Djuice Revamped, with ‘Khamoshi ka Boycott’

djuice_Khamoshi_ka_BoycottTelenor Pakistan has revamped its youth brand djuice, with an approach of involving youth to speak up against bad things in our society.

Their new tagline is “Khamoshi ka Boycott

Djuice, which was previously known for rocking the youth is going to change the look and feel of the brand by bringing in fun to the lives with a meaning, with a purpose to change those little things around us which ultimately turn heavy for the society.

Djuice says It’s about coming together to make things happen for the positive, for you, for the youth. And having absolute fun, masti, maza’a, pleasure, thrill, excitement (whatever you wanna call it) – while doing all the right things!

For the purpose, djuice held an event in PC Karachi today, where the youth discussed things that can change our future. Various other issues such as “Booti Culture” and “Poondi” were discussed too, though not all of them knew what exactly the “Poondi” is.

Event was attended by Shahzad Roy, a renowned singer and Mr. Amir Ibrahim, Telenor’s Chief Marketing Officer.

Shahzad Roy and Mahira Khan were named as djuice Brand Ambassadors.

Event was hosted by Nadeem Chohan, who did well with his job.

Djuice has revamped its website already to blow a new look. Website is pretty catchy, however, very badly structured in terms of styling and object/image sizes.

By the way, there’s no tariff change or a new plan introduced by djuice with this re-branding – probably a disappointment for the youth.

Following is the official PR on this:

djuice triggers ‘Khamoshi Ka Boycott’

KARACHI, February 19, 2011: Telenor Pakistan has announced its new philosophy towards its youth brand ‘djuice’ to reaffirm its commitment to the young people of Pakistan. The company announced the brand’s new philosophy through an unveiling event in Karachi today. Shahzad Roy represented djuice as Brand Ambassador. The event was attended by university students and representatives of the Youth Parliament.

The new philosophy, which empowers young people to speak out and take action against social injustices, comes with the tagline ‘Khamoshi ka Boycott’. The event comprised the unveiling of the new identity of the brand and a discussion among the audience on speaking out about the social problems they see in their everyday lives.

Speaking on the occasion Chief Marketing Officer Telenor Pakistan Aamir Ibrahim said: “More than half of Pakistan’s population consists of youth, who are talented, intelligent and aware of their surroundings. Now all the youth need is direction, a means to speak out and raise their voice against social injustices. Through djuice’s ‘Khamoshi Ka Boycott’, we aim to do just that.”

Shahzad Roy and Mahira Khan have been named as djuice Brand Ambassadors.

Speaking about his association with djuice, Shahzad Roy said: “Silence against wrong only increases frustration among nations. As the country’s youth, we are responsible for pointing out the wrongs that are prevalent in our society. We must realize that we cannot remain silent. We must speak up. I have done this through my music and my efforts towards education in the country. Now I want this to be taken up by all of you. Djuice can become a means for you to speak out.”

In a video message to the event’s audience, Mahira said: “What excites me about the project is that it’s a pro-social campaign. I like the people I am working with and they have assured me that it’s not just a commercial it’s going to be much more than this. Which is why I want to be a part of it. I like Khamoshi Ka Boycott. It’s something we need to do.”

Djuice is the world’s largest youth mobile brand and is spread across six countries. In Pakistan it was launched in 2006. Being the premier youth mobile brand in Pakistan, it is the choice of millions of young people across the country.

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  • i think the website is awesome .. and its pretty quick as compared to the last one. especially loved the way its simplifed.. pehle to choorey ka kamra lagta tha :P .. but i use zong so :P. still good work djuice but what about larkion ke masley masail .. only 40 % people study lets discuss something that affects everyone directly

  • its very bad that djuice didn,t change triff..
    telenor or djuice should give offer like zong LBC or etc to catch customers…

  • yaar bohut aala aik dum first class.. fun 2 yng se yeh wah i luvd it bhai uth kharey ho naujwano . webcte barhi aala he, easy class ki .. koora kirkat kamrey wala gaya

  • i love 2 used djuice this website was ok i enjoy djuice when they launched any campaign animation this is jst normal website nothing to interesting element :S like djuice magazine.. fonts :(

  • wtf djuice contact page is not working i mean i submit some feedback there is an error (SMTP Error: Could not connect to SMTP host. SMTP Error: Could not connect to SMTP host.)…??? design sucks

  • Its horrible.. i just can’t believe whts wrong with djuice its looks ugly!!!! old one was awesum special event, and appearance i loved alot.. Now i can’t find where is the services Section maaannnnnnnnnnnnn :@ :@ :@ wtf

    • Are you illiterate go to the website .. it says services clearly .. dont look around much try to read .. must be some zong paid employee :P

  • change is always not necessary not a good decition
    GLOW is much better in terms of rates and quality

  • guys, abhi nayee he is liye aap sab ko buri lag rahi he. yehi kaam corolla ke saath hua tha. achi site he. thora waqt lage ga sab samajh aa jaye gi im sure. mujhe to pasand ayee he bohut.

      • you must be one of those wannabes, studying in convent and goes in a car with AC on .. ofcourse why would u find anything interesting or why would anyone else from sec a or b . you people dont care about the country. you love dancing in the rain and going abroad

  • zong and glow are all crappy brands. The djuice positioning will stand out. if taken in the right manner this will go a long way. Pakistanis still face the same old flash syndrome. show them something flashy and they are happy. this website is great and simple.

  • I see this as an attempt to spark anarchy in Pakistan. Call me a conspiracy theory buff or whatever you may like. However, consider this for a second: Given the current volatile political circumstances nationally and internationally, is it the right time to instigate youth to stand up? Is it not an attempt to start anarchy? Pakistan can NOT afford a movement like the one in Tunis and Egypt. I believe that Telenor is NOT acting responsibly here and they REALLY need to rethink their strategy.

    • Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Pakistan. Local time is 7:19 pm and the temperature on the ground is 19 degrees centigrade. For your safety and comfort, we ask that you please remain seated with your seat belt fastened and meal tables in full upright position untill the aircraft comes to a complete stop. In case you haven’t noticed, we are pleased to inform you that it is already anarchy in Pakistan.

    • Egypt and Tunisia were NOT youth movments. If you look closely at the pictures in the media, or read the news articles, there were many older people (30, 40, older) in the protests.

      It loked like a youth movement because a large percentage of the population is young (younger than 30), not because the youth led the movements.

    • Wake up dude and see what’s happening around u. U want all this to continue???? And stay quiet? U must be mentally in a state of comma. I love the words said in the tv ad and I quote “aaj nahi bolo gaye tou kal bhugto gaye”
      This should be an answer enough for u

  • u mean we shud keep sleeping n let the corrupt ppl do wtever they want. U must b govt representitive, i guess.

  • If attention is diverted from “poondi” onto more pressing issues that are facing the nation, it could have more use..or maybe, the real aim IS to divert the attention…sedate the masses if you will..

  • I love Telenor. Djuice is the rly Youth connection. They have the best sms bandles and calls to FNF Nos are the cheapest u talk freely hourly all day and nite and also only Djuice have 15 FNF Nos. I Love Telenor’s Djuice. “ITS FUN TO BE A YOUNG”

  • I hated the new design! it is such an ordinary layout and the footer sucks. If they wanted to revamp the website sure they can but then again where is the fun factor?

    • Telenor always run those campaigns in which they just show that we Pakistani are illiterate and ill-informed people. Therefore, they highlighted us negatively in the world through media. They never run such kind of Ad in other countries where they are operating their business… Think atleast… then do favour them.

  • Nice Telenor. Sirf Comment leney se kuch nahi hota yar. Koi kuch kerey bhi to sahiiiiiii. Jeo Pakistan. Pakistan Zindabaad.

  • BBSYDP Phase-III held on 6 Feb. Merit list announced on 19 March 2011. I got 21 marks but i am not selected. The person who got 9 marks is selected.
    Kab tak chaley gi merit ke galey pe churi??? Chal to rahi hai merit ke galey pe churii.

  • phaly khud aml krooooooo ……………………………………………………….. pakistani awam ……

  • Mai ne Amal kia. I was alone but i complained to higher authority. I complained to Ministry, I complained to Sindh Secreteriate Department. I was not silent. I am Pakistani Awan. And mai ne amal kia. Ab aap ki bari. Ker do khamoshi ka bycott. ALLAH-Ho-AKBAR.

  • i just want to know one thing Mr.admin! can you kindly tell what is the theme behind this ”khamoshi ka Boycott”? i mean its more like a promotional strategy! so far what steps have you taken to speak up against the bad things in our society? sorry to say we have been listening to such stuff for years and years, but no practical outcome have we seen.

  • We protested against government for our right….. SBCA Contract employee protested to be regular continously 3 days. This protest was covered by different channels (i.e sindh Tv, Mehran Tv, Dhoom) the press is release in different newspapers in jang on 31/01/2012

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