How to Increase Mobile Phone Battery Time?

battery-life_1In this present epoch we have become so much obsessed and dependent on our mobile phones that we detest anything that prevents us from being in tact with our mobile phone.

We are all aware that mobile phone’s battery has not improved as much as the mobile phone and these latest gadgets have improved. Juice draining is a common problem that many of us are suffering from.

Now a days many people are buying more than one battery for their mobile phones and getting car chargers too, to keep their mobile phone powered on 24/7. Many even try to make sure that they carry their charger with them along wherever they go.

Keeping Battery Power Stay for Longer:

Scientists are working on air-fueled battery that would have the capacity to store up to ten times the energy storage. Oxygen drawn from the air reacts within the porous carbon to release the electrical charge in this lithium-air battery. But we can not wait for this technology to reach our hands, so about trying to save the battery from draining so quickly!

Use Genuine Charger:

Always use a genuine mobile charger, instead of going for the low-priced Chinese made non-genuine mobile phone chargers in order to get maximum out of your mobile battery.

Take Care of your Mobile’s Battery:

Keep your mobile battery terminals clean – you can do this by cleaning it once in a month time with alcohol. keeping it away from moisture, water and high temperature.

Lower your Mobile’s Display Brightness:

Set the brightness of your mobile phone on a low level – this will also be good for your eyes. Also, shorten the display duration too, this will help you in great deal!

Use Dark Colored Themes:

Use themes with dark colors, as whitish themes eat more battery than any other activity on phone.

Turn off Bluetooth/ WiFi/ Background Applications when not in use:

Most infamous battery-draining culprits are Wi-Fi, EDGE, GPRS, Camera, Flash, Bluetooth, FM radio, video player. Then comes mobile applications, JAVA, games etc. that consume plenty of energy.

All of these can be left on unintentionally, which will drain your battery with ease.

Bluetooth, WiFi, EDGE/GPRS can receive and transmit information even when not in use and this consumes battery power. Keep it turned off when not in use.

Get up when it sounds:

Get up as soon as you hear the wake-up alarm instead of letting it consume your battery.

Do not Let it Ring for long:

When you get a call answer it as soon as possible so that it rings for lesser time. When busy keep it on silent to prevent it from ringing that long. Try not to keep long duration ringtones and sms tunes. Keep them on a beep or similar.

Keep the Talk short:

This might sound odd and totally absurd, but try talking short – especially when you know that your battery might run out. Particularly, when you are on motor-way and may not reach a recharging point for next few hours.

You can leave some of the unnecessary gossips (aur sunao stuff). Keep the conversation brief and relevant and of course avoid taking unnecessary calls.

Turn Off Vibration:

Vibration feature in the mobile phone consumes quite a lot of battery power, therefore, we should try keeping the vibration off unless the mobile phone is on ‘silent’. Vibrating mobile phones also create disturbance during an important meeting. So keep it off unless it is very necessary.

Switch it Off:

Don’t assume that I am asking you to switch off your phone off all the day or all the time, but you can keep it switched off when you are out-station and there is no coverage.

Let it Discharge completely before you charge again:

If you want to get the maximum out of your mobile phone’s battery then always let the mobile battery get fully discharge and then turn off the mobile before you charge it. Full charging gives the battery long life time.

  • I have some objections regarding this post, i hope they are not lengthy then the article :)

    Use genuine charger, instead of going for the low-priced Chinese made: Great, all chargers are made in China if you ever read what’s written on them, There are certain standards set for this device, so every charger of same capacity works same.

    Keep your mobile battery terminals clean: Should we grease them too? you know mobile battery terminals never go rusty unless you keep your mobile in the water tub.

    Lower your Mobile’s Display Brightness: So you can’t see shit with bare eyes, especially when in the sunlight, may be buy a magnifying glass for better viewing?

    Use Dark Colored Themes: What if i like soft colors?

    Get up as soon as you hear the wake-up alarm: I think one should keep awake until alarm beeps so he/she could instantly put it off? Alarm means an annoying thing which don’t stops until you are awake.

    Do not Let it Ring for long: So how do people know about my latest ring tone which i bought for five bucks?

    Keep the Talk short: Screw the hourly call packages?

    Vibrating mobile phones also create disturbance during an important meeting: No the ring tone does, you can check for meetings there is a vibrator profile.

    Switch it Off: People love to play Snake or other games when there is no coverage.

    Turn off the mobile before you charge it: What if i am in a business where i have to keep my phone on 24/7, should i tell my boss that i couldn’t attend your call because i was charging my cellphone.

    • Its better to have own article regarding this then to make such humongous objections lolxx… ;)
      and anyways these r your likenesses haha,,, u can have millions of these type of nonsence answers… seem wat this article says u have to do somethng difrnt from it lolxx…. hahaha

  • Best and practical Method is: Let it Discharge completely before you charge again……..

    • Not really!

      It depends upon the type of battery you’re using. Now-a-days most of the portable devices use Li-Ion or Li-Ion Polymer batteries. The method you’re suggesting is appropriate for older Ni-Cd batteries.

      Here’s what MS-Win7 says about charging Li-Ion batteries of laptops (Help Section/Q: How accurate is battery meter?)

      “Most laptops use lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries. Like most batteries, lithium-ion batteries gradually lose their capacity to store energy as they age, whether or not you charge them. Over time, this change in storage capacity significantly affects the accuracy of the battery meter. If you frequently drain a lithium-ion battery, and then recharge it, it can quickly lose its ability to hold a charge, which affects the accuracy of the battery meter. The practice of completely draining the battery, and then fully charging it, is advice that applied to nickel cadmium (NiCd) batteries and, to a lesser extent, nickel metal hydride (NiMH) batteries. Lithium-ion batteries last longer if you charge them often, a little at a time, to maintain a minimum charge of about 40 percent capacity.

      If your laptop battery can no longer hold a charge, consider replacing the battery”

  • Really a nice one.. I always keep my set on vibration, now I know it consumes a lot of battery, so will change it surely…..

  • One of the most useless article i have seen here :)
    Agree with Zohair.Why write so briefly keep it short and say “Dont Use your mobile”.

  • Just Common sense things …nothing new in the article …but still a nice try bro


  • I Use Nokia5630 Xpress Music, and used Many Latest Phones, Me Hamesha Apne Mobile ki Brightnes Zero pe rakhta hun becouse of Battery Timing….wifi and bluthoOth bhe off rakhne se bAtTry ziyada chalti hay, ZOHAIR har Charger CHINA ka hota hay But kubi Original Charger Use Bhe Kiya Hay ? nice article thanks 4 share.

      • [comment edited] An original charger is the one that SK uses… Waqaye, kabhi original charger use b keya hai? (kar b kaise saktay ho)..

        @ Rameez Kakakhel, Consider this as your first and last warning!

      • Well original means the one which is certified by the NOKIA you cant get this in the local market you may need to contact with a GOOD Mobile Dealers like Mobile Zone, United, Advance Telecom, Teletec Etc. and you can also compare the prices as china chargers are cost you about 100Rs to 300Rs but orignal one cost you about 500+ so thats is the difference between and also you can say the chagers which comes with the mobile set are original and which you purchase from local market are called chine here in our country.
        I feel you are something like a mummy daddy boy who dont know the difference between china and original electronics in our country.

        • “Mummy Daddy Boy”… hahahahaha!
          I love when people put forward assessment with no logic behind it.. hahaha!

        • There is a hell of difference between “Certified by Nokia” and “Made by Nokia”. There are thousands of companies making chargers in China Mainland. Same factory puts “certified by Nokia” on one charger and “Xaoxingi” on other. One is sold for Rs.1000 and one for Rs.50, That’s just a name game and let me tell you i have visited nearly every shop at Hafeez Centre and Hall road in my life time. So you can’t image how much i know about the Market.

  • Lol at all of you
    to make ma cell battery stay longer!
    you know what i did?
    removed the extra keypad LED’s :P ma cell now last 3 times longer then before..
    as everyone just like me are used to with their cell phones keypads so no one looks at it..

    so :) choice is yours at your own risk.

  • Easy solution buy a spare battery, buy a “geniune” battery, pay 4 times the price of a 3rd class battery to a local Pakistani “choor” shopkeeper who swear on this that he is selling “geniune” battery. If you find it that it isn’t geniune, go for next and next and next shop… now when you will complain…someone will say “tum log kabhi khush nahe hotay”

  • I know a trick to extend the battery time when it is near end. Its difficult to explain it in words. I will try to upload a video and send you a link.

      • The thing is, the paper used in it, is used as a barrier to create hinderance in sending the health signal of the battery to the mobile phone and hence the battery is shown full.

        Note: if should only be used in extreme circumstances otherwise the battery will get abused.

  • Short battery time is the biggest problem of all phone especially smart phones. These are all basic tips that anyone can work on it and save their phones battery. I want to add one more tip
    When you are in meeting keep your cell on silence instead of converting it on vibration and keep it in front of your. This will help to keep your battery save.

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