Call for E-Recruitment in Government Sector

buddy1E-recruitment is the process of personnel recruitment using electronic resources, particularly the internet. Companies and recruitment agents have shifted much of their recruitment process online to enhance the speed and efficiency of employing.

Using database technologies, online job advertising boards and search engines, employers can now fill posts in a fraction of the time, which was previously impossible.

In Pakistan most of the private sector organizations have switched to E-recruitment but government sector, which is a major source of jobs, is still using the old conventional methods for recruitment. This traditional recruitment process is not only time consuming and tiring but it turns out to be costly – both for the company and for the applicant.

Due to this hassle and effort, sometimes potential applicants do not apply for vacancies available in government sector. As a result the particular department or organization has to re-advertise the post to fill in the vacancy.

Moreover, short listing through traditional recruitment is not easy as Recruiter has to go through each and every resume and application, some of which are totally irrelevant As a result, at times, potential applicants are not shortlisted due to work pressure and hassle.

Though Government is boasting much about e-commerce and IT related steps but in case of E-recruitment no serious steps have been taken yet. Therefore it is the need of the time that Government should also consider switching to E-recruitment.

By the way, I am not suggesting to completely switch the recruitment channel, as there would be many with no access to internet, but e-recruitment can be a huge plus if implemented as an available option for applying for government jobs.

Following are some benefits of E-Recruitment.

Cost effective

Advertising a job vacancy on company’s official website costs nothing. Not only this, advertisement made through online hiring websites are less expensive than traditional methods.

Online recruitment is quick

Anyone can apply anytime from anywhere.

Online recruitment gives a better chance of success

Due to increased ease, more visibility and larger reach, the success rate for getting your best match increases notably.

So Government Sector should move to E-Recruitment but shouldn’t abolish the traditional recruiting methods too as till now most of the people in Pakistan don’t have access to internet.

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