Jazz Jazba Valentine Offer: Free Calls After 2 Mins

such_valentineMobilink’s Jazz Jazba is offering free on-net calls after first 2 minutes from 12 AM to 5 PM.

This offer comes in connection with Valentines Day and is valid from February 12th to February 14th 2011.

So starting from 12:00 AM Saturday, February 12, 2011, calls on all Mobilink numbers will become free after 2 minutes.

Daily Charges:

  • After subscribing, daily charges of Rs. 3 plus tax per day will apply

How to Subscribe:

For Jazz Jazba Subscribers:

  • Dial *105*1# on Mobile screen and press send to avail the Valentine Offer

For Non Jazz Jazba Subscribers:

  • Convert to Jazz Jazba by dialing 123
  • Press 3 for package settings
  • Press 0 for package selection
  • Press 2 to select Jazba


  • Calls to all Mobilink Numbers including F&F numbers will be free after 2 mins between 12:00 AM to 04:59 PM
  • Daily subscription fee of Rs. 3.00+tax will be charged
  • Daily subscription fee will be deducted every day
  • This offer will be valid from February 12, 2011 to February 14, 2011.
  • Last subscription can be done before 04:59 PM on February 14, 2011.
  • Customers, who subscribe on the 14th of Feb, will be able to use this offer till 04:59 PM on 15th Feb.
  • This offer is valid for Jazz Jazba customers only and customers will have to migrate to Jazz Jazba in case they are presently on other packages

  • Strange!! How come there are no comments about “Flirt Promotion” from the hoards of naik and Islamic people?? Last time I think everyone went crazy after some ad by one of the telco?????????

  • First of all this offer is confusing and strange. Second, what’s the use of this offer? What are we promoting? St. Valentine’s traditions!!! It looks okay for teenie boopers to hype on this day but publcising this nationaly by the largest telecom operator doesn’t make sense.

    It’s stupid actually on the part of the approving authorities behind these campaigns who don’t seem to have bit of a common sense to operate in national environments. What to advertise and what not to. They think not from their heads but from their behinds.

  • What an offer :)
    They are offering it, because the audience is wanting it.
    YOU don’t have to take it as a valentine offer, if you don’t want to, but its a great offer and i sure am taking it up, by calling all my friends in these two days to catch up on old stories!

  • the offer is ok but i kind of disagree with the above comments. valentine’s is just another day to celebrate and the day can even be spent with friends and family. it’s just how you take it, as far as the tradition being against islamic teachings is concerned since we all know what it promotes.
    as in, if i speak for myself i’m going wish a lot of my friends on valentine’s and i’m sure there would be a lot of ‘clean gossip’ to do. so yeah, the conclusion is i like the offer. same goes for christmas and other such days.. :)

  • Yeah. I remember that Facebook walay ad ka drama. Seriously… and who is making those ads… seriously, Mobilink… you know that looks like a university student project…

  • Lolz at everyone trying to justify valentines day in anyway at all :) look at the advert and u will know what is being promoted and after tht all your comments are pure hypocrisy….. if the previous ads abt facebook were made in to such an issue this shud get similar treatment….

  • hahah lo jee meray ilawa bhi koi aaya telenor ko support kernay wala :p lets hope he is not an employee too :D

  • Well its all about ones usage. It is named as a valentines offer but the “naik” lot can use the same offer to contact their friends and family…i personally really like this!

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