Not Happy with PTCL [L.T.E]

sad-smiley-faceDid you receive some surprised calls from PTCL regarding DSL connections in December? If so then you are not the only one. Various customers, including me, received numerous such promotional calls.

Each time they would call and state that you have have applied for DSL connection leaving one perplexed. I lost my patience when I simultaneously received call on my cell and landline number.

Further more the caller tried to convince me that they have cheap [emphasize] DSL packages.

Either PTCL was trying to achieve some “DSL registration” targets or they thought it will be an economical way of marketing.

Irrespective of the reason, the act was a foolish. A company with a reputable standard bearing the Logo of Pakistan does not comply with such an act. It gave a sense of “untrustworthiness” to the customer thus such marketing campaigns backfire.

After privatization of PTCL, the company did take revolutionary steps and did wonders. In fact in a leaked PTCL’s Budget report it has been projected that company earned 9 billion profit this year (2011). But what more was discovered in that report was that not a single penny would be spent on improving the quality of service for more than 4.5 million landline subscribers.

The triple play project is sure eye catching but there has been issues with it which are being dealt poorly by customer service. PTCL’S EVO, which has recently won consumer Choice Award is rated 59% poor by the customers. This should be an eye opener for PTCL.

My point of mentioning PTCL’s services is that they have got an amazing portfolio with such a huge product line, but why in this world they are not focusing on customer support to capitalize from their products and offerings? 

If the authorities of PTCL are reading this please never repeat the act of December again, it shows the company’s desperation to get new costumers. Stop wasting time on calling each customer several time to convince them for DSL connection because even if they get convinced the company’s quality of service wont last them for long.

Huzaifa Saleem



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