas mein hi larna,

    kaam ki baat par ghaur na karna ke writer ka maqsad kia hai batanay ka.

  • Get a life Mr. Aamir; go hire Veena Malik, you might able to generate more traffic lol!! Honestly, I being a regular visitor of Propaksitani, never expected such crap! :(

  • welldone aamir bhai

    bari bari companies se ye sab hojata hai, men facebook se unsubscribe hun magar mujhe abhi tak facebbok ki spams milti hen.

    plz aamir bhai telenor ko maaf kardo LOL ;D


    KEEP fighting for me and u people will be rewarded free calls for life

    dont forget to send me the evidences that u people fought for me


    [Comment Edited]

    • hahahah aala, gimme ur email address Telenor, since doctor trollistan says I am your fan boy :) I deserve all the free minutes I can get….

      • O common Ansari! Your calls are already free bs limit ka khyal rakho, aur kitnay free minutes chahye hen ;)

        wesay ye Ameer sab ki bolti q band ho gai hai. I hope its not bocoz of Dr. Trollistan :p

  • The study of above posts attribute (I just didn’t used word “proved” instead so that it is not taken as my claim and phir kisi kee dum par paon na aa jaye)that we are ready to fight for anything…
    Main app sab kee tolerance level se bhaut impress hua hoon aur I am spontaneous to say:


  • The way some people are working as a team to defend Telenor… mujhay aise lagta hai ke koi punjabi stage drama ka angraizee version dekh raha hoon…

    • Thts progress for you :) punjabi stage dramas in English….. waisay I never saw any punjabi stage drama defending any cellular company :)

  • i am surprised the way people are debating a non issue.if the author has pointed out some thing why should we the readers feel offended and start an all new issue.companies do use cheap means to strike and capture more markets and telenor in no exception.if one considers telenor to be so ethical in business.sea the tarrif claims and actual hidden charges and again same issue with all.
    so conclusion is no one to feel offended and defend telenor like a true loyal company representative

  • All the very comments posted in this post are making more people to visit this site and this makes money for propakistani… Some fools are helping a person grow with whom they are fighting…
    Its not only that admin is showing decency by staying quiet, he is doing this to keep it going…

  • well we know one thing .. if the legal department wants to take action .. they can very well sue propakistani like zardari sued Geo .. hmm can we expect that soon ..yayy

  • Hey Aamir no offense but I WAS your big fan and really sorry to say that you have lost your charm, all you write now is totally crap. You have become a typical media guy instead of a blogger…making a non issue a biggggg issue.

    • Come on Man, You too are falling for these T’s??… Except the Title and the Trolls whats wrong with this article?
      A guy gets an email, contacts both parties for their views, describes his own opinion and search results, gives examples, describes what spamming is in the end, leaves. [STORY ENDS]

      • Rameeeeeeez!!! how are you man??? Look na yaar I use Telenor and Aaamir is accusing it of spamming, I have some right to protest na…please thora sa :D

        • hahahaha! you made my day with that statement :D I wish I had read it early, right after the bomb that fell on me today :P hahahahaha!
          Have a nice time man, just remember DFTT ;)

  • If Telenor is that innocent then why wouldn’t they go ahead and track down the person spreading spam using their brand while the contact number is already mentioned in above screenshot.But with so much relief in law over criminals, everybody is taking advantage in this country and businesses are not behind doing this.

  • tusiii lardayy ra000.. uthay uf0neee bachiyaan da naaa leke Lady`s package kud ditaaa jeyy.. ghanta ghanta call sirf 2 rupayy .. hullay hulaaray hullay hullay hullay hullayyyy ;p;p;p;p

  • now that ufone has a ladies package they wont be blamed that u know they are allowing ladies to do fazool calls and our country is going down because of that .. but yea if telenor did that .. propakistani would be taking its pants off and that fat aamir atta would do the same lol

    • lmao. Zong seems to be accusing Amir of being anti-Telenor. It seems that zong is taking side with TP… Are we looking forward to a merger… :D

      No offense to anyone… Peace… :)

  • Nice Article Aamir..
    Spamming is Great Issue for me aswell, as my Official E-mail Account got 100s of emails in a week.. altough i’ve blocked their address.. Spam filter catches some, while others go to inbox..

  • I bought a new connection of Indigo and u can’t believe I’d received more than 15-20 spam messages on the first day. I’d not told anyone abt my new txt at that tym. How did they get my number?

  • There are lot of companies sending SPAM. It is more of a relevancy issue rather than being right and wrong.

    I never subscribed for PRO-PAKISTANI newsletters, but I get them. I never unsubscribed because they were relevant to information is was seeking.

    Google groups is a nuisance anyway… You cannot complain anyone to get you out of the group. The Spammers make another group when you try to unsubscribe and spam again.

    There is only one solution. BLOCK GOOGLE GROUPS!

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