Zong Offers New Lowest Rates for Mobile Internet

Zong has indeed revolutionized the way people use internet over mobile. Zong was already offering the lowest rate for bulk GPRS usage, but Zong has recently made further decrement in tariffs for GPRS bundles.

Following are rates:

Package Old Rates New Rates
2 GB Rs. 240 Rs. 200
4 GB Rs. 480 Rs. 400
Truly Unlimited Rs. 1139 Rs.999


  • GST and other taxes are included in above prices
  • These packages are offered for all prepaid packages including M9 and Zong prepaid packages

GPRS on Zong Postpaid

  • Truly Unlimited on Zong postpaid is for Rs. 400


Zong Internet Packages

Zong’s Time based Packages:

Other than above tariff, you can enjoy Zong’s GPRS on per min or per hour basis, without worrying about the data limits.

  • Rs. 0.25 per min

How to subscribe:

Dial 905 to avail any of above Zong GPRS Internet Package

  • Ashraf

    Iam using zong only for internet and its rocks for its net packages,i wish its edge service spread all cities since its availaible only in few cities in simple gprs the speed is suck

  • Ansari

    Lowering usage rates is not revolutionizing anything :)

    • hachi

      uncle uncle aapne to asa kehna e tha, ye k0i telenor ki news ya offer th0ri na hy ;p ;p

      • Rameez Kakakhel

        hahaha! you got him :p

      • hahahaha LOLZ

    • Hassan

      if i rate this is good
      but for best gprs and edge speed
      1 warid
      2 Telenor
      3 Zong
      4 ufone
      5 mobilink

    • Saad Durrani

      Actually it is. Remember very few people had mobiles when the calls were Rs. 15 per min. Now if you reduce internet, people in general will get curious. Furthermore, most of the educated class and some of the lower class are moving towards GPRS as they have better entertainment apps like now. Snaptu and ebuddy are some examples.

      • Ansari

        Saad, that is called making it affordable, not revolutionizing. They are the first ones to come out with a andriod handset so they are revolutionizing in that front by bringing in something new……

        • Saad Durrani

          Not really. I think it is revolutionary because they were the ones who changed the GPRS game by bringing in Rs. 10/mb package and later with 2gb and 4gb packages…

          • Ansari

            Bundles is the revolution which came in together from all operators, tht was the revolution. Continous cutting on price is not…..

            • hachi

              uncle uncle aap b baray e ziddii hain, admin jee w0 j0 djuice ne naya r0la daala hai w0 b publish kr0 t0 uncle k0 kch khushii milayyyy…

  • Ali Asghar

    Zong always brings affordable packages, since last 2 months when i subscribe its 2GB package, they were charging worth 200 inc taxes, i thought they forgot to deduct 40 tax :P seeing is believing, thats why i am using zong for 3 years specialy as my internet service provider since i dont have computer at home. Now take this telenor! Another Answer to your so called unlimited internet (3MB For Rs.10/day) i say this to specialy telenor because they told me in there official page on facebook that we are providing this package and this package blah blah! “so Ali now u can see how well we are upto the competition with others by providing such affordable internet packages” outstanding joke telenor :D

  • Zong Rocks :-) I am using it only 4 internet and also cheapest sms rates [email protected] Rs..
    Keep it up zong…

  • heena

    wow.. this is amazing offer.. i love zong prices..

  • Critic

    c00l i just bought a zong sim after reading this post,,, high 5 @ zong

  • bilal

    good job done zong.

  • Rameez Kakakhel

    Acha yesterday evening the CSR told me it was 237 but the deduction was only 200. I thought taxes nahi katay inhon ne.

  • Khalid Chaudhry


  • Fakhre alam

    Very old news.

  • Salman Khan

    i want to say that the zong internet offers is very good.i almost using internet 16 hours per day on my laptop for business & some time i want leave the 1 place & go to other place its a business visit that time i using internet on my mobile set.before i was using telenor internet.but now i m using zong internet.but i thing is bad in zong that the net speed is very slow.i want suggest that increase yours zong internet rates & give us a good speed.i mean zong can bring internet package 2gb by 1000 PKR for us.with minimum 30kbps downloading speed.be cause we can be hurry with that minimum speed.& can be save some time.is it possible so do it.many ppl will be like it.if mobile internet speed increase from bytes to 30 or 40 kbps.
    Salman Khan

    • Hassan

      yes u r right
      for quality you have to pay nothing is free in this world
      so i suggest just try Warid on test basis and than made your discssion
      2GB at 500 PKR extra will be chareged at 20piasa/MB or 0.2Rs/MB

      same rate in telenor but over 2GB 5Rs/MB

      • Salman Khan

        thanx dear Hassan
        i will try warid.but 1 thing is pending that what is download speed of warid inter net?
        i have dsl in my offices & satellite net in my ksa’s offices.but i want mobile speedy internet for my journey time.so plz can u tell me that what will be download speed mean how much kbps speed?
        for example there in ksa my download speed is 7.2mbps. & here in dsl 4mb my download speed is from almost over 1mbms.& warid download speed will be ……….? i want speedy inter net on my mobile.on any rates….
        thanx again

        • rafay

          Do u want internet on mobile or laptop?

          For internet on laptop get ptcl EVO its the best option if u r roaming here n there.

          Tested both zong and warid gprs for downloading zong boosts upto 25 to 35 KBps and warid constant on 14KBps.

          Was tired of keeping two mobile so i subscribed to warid gprs i can say it is somewhat more durable then zong.

    • ejaz ahmed

      salman bhai very good.

  • Zong doing GrooL things :)

  • zulfiqar ahmed

    we must force telenor to do same because telenor internet is faster than zong

  • Fakhre alam

    Telenor internet speed is good because they have far less number of gprs users than zong. If telenor open its doors to lower priced packages then their speed will be become equal to or maybe worst than zong.

  • Abdullah

    Wah rah wah ya to best rates hai asa rates to witribe wala PC pr net ka bhi nahi da raha hai :)

  • Shahid Imran

    its very best comparing all other operators. Thanks to Zong China Mobile

  • Arre bhai jab free mein use hota ha gprs to phr paise q dein en companies ko?? Free Gprs Zindabad ;)

  • aqeel mughal

    i use zong just 4 net, it iz incredible, vry well going on…

  • sidra mughal

    zong is absolutely zong, really vry vry brillient n advance network in Pakistan. B gotta more higher…

  • zong internet speed is too low

  • Ye new offer nahe pechlay 6 months se zong gprs taxas nahe kat raha.rs 200, 400, 999, 0.25/min, 5/day..albata new offer world cup hatrick hai

  • Salman Khan

    this page open by net zong ganta package from my mobile set
    in 55 mints.i was just check the zong internet speed.sorry i typed internet speed its not internet its nothingnet
    mean every 1 can subscribe zong nothingnet by 200 PKR to 999 PKR for unlimited.this is zong nothingnet.:d
    why u dont want increase urs rates like 2gb by 1000 PKR with over 50kbps download speed.when the subscription 2gb ended.customer will pay 1000 PKR for next 2gb.this way will be good for zong + us.if any 1 cant afford this 1000 PKR for 2 gb
    put 1 package of 2gb by 200 PKR. for 1000 PKR package press 1 & for 200 PKR press 2 like this in menu
    other wise many costumers will go to telenor or other companies for using internet.including me.may be i will go to other company for using inter net.be cause i want pay for internet.dont wana pay low rates for nothing net
    change urs nothingnet net way & come on in internet way with High price.
    i will ask it that the Gold is expensive then aluminum.

    • Sohail Khalid

      Salman Khan Rocked….!

  • Chal yar rates 1000 hojay to bhe koi farq nahe parega..speed aise he rahege.telenor pe to userz km hain.oski bhe to speed 20kbps se nahe barhti.edge ki speed etni he hoti hai.we need 3g service

  • hi friends!
    i am asif from gujranwala. if anyone want to get free tips and tricks of free mobile internet of all 5 companies then just write asifnet and send it to 7111 freee 1000 % free from zong. jaldi krain. aur bohat kuch hai is tag mai free.

  • Salman Khan

    hi zong + all
    in Pakistan i have my mobile number ???2404099
    & in ksa my number mobile number is ???2404099
    now i want international rooming for my Zong number.if this possible…..
    how can i get this facility…..?
    salman khan

  • Engr.nisar

    zong gprs has lowest data rate compared to all other gprs available by now. even if it is sold for nothing i will be thinking of other networks cuz customer service is so poor

  • shakir

    main telenor pe internet use kr raha hon mujhy 25kb se 35kb/s speed milti hai main pkg persona pe 500/month ka bundle use kr raha hun.pehly main zong use krta tha uski speed very low hai out of cities

  • Hi Friends Main zong 2GB net use kar raha hun laikin slow Youtube pe online kuch play b nahien karte mujhe koi bata de keh yeh fast kaise hoga .
    Khwa ismain balance zyada kyun na lage.
    My Cell 3149892823
    Join my id on twitter F tumbin23

  • umar

    telenor is best then zong . . . .. . . But kuch jaga per zong ki speed bout achi ho jati ha. .. . 25 to .73 kb

  • khalid

    it is verry bad ye bohat mahngy rats hay baye zara rats come karo shokeria

  • Amin

    Telenor ki speed bohat achi hai liken us k package bukwas hain

  • Sania

    Plz mujy batao k telenor ki net speed kasi hai mera email adress hai
    [email protected]

  • Amin

    Sania g telenor is the best

  • RMC

    Pakistan me net speed boht slow he. Jab tak 3G nahi aata tab tak aise hi kachwe ki chaal chalni paregi.

  • malik latif

    Pakistan main mobile k liye net k sary providers bakwaas hain, 3G is best, but not available in pakistan, wait for that plz





  • ejaz ahmed

    all space nokia e7 and send to 131 free no charge.

  • Haris ali