Telenor Caught Sending Spam Emails, Disowning Them Now!

Telenor_PersonaTelenor Pakistan, best known for ethics, has strategically stepped into SPAMMING Business.

This is probably what we were destined to see after CMO’s change, the company has gone beyond its policies and allegedly hired a local Google Group moderator to send unsolicited emails to those internet users who never subscribed to the service.

Telenor, in a communication with ProPakistani, has disowned this email and said Telenor never sends unsolicited emails to anyone.

Telenor said it has nothing to do with the email in question, as evident from sender’s email address (obviously it’s group owner’s email id) – it must be someone’s effort at individual/personal level.

However, in contrary to what Telenor claimed, the Google group owner (his cell number was mentioned at the bottom) confirmed that Telenor had hired him to send this email to his group members.

When specifically asked if Telenor’s office hired him or some franchiser/retailer at individual capacity got the service, he replied “Telenor Pakistan officially contacted him for the bulk email service”.

Moreover, the link back provided in the email lead us to Telenor’s official website, the page is now broken, however, it was opening few hours ago.

No man in this world will pay thousands of rupees to advertise a website which is not in his ownership and benefits.

On other side, even if Telenor didn’t hire this bulk email solution officially, it’s Telenor’s responsibility to cap their franchisers in doing so. I am sure they have at least this much control over their franchisers/retailers.

Telenor’s this SPAM email is in connection to company’s growing efforts to sell postpaid connections. According to latest report, Telenor Pakistan has some 227,000 postpaid customers out of total 25 million subscriber base.

This is not the first time any multi national company has indulged itself into spamming business. Nokia and HP were found doing similar practices in past.

It merits mentioning here that sending SPAM email is a crime punishable under the law as Electronic Transaction Ordinance section 36 and 37. Their prosecution may go severe if PECO is given a go ahead from parliament.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK