Do you Know a Thing Called i-Paid? Someone is Looking for it!

A Sindh Government advertisement, published in today’s Daily Express, requires few devices including some computers, UPS and I-PAIDs.

We are yet to ascertain what this iPaid is supposed to be.

However, the terms such as 64 GB, WiFi + 3g along with i-Paid, gives me a clue that probably the Sindh Government is looking for iPad, but we are not sure.

Can u please advise what i-Paid really is?

And by the way, if its really iPad, that’s what we are assuming for now, the question arises, what Sindh Government employees gonna do with iPads? I can bet on it that they don’t need it at all.

Check below advertisement: (published here)


  • Saad Durrani

    What are they going to do with that? Someone should check why that device is required. It could be potential scam in the making.

  • Junaid

    Hmm… No proof reading done before ad publishing :)

  • Ali

    Aaah such a “huge” mistake. Typos happen man!

  • It would be better if they had written iPad in Urdu instead of spelling it wrong!

    • Asim

      haha yeah nice one

  • sarhadi_uqab

    Come on pro team

  • Aqeel Ch.

    Propakistani take a break. Thy are a lot of other
    good things to publish here. mistakes happen. Dont expect from you people.

    • Mashahod

      Mistake isn’t that important, the question is what the Sindh Government is going to do with iPad that 80 K gadget!

      • d3sign3r studios

        I’m sure it will land in some unworthy hands :/

  • Copper

    What is more important then the mere typo is why Ipad is required. I am sure some govt employee wanna enjoy the latest device out of tax money

  • SalmanAbbas007


  • rafay

    Why would they need a IPAD aka iPaid for.?
    It looks like a corruption or may be a SCAM in the making as they have not specified what kind of Desktops and UPS i.e. their voltage etc etc…

    They would tender their favorites at high rates.

    • Saad Durrani

      The thing is that fine you need an iPad but why 3G? The technology is not even here and even a 64gb one. I think one can do much more than one of those notebooks or netbooks.

  • By the way

    with ipad what sindh gov do ??? play games and waste time on apps ???

  • Shayan

    Lols… I-pad is a Apple device to reduce news paper!!!

  • Ansari

    Lolz @ ppl talking abt proof reading :p we are talking abt uneducated government employees who want free goodies on account of the government, whether its an IPAID or IGOTLAID(replace with IPAD if you find this offensive :p), thats the least of their worries….

  • Malik

    Whats interesting is that its the “Budget And Expenditure wing!!” that is asking for a Luxury!, A 3G IPAD, Corruption and incompetence to the roots!.

    bravo democracy !

  • Pro team… much more is there to be discussed and published… come on…

  • sabahat

    i guess they really need a pad….lollzz

  • Hammad

    No u guys are wrong some of karachites pronounce things like same and now it has come up in writing also

  • I am more worried about the 2nd item, Desk tops or Desktop Computers :P , Regarding iPad may be the S.O’s son gonna need this so he asked his father, S.O said why 1? get some for your friends too, let me issue a tender notice for this.

    • @Zohair

      hahahaha very true!
      btw I liked the title of the post. :-D

  • 80% Pakistan Government employees do such mistakes because they are hired by some power or money with low education.

    I am WAPDA employee and I see such countless things around me.

  • Steve jobs

    First thing first,…..its iPad not i-Pad, govt employees as well as propakistani writers need to learn that

  • @Sacha kaaka

    You can share such things with us

  • Whose Lap this IPad is going to? I don’t think any govt official in Sind requires it.

  • Q

    I think the ad is brilliant. No one can really take the Sindh govt to task on it since legally the iPAD cannot be purchased in Pakistan. Considering that the device has no warranty coverage in Pakistan, the govt. cannot really buy it!

    Whoever is behind this ad is a genius.

  • Zardari

    iPad is great to watch porn! May be they want that to spend some quality time in there offices ;)

  • Asad

    @ topic poster & all
    Yar proof reading mei ghalti ho sakti hai miss printing ho sakti hai…. ab kia Jan lo ge…. Boht sarri huee qaum hai hmari……

  • Ubaid

    It is also reflection of how paindu and uneducated the authorities of Pakistan are…

    Moreover, no one pointed out at ACCESSORIES which is written in Urdu as (assessories)..I mean UTTERLY WRONG PRONUNCIATION…haha

  • It’s an advertisement by Govt. of Sindh. So the officials should proof read it before publishing. A blunder!

  • Ahmed

    What would be use of it anyway? I know how Government officials procure desktops with gaming PCs specs and finally these desktop are “personal” PCs of their kids at their homes.

  • Fassy

    I wonder that what those shameless idiots sitting in Sindh Govt are going to do with iPad, who even do not know how to spell that damn thing….