PTCL Celebrated This Weekend With 404 on its Website

Apparently, this weekend, PTCL left no soldiers behind to keep a watch on its resources that were responsible for its official website.

First notified by our friend at Saturday evening, is still inaccessible – and we are not sure when it gonna get back.

It is likely that the webmaster is enjoying a good weekend, thanks to chilly and heavenly rainy weather in Islamabad.

Well, if that’s not the case, (arite – PTCL has got more than one webmaster, I believe you) I mean if website is down due to a technical glitch and engineers are working hard to get it back online, then here’s a tip for PTCL: Hire someone with better skills.


Off topic, Warid Glow got a new better website layout, check it out here:


PTCL website is back online and was reportedly down due to hefty traffic due to world cup offers.

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  • lolz – In case they need people with better skills ~ Feel free to contact ;)

  • Ali

    Its back.

  • Saad Durrani

    This is sneaky. Telenor get changes at the upper echelon. Warid follows. Djuice gets a revamp. Glow gets one too.

    Someone please tell me I am wrong.

    • admin

      I reckon there is a similarity but without any meanings. Not until we get anything solid [this time] in hands.

      • Saad Durrani

        But it has been happening for some time now.

  • so PR6 so called largest ISP website of Pakistan can go down only by one/two offers……..Then dear PTCL i have a better website

  • Callcorrupt

    One melon spoils the other!